TOP 10 Foods to Boost Male Health

Healthy living is attainable and sometimes all that is needed is the knowledge that will help you go out and make healthy choices. Male health can focus on areas that are more specific to men including general areas like preventing inflammation and more male-focused areas like prostate issues, muscle building and heart disease.

There are different foods out there and the following are Top 10 Foods that can help boost male health.

#1 – Berries


Fruit is a healthy choice and berries in particular are packed with anti-oxidants which can be significant in lowering cancer risks and probabilities. Berries also have high anthocyanin, polyphenol, micronutrient and fibre content and have a significant impact on reducing bad cholesterol and affecting cardiovascular health [1]. This is significant for men in terms of high statistics regarding the likelihood of death related to heart disease. Eating lots of berries can also be great for brain health and function.

The more berries you eat, the better your brain is served by this food! Each berry can have varying vitamin, flavonol and anthocyanidin contents [2]. There are also different berries to choose from including raspberries, cherries, bilberries, chokeberries, strawberries, mulberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries. Berries may be eaten raw and fresh, frozen or purchased in cans.

#2 – Avocado


Bad cholesterol, also known as LDL, is tackled by the good fat contained in avocados. Yes, avocados are high in fats but these are the good fats which can be safe to eat in moderation. Bad fats include trans fats and saturated fats. Such fats should be avoided. Hence, if you are looking for a fat that is much better for your body than trans or saturated fats, avocados will be a good food to look at.

Carotenoids found in avocados can protect the body from heart disease, macular degeneration and some cancers [3]. Avocados are also high in potassium which is needed for blood pressure regulation. B-vitamins, vitamin E and fiber are other nutrients found in avocados.

#3 – Lean Red Meat

lean meat

With a high leucine content, which an amino acid that contributes to muscle muscle, lean red meat are a good source of protein and easily makes the list of top foods that boost male health. Other sources of leucine include yogurt and milk. There are many warnings regarding regular red meat. However, lean red meat contains less bad fats and also provides a source of vitamin B12, iron and zinc.

You could trim the fat of meat where possible to further make it healthier to consume. Ask you butcher for lean cuts of meat next time you go shopping for meat. Such easy switches or swaps can keep the bad animal fats away. Bad fats make it more difficult to pump blood around the body and could also result in the clogging of arteries.

Meat could also become less healthy based on the way it is processed. Processed foods including processed meats could be made up of various compounds and preservatives which may not be entirely healthy for the body in the long run.

#4 – Vegetables


No surprise here as well! Vegetables are part of healthy living and are able to provide defenses against cancer. Rich in phytochemicals, vegetables are best consumed in variety. This means that you should mix up your vegetables and do not keep eating only the same type of vegetable day after day or week after week. Different types of vegetables possess different types of phytochemicals.

Vegetables that are green and leafy also have zeaxanthin and lutein which protect eye health.

Vegetables that are orange in color like sweet potatoes, peppers and carrots are rich in vitamin C, lutein and beta-carotene.

Stanols are another component of vegetables and these compounds may lower blood cholesterol. Stanols could be extracted from vegetables and added to other foods during food processing routines.

#5 – Nuts


There are different kinds of nuts that can boost male health. Brazil nuts, which have high selenium content, are great for the thyroid gland and help the immune system. Nuts like pistachios have sterols that are able to keep bad cholesterol in check. Particularly related to men’s health, a Harvard medical school study revealed that males who had suffered a heart attack would be able to reduce their chances of additional cardiovascular risk by regularly consuming nuts [4].

The study suggested that arginine, a substance found in nuts, is able to target blood vessels and improve the way these blood vessels function. Other benefits of nuts include the regulation of heart beats as a result of omega-3 fats that are present in nuts. Keeping the heart healthy is a huge issue related to male health and this is feasible with the consumption of nuts. However, eat in moderation because nuts can contain a high fat content. Seek healthier snack options through nuts like Brazil nuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and cashews.

#6 – Chocolate


Indeed, you are probably glad that this food made the list. Dark chocolate in particular contains flavanols that provide benefits including maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, reducing bad cholesterol and keeping blood in good circulation. Dark chocolates can be included as a dessert or you could choose to nibble on a piece of dark chocolate after a workout or during a nice walk outside.

Gone are the days when eating healthy was only about eating up spinach and peas. Today, there is more information about the actual nutritional benefits of foods including chocolate. The caloric content in chocolate can be high, though. Hence, consume in moderation.

#7 – Seafood


The zinc levels in seafood are significantly high and zinc is great for good sperm quality. Seafood is also linked to protection against heart disease based on the presence of omega-3 acids in fatty fish such as sardines, salmon halibut and herring. Heart disease is one of the most common ways through which men can die and paying attention to heart health could help save a life.

Stay away from saturated and trans fats. Rather, continue to eat or make a switch to fatty fish which are rich in polyunsaturated fats – the healthy fats. Especially for men, the consumption of fatty fish can also boost the immune system and minimize the occurrence of prostate cancer.

#8 – Bananas


Have you ever needed quick nourishment and reached for a banana because it was nearby and convenient. Well, good choice! Bananas have high B6 vitamin content. Rich in potassium, bananas are like an essential food for those who are concerned about their potassium levels. Potassium is needed for regulating blood pressure and also for healthy bones. There can be other food sources for potassium like milk, tomatoes and beans.

Bananas have also been linked to the regulation of heart beats and may be significant in preventing strokes. It is also easy to incorporate sliced bananas in foods such as cereal, yogurt or as a side on a dish. A good way to quickly get some energy into the body, keep bananas handy as a good food choice.

#9 -Soy


These foods include things like soy milk, soy nuts, edamame and tofu.

How does soy affect male health?

Soy protects against heart disease and prostate cancer is another disease that soy may able to fight against. Soy has been used for various health purposes and diseases like prostate cancer occurrences appear to be less common in countries where soy consumption is very high.

This is because soy contains isoflavones that may lower the risk of prostate cancer. In addition to prostate cancer, soy has been used in addressing high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, memory problems and osteoporosis [5]. Some veggie burgers are also made from soy products.

#10 – Oatmeal or High-Fibre Cereal


Think of delicious oatmeal or breakfast cereal. Then, think of the benefits of fibre. What are these benefits? Well, fibre can keep you feeling fuller much longer and is also essential for your digestive system.

Sometimes, you are able to purchase cereals that are already high in fibre. However, it is also possible to add or sprinkle fibre onto the cereal you already have if such cereal does not have high fibre content. Still, it can be beneficial to seek cereals that already have fiber. This ensures that you will not forget to add it in. Whole grains are also rich in fiber in addition to other nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

Hence, seeking whole grain cereals can be a smart decision and possibly a good way to start the day. Another source of fiber is oatmeal which is great for the prostate and also good for reducing bad cholesterol or LDL levels.

Remember the popular saying: Knowledge is power! In the case of learning about food that boosts your health, this can be so true. Males may exhibit energy access but having a suboptimal dietary habit has been linked to disease burdens and poor health [6].

If you have been feeling less than healthy or not in tip-top shape, you can take back your power and reclaim your health. Tapping into a healthy lifestyle can be as simple as making the right choices regarding the foods that you eat. These top 10 foods that boost male health can be easy to find and eat. There are a variety of less healthy food choices out there and it can be equally easy to select food items that are dense in calories but with minimal or no nutritional content.

Knowing what the healthier food choices are is the first step towards boosting your health!

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