What to do if You Get Elbow Pain when You Workout

I got another question from an Exercises For Injuries reader and it is “What can you do if you end up having elbow pain when you work out at the gym?”

What to do if You Get Elbow Pain when You Workout

What to do if You Get Elbow Pain when You Workout?

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There are 4 things that you can easily do to change your workout or add to your workout that will help with your elbow pain.

#1 – Decreasing your Triceps Isolation Exercises

Look at decreasing your triceps isolation exercises. For example, decrease your triceps kick back work. And other exercises to decrease are skull crushers and dips.

Triceps Kick Back Workout

Decrease Triceps Kick Back Exercises

#2 – Compound Movements

Try to replace your tricep isolation work with number 2 which is the Compound movements. These are movements like push-ups, bench push-ups and bench press.

Bench Push Up

Bench Push-Up

Other thing is focusing more on overhead press work. Focus more on the bench press because you are working the triceps but you are getting a lot assistance and stability from other muscle groups as well.

#3 – Stretching

Make sure to incorporate your stretching especially when it comes to your forearms. You can end up straightening the arm out, bringing the palm back, and looking for a light stretch in that outer part of the forearm. You are going to hold it in that one position for about 20-30 seconds and then you are going to switch over to the other arm and you are looking at is doing twice on each side.


Forearm Stretching

And then after you have stretched with palm towards you, you will bring the palm the other way so you bring the wrist back and you stretch the opposite side of the forearm. That will balance out that forearm which is going decrease the stress and strain on your elbow joint.

#4 – Soft Tissue Work

Make sure to add in soft tissue work. You can utilize something like a foam roller or a PVC pipe wrapped in duct tape. What you can do is rolling the forearms on it. You are rolling on the meaty part of your forearm starting just above your elbow joint and going all the way down on your wrist.

Soft Tissue Work

Soft Tissue Work

Put light pressure on it. It should feel like a light massage. You are going like 5 or 10 repetitions to help in decreasing the tension in the belly of the forearm muscle. It also helps when it comes to circulation and helps address any type of trigger points or hot spots within the muscle. You could do the outer part of the forearm and then the inside part of the forearm as well for 5 to 10 repetitions.

Action Steps

There you go. If you are working out and you are getting elbow pain, take a look at your program design. First, if you are doing triceps isolation work, decrease it. Second, add more of those compound movements, those compound pressing movements like push-ups, overhead press and bench press. Third, make sure to incorporate stretching especially in the forearm, both sides of the forearm. And then fourth is adding that soft tissue work when it comes to the both parts of the forearm.

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