Buns and Shoulder Pain

Buns and Shoulder Pain

You are not alone if you experience pain in your buns and shoulders. It’s pretty standard. There are various reasons for this, but the most common is sitting for long periods. Sitting for long periods, your hips are tucked under you, and your pelvis gets pushed out of alignment with your spine. This creates a lot of tension in the lower back and can cause discomfort in the upper back and neck. 

The best way to avoid shoulder pain is prevention! Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem: take a break! Take breaks frequently by standing up while working or stretching now and then. If you’re feeling more severe pain in your buns, legs, or thighs than what may be attributed to sitting too long, consider visiting your doctor to see what’s happening.

I took an hour off to head into the coffee shop and look at some journals.

I am sitting here, listening to Christmas music and checking out what is new in the journal world.

Here we go with the first article.

Do the Buns in a Pitcher Affect the Shoulder?

What They Looked At?

The study examined how trunk and pelvis movements affected shoulder positioning in high school pitchers during the pitching movement. The research pointed out a heightened risk for injury in those with poor lumbar posture due to inadequate stability, reduced range of motion (ROM), or instability.

Cool Points

I like reading the discussion of a research paper as there are always really cool things in there, like this:

– the trunk leads to 50% of the kinetic energy and force produced during throwing

What did They find?

They found that the rate of torso rotation is strongly related to the shoulders, which leads them to believe that it is essential for high school pitchers when they are performing their strength training and need more work on this area, where there should be a focus on increasing or maintaining an increased rotational velocity with decreased external loads to increase shoulder stability as well as improve performance and prevent injuries.

Take-Home Message

I think the above results can translate over to others, even if you are not a high school baseball player.

  • Torso Rotation – Training your torso muscles is essential for injury prevention and improved performance. Planks are a good exercise because they work concentrically, eccentrically, and isometrically to train all three muscle groups simultaneously. The best way to do a plank variation for this goal would be by doing planks with one arm up, as shown below.
  • Gluteus Maximus Work – Including gluteus maximus work in your exercise program is vital. It has to be more than just squats and deadlifts. Single leg work is an excellent way of targeting the muscle because it mimics real-life scenarios where you can’t use a squat or deadlift machine, such as when climbing stairs with one foot on each step or standing up from sitting down while using only one leg.

I go through some of the gluteus exercises I use in The Most Effective Gluteus Maximus Exercises :

Best Gluteus Maximus Exercises