Woman of Steel Workout with Kate Vidulich

Woman of Steel Workout with Kate Vidulich

Today, I have a workout for you from Kate Vidulich.




Hey, I am Kate Vidulich, a Metabolic Training Expert from FatLossAccelerators.com.

Today, I am excited because I’ve got a special “Woman of Steel Workout” for my buddy Rick Kaselj and all of his awesome followers over at Exercises For Injuries.

Now, this workout is a Fat Loss Accelerator workout which is based upon a hybrid metabolic complex formula, which means that when we set up this workout, we move from one exercise to the next and the next in succession with very little rest between the moves.

Each of these exercises is one of the big movements. It’s one of the squats, push movement, or a pull, all of these types of movements that burn a ton of calories and save you heaps of workout time.

The idea is to get as much work done in the shortest amount of time possible, with the correct form of course. You don’t want to get your form sloppy. This will create a metabolic response that will boost your afterburn, and in turn, it accelerates your fat loss results. We are going to go through one of these workouts so you can give it a try at home.

Today, the Woman of Steel Workout doesn’t involve any equipment. You have no excuse to try it. And using a bodyweight accelerator right is great if you’ve had an injury or you are just getting started on these moves.

We are going to go through with the moves and then we are going to rock it out.

We’ve got Bodyweight Accelerator, it is #7 of the Fat Loss Accelerator Workouts manual. It’s an insane challenge. We’ve got five moves and we are going to work out each one back to back to back without any rest.

The first move we are going to do is the Prisoner Reverse Lunge, and it’s the low-ride version which I will show you in just a second. You will do eight on each leg. Then we got Diamond Press Up and we are going to do eight of those. Next, we are going to move into the Spiderman Planks and you are going to do eight on each leg. We are also going to do some Jump Squats with eight reps. And to finish it all off, we’ve got 50 Jumping Jacks.

You are going to go through each one of them without resting. And then if you need to take a break, please do just so you can maintain perfect form throughout the continuing circuits.

We are going to do it for 5 rounds altogether.

You want to time yourself because over the month as you do these workouts to replace your intervals or your cardio you are going to see that your time is going to improve. You get fitter, you get stronger, and your conditioning gets better.

You want to time yourself and you want to go through each move resting as little as possible.

Let me show you the moves so then you can crack it out. We are going to start with the Prisoner Reverse Lunge.

Prisoner Reverse Lunge

Prisoner means hands on my head, don’t interlock your hands because you don’t want to pull your neck. Remember hands up, feet shoulder-width apart, and then you are going to step back down and you are going to step forward with the same form. You are going to switch and you will be staying down nice and low holding that to a position. That gets a big burning in the quads which is going to help to increase the number of calories that you burn and boost the intensity of the workout. You do eight on each leg.

Then you go dive down to the ground and do the Diamond Press Up. Make sure that you go force plank because otherwise, it is going to suck.

Diamond Press Up

You will put your hands into a diamond shape and then you are going to exhale and push yourself up. Don’t move your shoulders out, you want to go just to a point of almost locking out, and then you are pressing up. You should feel the back of your arms. You are going to do it for eight reps. With that one make sure your elbows go back. Don’t swing your elbows out like a chicken because this is not a farm.

The next move is you are down with it and you are going to do the Spiderman Plank.

Spiderman Plank

You are on a plank to start with. Lift your right leg to the side and you are going to bring it out towards your right hand. Then you are going to switch to the left. You are going to feel this burning in your obliques and your core. Make sure that you engage your abs tight the whole time so that you can maximize the burn.

The next move is you are back up and you are going to do eight Jump Squats.

Jumping Jacks

You are going to bring the knees, exhale jump up, and straight-up as you land. You see I am landing like a fairy, nice and light. That’s how you have to land.

If you have knee issues, you can sub that one out and you can do the Total Oblique Extension which is bending your knees and throwing yourself up. That’s your substitution.

Total Oblique Extension

The final move is the Jumping Jacks. You are jumping down nice and wide with your feet. Perfect. Okay, that is the final one. You are going to finish with fifty repetitions.

Jumping Jacks

All of these moves are part of the insane bodyweight challenge which I am throwing out to you today to give a try.

This workout is straight out of the Fat Loss Accelerators Bodyweight Manual, insane bodyweight accelerators, which is also right now for a limited time only you can access all these workouts and more fun by clicking this link just down below the video.

Now these workouts, like I said replace cardio intervals. You don’t need to start your program all over again. You can just add these in. You can add them into a workout if you are doing a straight workout or you can use them for an off-day conditioning workout.

It is up to you how you set it up. This is a progressive hybrid training system that means that instead of just doing random interval workouts all over the place you are setting up your interval training as you would in your strength training program, which means that you are going to be able to see results over a month rather than just scattered all over the place.

That means you are going to see results, you are going to have way more fun doing workouts like this because it kills all that boredom that happens when you are on a treadmill, elliptical, or bike all the time, and it is going to help to train your entire body. And that’s how you accelerate your fat loss results and boost your metabolism by heating all the muscles in your body at once.

If you want to lose weight, build muscle, have more energy throughout the day, and get healthier then check out the Bodyweight Blender program.

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