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3 KILLER “Cross Training” Workouts


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

I am back!

One more day before the weekend and that also marks an announcement that I will have for you on how to get amazing coaching from me at an amazing deal. This will be great if you have any injuries, that just won’t go away and you don’t know what to do about it.

Now lets get to what I have for you today.

After Tuesday’s very popular workout post, I wanted to get you another workout post before the weekend.

It is once again from Tyler Bramlett.


Rick Kaselj, MS


3 KILLER “Cross Training” Workouts

Hey what’s up.

I am not sharing one but three different workouts that you can use utilizing my progressive movement technology, alright! Each one of these is a cross training workout and you are going to follow along to either the beginner, intermediate or advanced variation to get a good idea of what progressive movement technology is and basically what this means is from the beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced workouts.

The workout is going to become more difficult in terms of movement complexity and overall duration at the same time. This way you can constantly progress even though you are doing some of the same exercises and you can get the best results possible over time. So check them out, follow along through one of those workouts and let us know what you think.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube Video

Alright you guys! For the beginner variation of this workout, you are going to set the timer for ten minutes. You are going to let that timer go for ten minutes and during that ten minutes you are going to see how many rounds you can do of the following three exercises. So you are going to take a pair of rings or a bar bell and put it at about waist level so you can do body weight rows.

Beginner Variation –

You are going to do 5 reps of the bodyweight row.

#1 – Bodyweight Row

So 5 reps of the body weight row, two, three, four and five.

Bodyweight Row 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Bodyweight Row

Then you are going to do 5 reps of the Touch Jump.

#2 – Touch Jump

This is a Burpee where you have to touch the ground with your hands and come back up and jump.

Touch Jump 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Touch Jump

And then finally take your dumb bell or your kettle bell and just do 5 swings.

#3 – Dumb/Kettlebell Swings

Dumb bell Swing 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Dumb/Kettlebell Swing

Just five simple reps of each exercise.

Now the goal is, for the entire ten minutes on this beginner workout, to see how many times you can go through a list of 5 rows, 5 touch jumps and 5 swings and record how many times you get it done. Once you see a significant improvement from where you started to where you are now, then you can go on to the intermediate variation of this exercise.

For the intermediate variation, you are going to be utilizing this progressive movement technology and make each one of the three exercises from the beginner workout slightly more difficult. We are going to start first by lifting your rings up or a pull up bar and do a Jumping Pull Up to slow negative and that’s about 3 seconds negative.

Intermediate Variation –

#4 – Jumping Pull Up

Grab on to those rings, get a jump up.

Jumping Pull Up 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Jumping Pull Up

Now we are going to take the Burpee to the next level.

#5 – Burpee Variation

You are going to place your hands on the ground. Jump back to a tight plank , gluts tight, core tight, everything tight, jump back up, jump.

Burpee Variation  3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Burpee Variation

I don’t want anybody’s back sagging down, like this:

Back Sagging Burpee 001 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Back Sagging

#6 – One Arm Swing – Right/Left Sides

We are moving on to One Arm Swing. Same exercise, last level grab your dumb bell or kettle bell. Flying back up! Remember, it’s all about the hips. Bring it down safely.

One Arm Swing  3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

One Arm Swing Right Side 

One Arms Swing Left Side  3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

One Arm Swing Left Side

With this intermediate variation you are going to do the same three exercises, five jumping pull ups in negatives, five Burpees without the push up, five one arm swings right, five one arm swings left, as many times around as you can this time for a twelve minute time limit. Once you see a significant improvement from the first time you do this work out to say two or three months down the road, you are getting way more rounds and reps then you can move on to this final, advanced variation.

For this last and final variation, the advanced version. We are going to do 5 full Pull ups, 5 full chest to ground Burpees and 5 full arm snatches right and then left and you are going to repeat that for fifteen minutes for as many rounds as you possibly can.

Advanced Variation –

#7 – Full Pull Up

Grab on to the Pull Up bar or a pair of rings and we are going to start with five pull ups. If you guys can’t quite do straight pull-ups, it’s okay to use a little bit of a knee kick.

Full Pull Up 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Full Pull Up

Five chest to ground Burpees!

#8 – Chest to Ground Burpees

Everything comes all the way down to the ground and you press up with your core tight, bring your legs up and jump.

Chest to Ground Burpee 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Chest to Ground Burpee

And finally grab that dumb bell or that kettle bell and do five full snatches.

#9 – Full Snatch – Right/Left Side

Arms all the way overhead and focusing on hips, then switch sides! And, Five more reps.

Full Snatch Right Side Proper 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Full Snatch – Right Side

Full Snatch Left Side  3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts

Full Snatch – Left Side

Now, repeat that workout! Five pull-ups, five Chest to ground Burpees, five snatches right, five snatches left for as many rounds as you can in fifteen minutes and that is the advanced variation of this workout. As you can see each of the three levels gets progressively more difficult than the last. You have the beginner level which is fairly easy. You have the intermediate level which becomes harder and increases in length and the advanced level using advanced exercises and again increasing in length.

The reason why this is so important is if you are a beginner doing an advanced workout, you’re not going to get the results you want, you can potentially get injured and ultimately you are going to burn yourself out faster. If you are an advanced person who is stuck on a beginner or intermediate workout, you’re not going to get the best results possible from your workouts because you’re simply not pushing yourself the hardest and that is exactly why we created the CT-50 system which highlights five different levels of progress starting at beginner basic exercises going all the way to some of the most advanced hard core workouts you have ever seen.

If you guys are interested in learning more about the CT Revolution, go ahead and click here:

CT 50 Product Image B 3 KILLER Cross Training Workouts


Tyler Bramlett



What To Do If You Get Injured When You Workout HARD


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Okay, I am back.

I hope you enjoyed, part 1 of the interview.

Here’s the continuation of the interview I had with Tyler Bramlett about High Intensity Workout.

How To Workout At A High Intensity & Stay Injury-free with Tyler Bramlett (Part 2)

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

In the above interview, you will discover.

  • What can fitness professionals do to meet their clients health and fitness goals
  • Best tips of staying injury-free at high intensity workout
  • Ways to do self-test when progressing the intensity level of your workout
  • Importance of keeping the perfect form when doing intense exercise

I hope you enjoy the interview.

If you want to know more about Tyler Bramlett, you can visit him at GarageWarrior.com.

Learn more about high intensity workout with The Complete CT-50 Body Transformation System.

CT 50 Full System What To Do If You Get Injured When You Workout HARD

If you know of someone that would be great to interview, please do email.

Or if you have an injury story or something that would benefit health and fitness professionals, please contact me.

Take care and have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS



How To Workout At A High Intensity & Stay Injury-free with Tyler Bramlett (Part 1)


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

It has been a great week so far.

I hope you have enjoyed this:

Before we go to the interview for today, just a reminder that I have something exciting for you on Saturday. If you want my help with your injury or pain, then make sure you watch for it.

Okay, NOW, lets get to the interview.

How To Workout At A High Intensity & Stay Injury-free with Tyler Bramlett (Part 1)

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

In the above interview, you will discover.

  • What you need to know about intensity.
  • The benefits of adding intensity to your workout
  • How you can progress up the intensity of your routine to reach your health and fitness goals while still being injury and pain free
  • What is adaptation and how it works
  • How to know your own level of intensity
  • Ways to prevent injuries when doing intense exercise

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

If you would like more information on Intensity Workout, grab your own copy of The Complete CT-50 Body Transformation System.

CT 50 Full System How To Workout At A High Intensity & Stay Injury free with Tyler Bramlett (Part 1)

If you know of someone that would be great to interview, please do email.

Or if you have an injury story or something that would benefit health and fitness professionals, please contact me.

Take care and have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Why You MUST Use Progressions?


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Today, I have another great article for you. It is from the Garage Warrior, Tyler.

Enjoy the article.

Also one more thing, watch for an exciting announcement that I have for you this Saturday. I will have more details on it very soon.

Take it away, Tyler……

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey there! Tyler here from GarageWarrior.com and CT-50.com. I made this special video for Rick after I recently got off of a Skype call. We were talking a lot about progressions and I wanted to kind of educate you on why progressions are so important because it doesn’t matter who you are.

Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, you need to use progressions in your workouts. Even if you are a trainer you need to use these with your clients because they will accelerate the results you can get. They help you to build muscle, tone up and burn fat, all at the same time because what you are essentially doing is sophisticating the movement pattern so you recruit more muscle fibers, recruit more coordination and force your body to adapt and change.

Why You MUST Use Progressions?

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Let’s get started talking a little bit. I am going to do a little lecture format here. It’s only going to take 2 or 3 minutes to show you exactly what a movement progression and what a movement regression is so you can start using them today in your workouts.

Alright! To start we have to explain movement progressions and regressions. Let’s start with a simple exercise like the Push Up. Now a lot of workouts contain exercises like the push up in them but there are a lot of people out there that a push up is either too easy for or is too challenging to accomplish with a good form. If it’s too challenging and you start decreasing your range of motion, sacrificing your core integrity, well the recipe for that is you are getting injured and you are not going to make any progress. If they are underneath you, they are too easy for you and you are not sophisticating the movement, well then you are simply not going to recruit the amount of muscle fibers you potentially could and you are shooting yourself in the foot as far as getting the best results possible.

What do you do if you are currently outside of the spectrum of push ups?

Let’s say you are too advanced and the push ups are too damn easy and conversely let’s say that they are too hard. You are still a beginner and you can’t cut through your whole push up with perfect form. Let’s take this apart and let’s do progressions and regressions for a basic exercise like the push up.

#1 – Kneeling Push Up

Let’s start with regressions first. If you can’t do a push up, the obvious choice to being able to do a perfect push up with a good form is to decrease the level and start doing kneeling pushups. Now once you perfect the form of kneeling push ups then you can escalate yourself back up to doing regular push ups and building strength.

Kneeling Push Up Why You MUST Use Progressions?

Kneeling Push Up

But what about the people out there who might even able to do a full chest to ground kneeling push up? Well, let’s take this regression even further to make sure you are doing the same movement pattern as the push up but it’s appropriate for you. Let’s drop the kneeling push up down, let’s go back and let’s do a wall push up.

#2 – Wall Push Up

Wall Push Up Why You MUST Use Progressions?

Wall Push Up

Now as you can see the wall push up is an extremely easy exercise that anybody, even your 90 year old grandma can do. The secret is once you start to get good at the wall push up, once you learn that perfect form, how to move your body properly, how to recruit your chest, your lats, your core, your glutes, your quads while you are doing those wall push up then you can escalate yourself to kneeling push up. You can escalate yourself to regular push up and once you get good at the regular push up then you can escalate yourself towards the progression of the push up all along the way recruiting more muscle fibers so you can build muscle tone and reduce fat at the same time by sending loud and clear adaptation signals to your body.

#3 – Clap Push Up

Clap Push Up Why You MUST Use Progressions?

Clap Push Up

What is a progression to a push up? A simple one I like to use is the Clap Push Up. By increasing speed, force, timing and coordination you are going to make this exercise significantly more difficult and the coolest part about this is, let’s say you can do 20 or 30 push ups well you are advanced enough to move on to clap push up and guess what is going to happen. You are only going to be able to do 15 or 20 of these things. But let’s say, you get really good at clap push up and they become significantly easier, where can you go from there? We can sophisticate the movement even further.

#4 – Rings or Lateral Push Up

Rings or Lateral Push Up Why You MUST Use Progressions?

Rings or Lateral Push Up

We can do push ups on the Rings or a Lateral Explosive push up. Both of these are excellent progressions from the traditional clap push up that recruit more muscle fibers and make it more challenging for you to be able to complete this exercise and this is the way a movement progression works. As we start beginners out at the most basic exercise. As they get better at them, we move them through the line of exercises. Forget about calories in, forget about reps, forget about volume, forget about all that stuff!

  1. Once you are good at the wall push up.
  2. Go to the kneeling push up.
  3. Once you are good enough here, go to the push up.
  4. Once you are good at the push up, go to the clap push up.
  5. Once you are good at the clap push up, go to lateral explosive push up or ring push up.

As you can see, each exercise recruits more muscle fiber which makes it more challenging which actually delivers better results.

Instead of thinking to yourself, I have to do volume or intensity or intervals what you should be focusing on is going from point A to B to C to D to E and so on and so forth and this will send loud and clear fat burning, muscle toning and body transformation signals that you cannot do with any other type of exercise. It’s all about creating progression and by sophisticating the complexity of the movement you will get better results than any other exercise method.

Now if this sounds too complicated for you, I do have a system called CT-50 as you can see on my shirt and what I did for you is take all the exercise patterns that I use with my private clients and segment them into five different movement progression levels just like this and each level has ten follow along video workouts. All you have to do is press play, follow along and you will start getting the body transformation results that you can expect from using progressive movement training.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and I really hope you check out CT-50 and start using progressive movement in your workouts so you can look, feel and perform your best. Thanks for watching!

CT 50 Why You MUST Use Progressions?

Tyler Bramlett


WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

The below video is funny.

I got in trouble from security while I was filming videos in Las Vegas.

Enjoy the article and the very funny video.

Rick Kaselj, MS


I am down here at Las Vegas at a Fitness Mastermind. Mike and I woke up early so we decided to head outside and do some videos for you. In this video, what I wanted to go through was the Worst Bodyweight Exercises for your Shoulders.

WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder – Part 1

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Bodyweight exercises are really becoming popular and I see more and more people doing them in the gym or even working out at home without any equipment. But there is this three exercises that people are doing at home or in the gym that really are leading to injury and damage to your shoulders. And this becomes a big issue for a lot of people especially guys who are focusing in on the upper body work. And when you end up injuring your shoulder, it’s difficult to do the upper body work and oftentimes they end up abandoning their workout because they don’t want to do a lower body workout.

Watch this video and see the 3 bodyweight exercises that you should avoid for your shoulder. Also, I will show you ways of fixing those exercises. This is a continuation of the video that I started in Las Vegas with Mike Whitfield. We had to stop filming because security approached us and let us know we cannot film on a private property. Now I am back home and I am going to continue on with this video. What I was going through in that other video and I will finish off in this video is the Worst Bodyweight Exercises for your Shoulders.

WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder – Part 2

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Bodyweight exercises are awesome. They are easy to do. You can do them anywhere because pretty much all you require is your bodyweight and maybe some other props to help you get through the exercises. Now I wanted to go through with the 3 exercises that I really don’t like that put a lot of stress on the shoulders that increase your risk of a shoulder injury and can irritate an old shoulder injury.

#1 – Tricep Dip

I am just going to use is the chair here but a lot of times this could be done with a bench in a gym setting. I am grabbing the chair. I can have full straight legs or slightly bent legs and what I am doing is I am coming down and back up, coming down and back up.

tricep Dip WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder

Tricep Dip

Now with this exercise, the normal movement in the shoulder is from here to about 45 degrees.

Normal Movement of the Shoulders at 45 degrees WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder

Normal movement of the shoulders at 45 degrees

When you are bringing those elbows further back and going past 45 degrees, it puts a lot more stress on that shoulder and it also takes that shoulder blade and tilts it forward and it ends up mashing up all the tissues in the shoulders specifically the rotator cuff.

Narrow Grip Push Up (alternative)

An alternative that you do, I would recommend cutting out that tricep dip exercise and trying this Narrow Grip Push Up exercise.

Narrow Grip Push Up WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder

Narrow Grip Push Up

Once again, its bodyweight and what I am doing is my hands are underneath the shoulders. I can go from the knees and the feet and I am coming down and I am pressing up. The elbows are tight to me, arms are tight to me. I have a good grip with the hands. I am coming down to the floor and back up. I am working the chest or the pushing muscles but then also really isolating more those tricep muscles as well.

#2 – Crab Walk

This is a bodyweight cardio exercise that you will see people doing and with the increased popularity of Crossfit. You are starting to see more and more people go through this exercise. How it works is I am reaching back and I am walking backwards with the hands.

Crab Walk WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder

Crab Walk

I can have the fingers pointed wherever I want but with the Crab Walk it is just like the Tricep Dip. You know what’s normal range of motion for people is. When you start going more than 45 degrees, it puts unnecessary stress on the shoulder. That unnecessary stress can lead to an injury. It can lead to a re-injury and could increase the risk of a future injury so it is really not worth doing that exercise.

Now there might be a sports performance reason that you do the exercise so in some special cases you might be doing that exercise. But for the average person, it’s not an exercises that I give.

Bear Crawl (alternative)

This is a better exercise that you can do. I am in a four point position. I am going to lift up the knees and what I am going to do is alternate arms and legs.

Bear Crawl WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder

Bear Crawl

This is a way better exercise for the shoulder because now you are putting load through the arms which is excellent. The load through the arms activates the rotator cuff muscles which is what we want to do, we always want to work on them. And then also activating those scapular muscles or those shoulder blade muscles which is excellent and the shoulder is being put in a good position, in a position that you want to train and strengthen it. Plus that alternating arms and legs is kind of a pattern that we want to promote and encourage because that is how the body naturally ends up moving.

#3 – Kipping Pull Up

I am not going to be able to demonstrate it. It is difficult to describe it but it has become very popular with the rise in Crossfit. It is a way of building momentum in order to do more and more pull ups in a shorter period of time. This momentum puts a lot of stress on the shoulder. If you have a previous injury, it’s not exactly the best exercise to do. It puts a lot of stress on the shoulder

Chin Up (alternative)

A better alternative is once again, if you are an average person or if you have a previous injury or you have funny shoulders is to leave out that Kipping Pull Up and switch it over and go with the Chin Up. You just have a bar and then you are grab the bar about shoulder width apart, elbows are close to the body. You are pulling yourself up and then you are coming back down, pulling yourself up and back down.

Chin Up WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder

Chin Up

With this one you are not able to get as much work in or repetitions as you can in a Kipping Pull Up but it is a lot better for the shoulder. You are able to keep the body in nice and good alignment. The arms are close to the body and that is a good power position for the shoulder and then you are working on all the muscles in that shoulder with the shoulder in a good position.

There you go! Those are the 3 Worst Bodyweight Exercises for your Shoulders. If you are looking at doing any type of bodyweight Tricep exercise like a Tricep Dip, make sure to switch it up with the Narrow Grip Push Up. If you are looking at doing any kind of Crab walking, switch it up for that Bear Crawl. And then thirdly, if you are doing any Kipping Pull Ups, switch it up and give the Chin Ups a go. Those are being better alternatives.

Now if you are looking for a more tips like the above, then check out Bodyweight Corrective Exercises, here:

Bodyweight Corrective Exercises WORST Bodyweight Exercises for the Shoulder

Rick Kaselj, MS



Top 2 Bodyweight Corrective Exercise Mistakes


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Hey it is Rick here.

I am still riding high from the conference this past weekend.

One of the cool things that happened to me was one of the attendees (Brian Nguyen) came up to me after my presentation and let me know he is the trainer for Mark Wahlberg and he has been using my Fix My Shoulder Pain program with him and getting great results on Mark’s shoulders.

Brian Nguyen and Rick Kaselj Top 2 Bodyweight Corrective Exercise Mistakes


That was very cool to hear.

Excellent to hear all the hard work on getting the message out on what to do with injuries and pain is helping people out.

Now today what I have for you is a guest article from Scott Rawcliffe of Bodyweight Corrective Exercises.

Scott has a great article on common bodyweight exercise mistakes.


Take it away Scott….

Rick Kaselj, MS


Top 2 Bodyweight Corrective Exercise Mistakes

Bodyweight training has become one of the hottest trends in fitness over the past couple of years. Although this is by no means a new training style, as it’s been around for as long as time. As I lecture across the world I continue to see fitness professionals make these same 2 mistakes over and over again.

#1 – Most of these trainers either stick with the basic exercises everyone knows or they give their clients some advanced exercise that is doing more harm than good.

#2 – They lack progressions and the understanding that you can use bodyweight exercises to very effectively build symmetry in your clients and correct muscle imbalances.

Now since you’re an EFI reader you understand the importance of a balanced training program and I know that you’re not one of these trainers or exercise enthusiasts that I continue to see giving out exercises that are potentially going to cause injury. I wanted to share with you a new perspective on how you can look at tweaking bodyweight exercises with your clients.

tweak Top 2 Bodyweight Corrective Exercise Mistakes

By simply changing the angle or position of the body in many of the “common” exercises you use, you’re able to elicit a different response and overload certain muscles more effectively. And if at any point you get flashbacks to your high school physics class, don’t worry it’s a good thing because we’re just applying basic physics to your bodyweight exercises.

Let’s take the traditional push up to start with. You all know that if you change the angle of the elbow by bringing it closer to the body you will stress the triceps a lot more, aka the close grip push up.

But what happens if we were to change the position of the hands?

If you were to externally rotate the arms (turn your finger tips away from the body so they are pointing laterally) and just slightly widen the hands while doing a push up your lats would be working a whole lot more than in a traditional push up. Don’t believe me; try 3 sets of these push-ups and just feel for yourself.

push up palms out Top 2 Bodyweight Corrective Exercise Mistakes
Or what if we decided to internally rotate your arms (fingertips pointing towards each other); what affect would that have on your body? Well, when you point your fingertips towards each other your triceps are forced to really work hard because by the time you are at the bottom position of this push up your elbows are at their end range of flexion. This puts your triceps in a very disadvantaged position and forces them to do the majority of the work lift your body off the ground. And voila….a great new variation of the push up to overload the triceps.

push up palms in Top 2 Bodyweight Corrective Exercise Mistakes
Obviously you wouldn’t use these with just anyone. If your client has impingement issues at the shoulder like a subacromial impingement you’re going to want to avoid this variation of the push up. But this is just to give you some new ideas on how you view bodyweight exercises.

Now that was just one simple example of how little tweaks can completely change the muscles used with bodyweight exercises. You can do the same thing with numerous core exercises, as well as lower body exercises. In fact, I’m always tweaking my clients lower body exercises based on these principles because they work so well; especially with my ladies who come to me to build a better backside.

If you want even more of these types of variations I’ve teamed up with Rick and we’ve created an entire product with over 44 different bodyweight corrective exercises for you to use with your clients. And if you use little tweaks like these I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

To learn more about Bodyweight Corrective Exercises click here:

bre DVDcase Top 2 Bodyweight Corrective Exercise Mistakes

Scott Rawcliffe


3 Healthy Pastas To Eat


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

I made it back from California.

It was an amazing conference and the feedback on my presentation was very good:

Kevin Phillips 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat
Kyle Brown 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat
Bob Davis 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat

Very excellent to hear. I worked hard trying to make it entertain and informative. Working on the 60 minute presentation for 3 days, paid off.

Now looking at what I have for you today.

Here is a great article from Shaun Hadsall.

I just saw Shaun in October at a Mastermind in Austin, Texas.

Rick Kaselj and Shaun Hadsall 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat

Take it away Shaun….

Rick Kaselj, MS 


One of the biggest myths in the fat-loss industry is that carbs like pasta make you fat.Don’t get me wrong…unhealthy pastas (we’ll get to the 3 healthy ones in sec), and certain carbs can definitely cause more fat storage.They can also lead to insulin resistance and cause certain food sensitivities that will KEEP you in a fat storing environment. Don’t get me wrong…unhealthy pastas (we’ll get to the 3 healthy ones in sec), and certain carbs can definitely cause more fat storage.

For example, most folks don’t even realize that today’s modern wheat is TOTALLY different from the wheat our ancestors ate, or even the wheat your mom and grandma used to eat.

In fact, research is now showing that just two slices of whole wheat bread can increase blood sugar MORE than than 2 tablespoons of pure cane sugar.

And this is only the beginning.

  • Store bought fruits and vegetables are now loaded with pesticides, herbicides, and even genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These residual chemicals and modified foods can block the absorption of vitamins and minerals — and have been linked to several diseases including cancer.
  • Corn fed beef and pork has been shown to contain 9xs the bad estrogen than natural pasture raised pork and grass fed beef. It also tends to be too high in omega 6 fats compared to its grass fed buddies.
  • Most over the counter dairy are loaded with fillers, hidden chemicals, and poor quality protein. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are the only two exceptions to this rule, but watch for hidden sugars and preservatives.
  • Store bought egg yolks can tend to be loaded with hormones passed along from the cage raised chickens.
  • Roasted nuts are an “ok” source of friendly fat, but the roasting process basically destroys all the “good” fats.

Even the most popular trendy grocery store chains have been shown to carry so-called “healthy” foods that contain GMO’s, which is basically “fake” food that causes aggressive cancer tumor growth in mice. I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point. Today’s food systems are designed to be fast and convenient.

As a result, the nutrient quality is not only poor…and it can be downright dangerous for your health. I’m not trying to be a fear monger. I’m just trying to raise your level of awareness.

Knowledge is half the battle. And sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.

Sound crazy?

Well even thought I usually save pasta for my cheat days, I have 3 healthy pastas that are exceptions to the rule.

 3 healthy pastas that can help you burn more fat


#1: Gluten Free-Organic Brown Rice Pasta (higher carb)

This is still considered a starch, but if you’re a pasta freak give this a try a few hours before or after a workout with a piece of wild caught fish or a turkey burger.

*Use this on exercise days or on Carb UP days when you carb cycle

Lundberg Spaghetti 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat

#2 Gluten Free Organic Black Bean Spaghetti (medium carb)

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was. My wife threw some homemade red sauce on it and cooked me up a grass fed burger with some Swiss chard, garlic, and mushrooms on the side.

Man she can cook. icon smile 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat

This has 16 grams of healthy low glycemic carbs and 20 grams of protein. It also only contains one ingredient. Well two really; black beans and water.

*Eat this on Carb DOWN days when you carb cycle or use this if you’re vegetarian for extra protein.

Organic Black Bean Spaghetti 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat

#3: Shirataki Spaghetti (low carb)

I’ve basically been working sun up til sun down on the release my newly updated 4 Cycle Fat-Loss system – so I had this particular pasta last night because I’m going low carb this week from not exercising.

It only has 4 grams of carbs per serving, it’s gluten free and vegan…and it tastes like real spaghetti.

My wife cooked it up and than added some free range chicken breasts, shitake mushrooms, garlic, broccoli, bamboo shoots, ginger, red pepper flakes…and then added some gluten free low sodium soy sauce.


*Eat this on Deplete Days when you carb cycle

Shirataki Spaghetti 3 Healthy Pastas To Eat

 So there you have it!

Three healthy pastas that can help you burn more fat.Just make sure to…

  1.  Always combine these pastas with a complete protein source (you can get away with eating the black bean spaghetti by itself, but I still recommend adding a little more complete animal protein).
  2. Time your intake of these pastas properly.
  3. Don’t use them everyday.

And that’s pretty much what my 4 Cycle Fat-Loss system is all about. Understanding how to “cycle” healthy carbs using the 4 proven cycles of Macro-Patterning.

And for the next few days it’s HALF OFF the normal price to celebrate it’s new release… and as a special incentive Shaun is also throwing in a bonus package that includes 3 rapid fat loss bonuses free:

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Here’s to staying lean through the holidays this year!

Shaun Hadsall


Around the World Bodyweight Workout


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Hey, I am in another part of the world.

I am in California.

Specifically, Cosa Mesa.

I am just at the Starbucks in the mall working on my presentation on networking. Very excited to be presenting in front of 300 fitness professionals.

Also very excited to hear Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank present tomorrow. I have been listening to his book on my flight down here. He has had a crazy life in business.

When I am done working on my presentation, I am going to do the workout below in the hotel gym.

No you don’t need a gym to do the workout, you just need your bodyweight.

Today the workout is from Todd Kuslikis.

Take it away Todd….

Rick Kaselj, MS


Around the World Bodyweight Workout

This is Todd Kuslikis of CombatBundle.com and this is a special workout for Rick Kaselj and everyone over at Exercises For Injuries.

Lets get to the workout.

This workout is called the around the world bodyweight routine.

#1 – Marching

Let’s go ahead and just start marching in place. We’re going to start getting those legs warmed up you can get those arms in place as well getting the movement of the blood flowing to the upper body as well as the legs.

marching Around the World Bodyweight Workout


In a few more seconds we’re going to do some jumping jacks and get straight into it, it’s the full body work out. We’ll be working our upper body, our core, as well as our legs.

#2 – Jumping Jacks

Alright let’s go ahead and do 50 jumping jacks, at 10 were going to increase the pace, at 20 we’re going to slow down the pace a little bit and once we hit 30 we’re going to jump back up a bit. At 40 slow down the pace. Jumping jacks are a great exercise, just to get that whole body warmed up loosened up before you start the work out.

Jumping Jacks  Around the World Bodyweight Workout

Jumping Jacks

Make sure you’ve got your breath, control your breath throughout the whole routine.

#3 – Hip Circles

We’re going to start off with forward hip circles, you may not know this exercise however, a normal hip dip is where you come down and come up, we’re actually going to do 10 hip circles. Come forward with the hips down and back up. Go ahead and do 10 of them, just follow along with me.

Hip Circles Right  Around the World Bodyweight Workout

Hip Circles Right Side

This is working the shoulder, this is working the core, you’re using the legs to stabilize your body, try to come as low as you can, you can even tap the ground if you want to. After 10 you’re going to go ahead and switch sides.

Hip Circles Left  Around the World Bodyweight Workout

Hip Circles Left Side

You’re going to start to feel it in your shoulders and triceps, as well as those love handles. After 10 you will switch sides and go in reverse, backward hip circles. After 10 switch sides.

(This is Rick. Just a note on the hip circles. For people with back pain, this exercise might not be appropriate. If you have any strain or pain in the lower back, regress this exercise to a side plank.)

Take a quick 30 second rest to get your bearings.

Now we are going to move into the leg portion. This is a workout routine you can do as an interval style, you can do this whole set that I will be bringing you through and then you can do a rest and then go ahead and do the whole thing again that is totally fine depending on your fitness level.

#4 – Roll Backs

Alright this first one is called rolled back which is actually a Tai Chi however, we are doing it as a strengthening exercise. We will be doing 10 reps, this is like a lunge but it is a rolling lunge. Then switch legs and complete another 10 reps. then complete in a forward motion 10 reps each leg. If you start to feel pain in your knee or you are not feeling comfortable, adjust your posture, bring your feet out wider if you want.

Roll Backs Around the World Bodyweight Workout

Roll Backs

Take 30 seconds to relax, do some hops if you want to keep that blood flow moving, now we are working our upper body.

We did our core with the hip circles, did our legs with those rollbacks and cross forwards and now we are working on our upper body.

#5 – Around the World Push-ups

Alright go straight to the ground get your body going this is around the world push-ups. We will be doing a different style but still 10 reps.

Get up in the normal push-up position, make sure that your back is straight, move forward on your toes, going down doing the push-up and then walking back, around the world push-ups.

around the world push ups Around the World Bodyweight Workout

Around the World Push-up


This is not just working your chest, it’s working your shoulders and triceps. After completing 10 reps forward you will be completing in a backwards motion 10 reps, if you don’t want to walk backwards that is fine just make a movement with your toes.

#6 – Around the World Push-ups (different plane)

Alright,  we are going to go straight into push-ups around the world push-ups in a different plane. 10 reps in each direction.

Around the world different plane  Around the World Bodyweight Workout

Around the World Push-ups

That was the around the world bodyweight routine. We worked our core, we worked our thighs and our legs and we worked our upper body. But we didn’t do it in one plane that’s where a lot of people fall short. They think they are just building strength in one plane, but remember our body is a fully working unit. It’s got muscles in lots of different places  go ahead in work it on different planes.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed that!

Now, if you liked the above workout, then check out the Combat Bundle for a whole bunch more workouts like it….

products all2 Around the World Bodyweight Workout


Todd Kuslikis