What to do about Shoulder Pain?

April 15, 2011 Rick Kaselj

We are moving to part 2 of the shoulder pain series. Treatment and Management of Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain may not be a life threatening medical condition but without the right approach, the pain may […]

Buns and Shoulder Pain

December 1, 2010 Rick Kaselj

I took an hour off to head into the coffee shop and look at some journals. I am sitting here, listening to Christmas music and checking out what is new in the journal world. Here […]

Bench Press Shoulder Pain

October 14, 2010 Rick Kaselj

I have been doing research this week. A colleague, Brenda Adams, emailed me and asked if I had any reference on what muscle is being used during the bench press. I know what muscle works, […]

Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder

August 24, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder DESCRIPTION: “Nearly 6 million people a year visit their doctor for shoulder pain, strains, dislocations or other shoulder related problems”   In the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder course, functional […]

Looking Beyond the Shoulder Injury

April 29, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Addressing Shoulder Dysfunction Beyond the Shoulder Itself By Tara Keller, BSc.(KIN), MES Part I: The Kinetic Chain Whether you work with multisport athletes or older adult populations it is common to see soft tissue stress […]