My Strange Travel Eating Routine

My Strange Travel Eating Routine

My Strange Travel Eating Routine

Over the last few years, traveling for work has increased a lot. It has been fun to see different parts of the world but with each trip I try to improve my travel process. This helps decrease stress, prevent unwelcome surprises and keeps me on routine.

Let me share with you, my little routine.

If I have an afternoon flight, then I try to go to the gym and workout. I find it tough to get off a plane and workout. I try to book my flights so I can get my workout in and then head to the airport.

I like to get to the airport early, about 90 minutes before my flight leaves. This gives me plenty of time to get through security and sit down so I can charge up my electronic devices. Plus it also removes the stress and anxiety of missing my flight. I missed my flight once. It lead to a lot of stress, wasted energy and expense so I don’t want that to happen again.

When I get to the gate at the airport, I will head over and get some food. I will often get a water, a salad and cut up vegetables. When I am at the Bellingham airport, the restaurant there has a great Cowboy Salad that I look forward to getting.

While waiting for the plane to board, I will do a little work or just listen to some music.

After I board, I will take my seat and while everyone else is getting to their seats, I will put my headphones on and start to eat my salad. (I like the fact that you can wear your ear phone during your full trip when departing from the USA.)

By the time I have finished my salad, the doors to the plane are closed and we start moving. At this time, I will rest my head back and close my eyes.

While I am resting back, I focus on breathing and relaxing my body. Plus taking the time to close my eyes, gives me a chance to rest and relax my eyes which at times get tired from all the computer work and reading that I do.

When the plane hits 10,000 feet and the first bell rings, I will pull out my laptop and start doing some work.

On the plane, I like to sit on the left side in an aisle seat. This allows me to get in and out of my chair when I want and so I don’t have to play armrest wrestling with the person next to me for a good mouse arm position. I just have to watch out when the drink cart comes up the aisle. Plus I find that I am more productive when I sit in this seat.

When the airline stewardess come around to serve drinks, this is the time I take out my vegetables, I will pass on snacks they have or give it to the person sitting next to me. For a drink I will go with coffee, water or a diet Sprite.

I will keep working as long as I can but when I have to put my laptop away, I often times go back to resting my head and closing my eyes until we land.

While we are taxiing, I unload my belongings. As I exit the plane and work my way to the hotel, I will listen to music, an interview or audiobook.

When I reach my hotel, I check in quickly and then head out to explore the area and go eat.

Last weekend while I was in San Diego, I had an amazing burger.

Great Burger

Excellent Burger at the Hilton in San Diego (the fries were not that good)

I know the process above seems very ridged and structured but I find it makes the trip easier, more productive, predictable and less stressful.

A lot of what I do when it comes to the way I eat is based on a program that Dani Woodrum put together called Big Dinner Diet. You can check it out here.


Daniel (or Dani) Woodrum, me (Rick Kaselj) and Brittney Williams (Dani’s fiancee) After a Great Morning Bootcamp (Lead by Todd Durkin & Alwyn Cosgove)

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – The above is when I travel alone and for work. When the family travels, It is a lot crazier and if you have kids, you know what I mean.

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