Neck Rehab Exercise

Today is a neck rehab exercise.



Purpose: To maintain and improve the range of motion in the neck and also to inform the body that it is safe to rotate the neck.
Starting Position: In a sitting position with your upper body and neck in good alignment. Hands are resting on your thighs in order to take the load off of your shoulders and neck.
How to Do the Exercise:
  1. In a slow and controlled manner, rotate the head to one side.
  2. Rotate to a point where you feel resistance but are still pain free.
  3. Hold the end position for 2  seconds.
  4. Rotate back to the start.
  5. Then rotate to the other side.
  6. Perform this exercise 5 times on each side.
Progressions: You can progress the exercise by performing the movement against resistance.  For example against resistive tubing.
Contraindication & Common Mistakes: Too strong of a stretch – more is not better.  If you have too strong of a stretch, you increase the risk of irritation.  The stretch should be light.

Too fast of a movement – This could lead to tightening up of the muscles in order for the body to guard or protect the neck.



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Rick Kaselj, MS