Looking for a Personal Trainer in Vancouver

The Summer is Over and Things Are On Fire

I just got back into things after the long weekend.

People were busy during the long weekend.

I checked my phone messages and email and this is what I found:

– I got a phone call for some training
– Two emails on training people with injuries
– An invite to present in Las Vegas
– An request for an in-service
– More kind words from customers

Looking for Training Clients?

Collen Budy and Alana of Twin Rinks Physical Therapy in Langley, BC, Canada recommended a client to me.

It was very nice of them plus a trainer in 100 Mile House referred a client to me.

This is all amazing and so great that people think of me when they have people with injuries that need training.

The bad news is, I am booked up until November 2010.

Yes, November. I don’t have the time to take on any more clients until then.

I need your help with any new clients that come in.

If you are a personal trainer, Strength Coach or Kinesiologist in the Greater Vancouver area, let me know.

I am working on fitness professionals putting all of their contact information in one area so I can take a quick look to see who can help and send them the client.

If you are looking for more clients, let me know by going here and leaving this in the comment area:

– Your Name
– What services you offer (2 sentences maximum)
– Locations you serve
– What courses you have taken that I present
– How people can contact you (website, phone, etc.)

Here is what I would I would write:

Rick Kaselj
– I help people overcome injuries with exercise.
– I train clients in recreation centers or in their home in Surry & Langley, BC, Canada.
– I present courses on exercise rehabilitation of upper body, lower body and core injuries.
– You can reach me at http://ExercisesForInjuries.com

Thanks for helping out.

I hope to send you some clients in the future.

Presenting in Las Vegas

Last year, I had done my first international presentation by heading to Seattle and presenting at one of the NSCA conferences. It was a very cool experience.

I don’t have all the details yet but I hope to find out soon.

I have been asked to talk on October 16 & 17.

The fun thing is it is not on exercise and injuries.

It will be on blogging, writing and how to help people around the world through your books.

Very cool. I am so excited.

I did a similar talk in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada last year were I talked about how you can help people beyond just training them. It was a fun talk. I think I recorded it, I have it somewhere. I will see if I can send it to you.

I have got to head off and do a little work but I will finish off the rest of this post.

Rick Kaselj, MS