Buns and Shoulder Pain

Buns and Shoulder Pain

I took an hour off to head into the coffee shop and look at some journals.

I am sitting here, listening to Christmas music and checking out what is new in the journal world.

Here we go with the first article.

Do the Buns in a Pitcher Affect the Shoulder?

What They Looked At

They looked at the relationship of how the movement of the pelvis and torso (trunk) affected the shoulder in high school pitchers during the pitching movement.

Cool Points

I like reading the discussion of a research paper as there are always really cool things in there, like this:

– the trunk leads to 50% of the kinetic energy and force produced during throwing

What They Found

They found that the rate of torso rotation strongly related to the shoulders.

Baseball pitchers may exhibit a decreased ability in controlling torso rotation which increases the risk of shoulder injuries.

They feel high school pitchers, when performing their strength training, should focus on creating a strong core, including gluteus maximus, in an attempt to control the rate of torso rotation.

Take-Home Message

I think the above results can translate over to others, even if you are not a high school baseball player.

Torso Rotation – Working on torso rotation is important for all.  Doing exercises that work concentrically, eccentrically, and isometrically is very important to prevent shoulder and lower back injuries.  You can do this with plank variations.

Gluteus Maximus Work
– It is important to do gluteus maximus work in your exercise program.  It has to be more than just squats and deadlifts.  Single leg work is more transferable to real life when it comes to the gluteus maximus.

Where to get more info – Oliver GD, Keeley DW. (2010). Pelvis and torso kinematics and their relationship to shoulder kinematics in high-school baseball pitchers. J Strength Cond Res. 2010 Dec;24(12):3241-6.

I go through some of the gluteus exercises I use in The Most Effective Gluteus Maximus Exercises :

Best Gluteus Maximus Exercises

Looks like I got caught up on this research article.  I will have to get to the other two I have at another time.

I have to go, they are starting to play Christmas Country music.


Rick Kaselj, MS