What is The Best Stretch To Do If You Sit All Day?

What is The Best Stretch To Do If You Sit All Day

The best stretch to do if you sit all day targets your hips and back. These are the primary areas that suffer from a sedentary lifestyle, so focusing on them as much as possible will help you stay healthy both now and in the future. If you also spend a lot of time driving or commuting to and from work, spot these three poses at home or the office.

Even if you exercise regularly and get plenty of activity throughout the day, sitting for long periods will cause your muscles to tighten and shorten. Try a few simple stretches to help you loosen up after a long day at work or studying.

Simply put, hip flexors are the muscles that run along the front of your hip joint and give it its shape. Sitting for a long period can overwork your hip flexors.

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Sitting may be the most harmless activity known to us, but it’s also one of the biggest dangers to our health. However, knowing this gives you the power to do something about it before it’s too late.

Regarding harming our health, sitting is one of the least harmful activities we can think of. However, it is also one of the biggest dangers.

Now that you know this, you can finally do something about it before it’s too late. You’ve probably tried several exercises before and found yourself wasting hours of your time stretching only to find that it only provides a minimal effect.


There are several specific movements beyond simple stair stretching that you can use to unlock and loosen up your hips, legs, and back.

Previous research suggests that the best way to get rid of the pain associated with sitting is to start with a soft stretch and move into more dynamic movements.

Take a look at the pictures below. Which do you think is the best exercise?

Best Stretch To Do If You Sit All Day

Is it…

  1. Exercise A
  2. Exercise B
  3. Exercise C

Take a guess above and check if you are correct.

Were you able to get it right?

Many people today sit for most of their day. This is a trend that has spun out of control.

Sitting at your desk for hours on end is not good for you. Even worse, it’s likely to be detrimental to your health. The average person spends about 7.6% of their time on their feet. While some of us pace around our desks or walk around the office, others may sit all day at their desk. When you’re sitting, your body doesn’t move as much as when standing. In a sitting position, blood circulation is lowered, leading to poor oxygenation in the muscles and organs.

You also sit in an unnatural position, leading to back pain and muscle fatigue. Furthermore, the muscles in your legs get less exercise than those in your upper body. This means that when you maintain a seated position, they atrophy while the muscles in your upper body get stronger.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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