Filtering Out My Spam Box

March 15, 2012 Rick Kaselj

I was not really filtering out my spam box. These are a few things that were in my inbox and on Facebook. Let’s get to it. Cure My Elbow Pain This was a question that came […]

MIRU2 Questions

MIRU2 Questions

November 16, 2011 Rick Kaselj

Q – What is new with MIRU2? I have not done a good job explaining this. This is what we have added to MIR for the 2.0 version. #1 – Mobility Med Ball Workout (26 […]

SI Joint Questions and Other Stuff

November 3, 2011 Rick Kaselj

Let’s hit the mailbag for this week. Anything On SI Joint Problems Hi Rick, I was looking for the info on the SI Joint on your website. I bought “muscle imbalances revealed” upper body and really […]