Muscle Imbalance Training


Muscle Imbalance Training – The Missing Piece to Most Fitness Professionals’ Tool Box

Most fitness professionals apply the FITT principles to all clients hoping it will help their clients reach their goals. Focusing on the FITT principles limits the speed at which clients will reach their goals.  What needs to be addressed are the muscle imbalances in clients which are affecting the frequency your client can train, the intensity your client can reach, the type of exercises they can do and the length of time they can exercises.  Addressing muscle imbalance will help improve the FITT principles in your clients leading to preventing injury, rapid results and busting through fitness plateaus.

3 Benefits of this Presentation

– 9 step process of identifying muscle imbalances in your clients

– 4 must-do assessments that reveal muscle imbalances the best

– Top 10 exercises to help correct muscle imbalances in your clients