Optimal Injury Recovery

Optimal Injury Recovery

Do you have clients who find it difficult to exercise because of injuries?

Want to know how to work with them to recover and get them back to optimal performance?

One of the fitness industry’s foremost experts on injuries, Rick Kaselj, MS, is coming to Windsor on 28th April for a full day workshop worth 4 Can Fit Pro PTS CECs!

This will be a hands-on workshop for Personal Trainers. The day will be split into three sections, focusing on exercise rehabilitation for the shoulder, lower back, and knee.

Trainers will walk away with an understanding of the following:

  • Functional anatomy of the musculature and supporting structures of the shoulder, lower back, and knees
  • Evaluation of the shoulder joint, lower back, and knee
  • Common injuries for each region, critical points of each damage, and how to rehabilitate them
  • Rehabilitative exercises using the stability ball, body weight, tubing, and free weights

An understanding of these areas will allow trainers to benefit by:

  • Helping their clients recover from injuries quicker
  • Allowing Trainers to work closely with other injuries experts and get the client back to optimal performance as soon as possible
  • Expanding their knowledge base to gain a better understanding of common injuries
  • Marketing themselves as a Post Rehab Injuries Specialist
  • Gaining an understanding of when clients should be referred to other therapists that work outside of a Personal Trainers scope of practice.

Date:  Saturday 28th April 2012 (9 am-6 pm)


Refine Fitness Studio
1623 Wyandotte Street E.
Windsor, Ontario
N8Y 1C8

CECs:  4 Can Fit Pro PTS CECs


  • Before 29th February – Early Bird Rate of $299 (&HST)
  • After March 1, the price is $349 (&HST).

It is possible to pay for this in two installments.

There will be no refunds after 15th March.

To Register:

To register or ask any questions, please call Refine Fitness Studio at 519-253-9400. We look forward to working with you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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