Undercover Rick

People in the fitness industry have talked about how other fitness professionals are bad at their jobs and hurt people. I decided to visit a local fitness facility to see how things are done. 

One reason why keeping one’s mouth shut has always been commended. The golden rule of speaking less and listening more applies to improving one’s listening skills and developing a mystic aura surrounding one’s persona. 

There are several reasons for maintaining a certain level of charisma. 

First and foremost, evoking a sense of mystique may elevate your status and pique the interest of others around you. Even a mediocre person might seem clever if they are secretive. 

A second advantage of being mysterious is putting others on the defensive as they strive to find out who you are. For the third time, you don’t have to bear the weight of any expectations. 

In the end, a person’s mystery makes them more terrifying. In many circumstances, intimidation is a means of getting one’s way and a power source.

When you’re mysterious, there’s always an element of ambiguity about you, which prevents others from putting you in a box or burying you beneath the weight of their expectations.


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I am deep undercover.

I had to change my name and look and hide who I was (Classified).

People in the fitness industry have talked about how other fitness professionals are bad at their jobs and hurt people. I decided to stop talking about it and find out what was happening. I wanted to know the local fitness if they broke people and how bad they were at their jobs. Soon, I’ll be able to tell you more about my secret mission.

Let’s talk about what’s going to happen.

This week, I’m going to the Okanagan, specifically Kelowna, for a course with Dr. Charlie Weingroff, Dr. Jeff Cubos, Dr. Martin Gibala, Joel Jamieson, and Sean Skahan (from the Upper Body edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed). It will be great to meet these leaders, learn from them, and connect with other fitness and health experts. I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll bring you some great information when I get back (notes, photos, and videos).

On Sunday, the legendary strength coach Dan John sent me an email. If you know who Dan John is, put April 26 and 27 of 2013 on your calendar because I’m bringing him to Vancouver.

Now that I’m done with Assessment and Exercise, I’m moving on to the Injury of the Month, Gluteus Maximus, and Gluteus Medius exercises to help recover from injuries and avoid them in the future. At the end of the month, look for it.

Okay, I’ll put on my mustache and accent and go back into hiding.

People may seem mysterious because they want to keep their identities a secret from others around them. That’s possible, or they have something to conceal. The other possibility is that they’re afraid of you. 

On the other hand, the spectator or interlocutor may not connect with the other person due to various obstacles such as physical appearance or attire, language, age, location, ethnicity, gender, or any other inter-human distinctions. 

They may retreat and avoid hurting people if they feel intimidated by their surroundings or other people’s presence. They may not want to communicate or disclose themselves because of emotional or other concerns.

Rick, peace out.

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