Research is Freedom

Today I got a guest blog post for you from, Mark Young.

Earlier this week, I did a review on a great product that Mark just finished up called:

==> How to Read Fitness Research Review

In Mark’s guest blog post he talks about what looking at the research has given him.  He is so right.  Enjoy.

Research is Freedom

When most people think of reading research they think of being chained to a desk and laboring over boring studies full of confusing information for hours on end.  In fact, to some reading research sounds more like punishment you might impose on someone rather than something you might willingly (and enthusiastically) undertake on your own.

For me, research is the opposite.  Research is freedom!

Research is Freedom from Hype

With all of the pseudoscientific nonsense and misinformation spread by “experts” on the internet in an attempt to differentiate themselves from the rest it is no wonder people are confused.  Fitness enthusiasts and even strength coaches, trainers, and therapists are completely lost because they do not possess the ability to decipher fact from fiction.

Reading research can give you that freedom because you’ll no longer be dependent on anyone else’s interpretations.  You can go straight to the original paper and decide for yourself if something is even close to being worth your time.  Sure, you can learn from others, but you can confirm (or refute) that information so you’re making a smart decision and not getting wrapped up in trends and hype.

Research is Freedom from Rules

I work predominantly with fat loss clients so this may not apply directly to you, but bear with me as the concept will be relevant.

We’ve all heard of the rule that we should eat 5-6 times per day to stave off the dreaded starvation mode that will invariably prevent people from losing fat.  And if you were a slave to industry trends and popular opinion you might tell a fat loss client that this is an absolute necessity.

However, if you were able to read research you would know that fasting for periods as long as 72 hours can actually INCREASE the metabolism.  Imagine telling a fat loss client that they would no longer be tied to planning, preparing, carrying, and eating 6 meals per day.  That is freedom from dogma.  That makes clients happy.  And that will differentiate you from the masses.

Whatever area you are in, if you examine your practices with research I’m positive that you’ll find freedom from many of the “rules” that govern them.

Research is Freedom…But You Have to Read It

I won’t lie to you and tell you that reading research is better than a day at the park.  It isn’t.  It is hard…especially at first.  But like any skill it will get easier with practice.  All you need to do is learn how and start doing it.  Trust me when I tell you…it is worth it!

Mark Young is an exercise and nutrition consultant from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  He is currently working towards the completion of his Masters degree in exercise physiology and has done research in one of the world’s leading muscle protein research labs.  He has also been training clients for over 11 years and had his work featured in numerous magazines.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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