Kyla Ramirez

Kyla Ramirez is a certified Pilates practitioner through Polestar Pilates and certified in Neurokinetic Therapy™. She also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Edmonton, Alberta. Her love of Science is what took her into the world of Pilates. Kyla has been teaching Pilates for 16 years. Her career started out in New Zealand, then took her to Whitehorse,Yukon and is now a part of the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Throughout her career she has worked alongside many Physiotherapists. This has enhanced her knowledge and interest in the human body and how it moves, as well as adding that little bit extra to each Pilates session. She is also becoming involved in Z-health Performance which is a great inclusion into the Pilates practise. While enjoying many recreational activities and being a “mom-athlete” Pilates is what keeps her moving!

Favourite Quotes: “Hear the sound of the breakers on the shore, the sigh of the wind in the treetops, then go back to speak to the world from your heart” unknown
“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier. “ Mother Theresea

Favourite Activities: skiing, running, hiking, reading, kettlebells and of course PILATES! Give me a mountain and I will be smiling!!

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Instagram: completecorepilates