Top Exercise and Injury Videos for 2011

It is that time of year to look back and see how things have gone.

One thing that I have been working hard at on EFI are videos. I have well over 200 videos on YouTube and I keep adding more.

Looking back at the year, I wanted to highlight the most popular videos from the EFI YouTube channel.

Here they are in order of most views.

#10 – Simple Gluteus Medius Exercise


#9 – Kettlebell Technique Mistake


#8 – Bill Hartman on Hip and Ankle Mobility


#7 – Simple Rotator Cuff Exercise Tool


#6 – Importance of Strengthening about Psoas


#5 – Foam Roller Exercises for the Piriformis Muscle


#4 – Mike Robertson on Hip and Pelvic Muscle Imbalances


#3 – Eric Cressey versus Mike Boyle


#2 – Scapular Stabilization Exercise – Scapular Clock


#1 – An Exercise for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome


That is it.

It has been a great year on EFI and a good year on the EFI YouTube channel.

I am hoping to add even more videos in 2012.

Rick Kaselj, MS