Suspension Training FAQ

Suspension Training FAQ

In May, I saw Dan Long in San Diego, and I did an interview with him on suspension training. I asked him some common questions that I felt people had about suspension training.

Enjoy the video interview or write-up. Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

I am down in San Diego at another Fitness Mastermind meeting, and I’ve run into Dan Long.

Rick: I’ve run into Dan Long several times, you have probably seen him on EFI,  and he is the Suspension Training guy.

I wanted to take Dan outside the meeting and chat with him about Suspension Training and TRX and why it is so awesome. And why we should think about including it in our workouts.

So, Dan, I will get you to introduce yourself and talk about what is so cool about the TRX.

Dan Long: Absolutely! Thank you, Rick, for introducing me. We are here in San Diego, California, in this beautiful weather. Thanks for taking us outside. It is really beautiful out here. We’ve been in meetings all day.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Long. I am the Kill Mode Training Company owner at the Power House Gym in Tampa Bay.

Rick Kaselj: If you ever get a chance, go to the facility and experience it.

Dan Long: Yes.

Rick Kaselj: I was there in January, and it’s awesome.

Dan Long: It is an experience, 40,000 sq. feet, by the way, and we have our TRX rooms. I have mine here with me. I am so passionate about it because it is something different. It is something you could take with you on a trip. And it weighs less than 2lbs. and then you can do so many endless exercises and so many endless ranges of motions.

My L45 is not the greatest. It is really easy on your joints. It helps a lot with people with a lot of pain issues, obviously in their knees, back, and shoulders. I am one of them, by the way.

Suspension Training helped me to feel younger by eliminating some of those pains and gave me a workout I’ve never had on anything else.

You got to take my word for it. You have to buy a TRX or get a Jungle Gym or SBT and make it happen because I am here to tell you that Suspension Training works.

It works on over 600 muscles all at one time. And at the same time, you want your shape back. It does it quickly. You want to build mass; it does it fast. It is a matter of something different, intriguing, stepping out of the box of our regular training, and getting something in that is effective.

Rick Kaselj: Yes. And that brings up a really good point. Like I preach that uniqueness, and if you are a trainer, you know everyone sees the gym, they’ve seen the machines, and they’ve done the dumbbells. Still, you take them and put them on the experience with a suspension trainer or, like the TRX, something unique, putting you into a separate category from other trainers.

Dan Long: It does. So everyone out there knows, I became very successful very fast, and I was blessed to achieve what most people don’t do in the fitness industry in 10 years in 1 year. I am going to touch on that.

Now, where I am is being so blessed to work with so many people worldwide. Being here with you right now talking about this is such a huge blessing. As Rick says, the uniqueness of it is something that you can bring into your fitness world that works and is fun. It is hard to find.

It’s one of the reasons why I was so successful because I am using this as my passion. My passion is fitness and nutrition, and it’s about raising fitness worldwide. If you can bring something as I did with TRX and become known for it and channel your energy into that, especially if you are a trainer, I will tell you right now you will be touching so many different people’s lives. You will be helping so many people be able to get into fitness that maybe would have never worked out.

Many people I have trained in my time weren’t working out. Or professional athletes, I gained a lot of professional athletes from using suspension training from MLP, to NFL, to Military bases, and Olympians. It’s been an amazing experience.

Rick Kaselj: I like that comment you made, and I never thought of it before, that suspension training has a low impact on the joints, which is true. That’s awesome.

Before we wrap up this video, you mainly use the TRX. Maybe you can talk about why you select the TRX instead of the other stuff they sell. Is there a comment you can make on the other things, or maybe you can comment on the different ones that are out there in the general set? I know there are Z Trainer, Jungle Gym, and other no-name brand suspension things.

Dan Long: Alright. There’s a ton of amount there, and there’s more and more like the ones I saw in the gym here in the hotel that I have never seen before. There is more and more coming out every day. Look at it this way, TRX was the first to come out with the Suspension Trainer.

It’s been revamped so many times to be perfected, to last long, be durable, and when you pay for it out of your pocket, it will last a very long time. A lot of suspension trainers don’t do that. It is like buying a cheap stability ball before buying a stability ball. It’s a little more, but you will get more wear and tear.

You will use what you used to get it done, right? I love the TRX but have used Jungle Gym, SBTs, and other homemade devices. So suspension trainers range from anywhere from $49 up to about $199. It is your choice that you know what your budget is.

I love TRX. It doesn’t have to be a TRX, although I favored the TRX. It’s like you favored some certain meals or favored some certain cars, or like you favored some certain ways that you like to do things. In the programs that I have developed, you can use any one of those suspension trainers.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. So thank you very much, EFI readers, listeners, and followers, for watching this video of Dan and me here in San Diego. And Dan, where can people get more information about you?

Dan Long: Absolutely! Go to Rick’s blog; he has something on his blog that is one of the videos I put together. You can go there, and you can check that out. You can also go to I have a product that we put together that’s 197 actual exercises that are different, with 27 intense workouts. I promise you will see no program like this program anywhere.

And coming soon Rick, in a couple of months, it’s coming this summer where I am filming right now, Suspension Revolution 2.0 which will be all follow-along videos, I can tell you that I have already got a couple and one of them I puked in, that’s advanced. There is beginner, there is intermediate, and it is advanced, and I give my all. That’s just me; that’s my passion.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome, so thank you very much, Dan. Suppose you watch us on YouTube, head above, and subscribe to this video. We will see you on YouTube again or on the blog.

Take care and bye-bye.

Rick Kaslj, MS.

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