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Lower Back Pain Tips For Tennis Players with Robin Robertson


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Today, I have a real quick interview that I did for you. It was done at a recent fitness conference where a local fitness professional interviewed me. She asked if I have some tips for tennis players who have back pain.

With the summer coming to an end, I thought it might be of some benefit to you.

Now, enjoy the interview and we will talk to you soon.

~ Rick

Lower Back Pain Tips For Tennis Players with Robin Robertson

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video interview.

Robin Robertson: Hi, I’m Robin Robertson from the Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness. Here with me is my friend Rick Kaselj who is about to launch a product named Fix My Back Pain. I know a lot of players have lower back pain and upper back pain. Now, why don’t you tell me just a little bit about the product?

Rick Kaselj: I just want to step back a little before I talk about the product. I will give you one thing that you can do right now as a tennis player to help your back pain. The number one thing that I would recommend is almost not even looking at the back and just going down and looking at the hips. Oftentimes, when we are sitting and doing computer work or doing phone stuff we get stiff in the hips and the back. Since we lack movements in those areas, we get more stress on the back.

A lot of times, the back is the weakest of those two areas just based upon how the bones are designed. We can loosen up the hips by improving the tissue quality. We can do this through foam rolling or massage. It will improve the tissue quality so the tissue moves better. Third is improving the mobility, how things are moving in that joint. You are working the joint through full range of motion like doing squats. You are doing the exercises that help promote mobility in the hip.

Take some time to work on the stretching, improving the tissue quality through foam rolling, and mobility work to loosen up that hip on all 3 planes of movement to help your back. These are the things I’ve noticed with people doing rotational sports especially like tennis.

Robin Robertson: How do you feel about warm ups? When tennis players come in, they are ready to play inside the tennis court. What do you think about warm ups?

Rick Kaselj: I think a warm up is important for a number of reasons. Doing a warm up can shift your mind from what you were doing before, it could have been work and then you get into tennis or whatever sport you play. One thing that leads you to injury is poor movement patterns. If your mind is thinking a variety of things, you can’t move properly.

Doing warm ups also fire the stabilizing muscles. If you are sitting or driving so much, those muscles that stabilize let’s say the shoulder, the back, and the hip are not really working. If you do warm ups, you wake them up. Last thing about warm up is what you oftentimes do will dynamically stretch the tissue. Stiffness increases your risk of injury. People who are stiffer compared to people who have better movement are more likely to get injuries. But if you are doing warm ups, you are increasing the movement in the shoulder, hip or back without stretching the tissue.

Robin Robertson: Fabulous! And your product, Fix My Back Pain, tell me what kind of things that people can expect.

Rick Kaselj: Fix My Back Pain is a program to help people get back to pain-free workouts. It is for people who are active and who are looking for ways to help their back and get active again. The program will show you the things you can simply do at home with a very little equipment that will get you back to working out pain-free.

One mistake I see with people is that they focus on stretching but that is just one component. We need to step back and set the stage for healing and moving your painful back to pain-free back. I break it down to 3 components.

  • Component 1 is reshaping the inside of your back to be pain-free.
  • Component 2 is reshaping from the outside.
  • Component 3 is layering on the injury specific exercises.

Depending on what type of back pain you have, there is a certain set of exercises that you need to focus on. The program is all video based with 5-10 minute videos. I am going to take you through figuring out what your pain is and what you should focus on.

Robin Robertson: That sounds pretty doable. So click the link! It is right down below and you can check out Rick’s product.

Rick Kaselj: Thank you!

If you are suffering from chronic back pain and you are looking for a program that can help you fix your lower back injury and end your pain, then check out Fix My Back Pain System here:

Fix My Back Pain bundle

Rick Kaselj, MS


3 Training Mistakes That Are Taking You Away From Your Back Training Results


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

3 Training Mistakes That Are Taking You Away From Your Back Training Results

CLICK HERE to watch the Youtube video.

In this video, I wanted to go through the 3 training mistakes that are taking you away from your back results.

I will get Orsy to go through them.

#1 – You are not setting your back

You are not setting the Back

Setting your lats, glutes and abdominal area. You are creating a nice stable platform for you to work on your back. 

#2 – Utilizing momentum in order to do the lift

Utilizing momentum in order to do the lift

As opposed to nice stable platform in the back and in the hips,  you are isolating the back so your back is working and getting all the results. 

#3 – Not having a Neutral Spine

Not having a Neutral Spine

Loosing that curve in your low back puts unnecessary stress on your lower back. It leads to energy leaks so meaning you are not able to lift as much. And losing that neutral spine leads to an increase risk of an injury.

There you go! Implement those three things when it comes to improving your back strengthening. Set your back for your back workout. Get rid of momentum. And also keep that back nice, neutral and have the movement happen in your hips. It will help your back to achieve your desired results and help fend off any type of injury specifically a back injury.

If you are suffering from any form of back discomfort and want to get rid of it for good, then check out the Fix My Back Pain program here:

Fix My Back Pain bundle

Rick Kaselj, MS


7 WORST Foods for a Cold


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Hey, it’s Rick! I am coming to you from San Jose.

I am at an exclusive fitness mastermind meeting where I am learning from the many of the best fitness bloggers and YouTubers in the world on how to better help my friends, fans and family through my blog, YouTube videos and emails.

Before I head into the meeting, I wanted to send you this article about the seven worst foods for a cold.

I know right now it is hot and sunny but before we know it is going to be fall season again. Knowing these foods will definitely help you overcome your cold.

So, enjoy the article! We will talk to you again tomorrow.

~ Rick


You sneeze, cough and realize that you have a cold. Oh no … NOT good. Certainly NOT good, but it could get worse too. The common cold occurs quite frequently and a person could suffer from a cold multiple times a year. Every year, more than one billion colds occur in the United States [1]. While what many of us refer to as the common cold is caused by a virus, there are many factors that may make a person more susceptible to getting a cold such as other illnesses, stress and fatigue which can leave the body unable to defend itself as it normally would. Similarly, if you do catch a cold, there are things that could make a cold worse including certain foods. Why is it important to pay attention to information about colds?


Well, one good reason to pay attention is the fact that colds are typically referred to as “common”, as mentioned already. If it occurs frequently, we’d better pay attention. With many more billions of colds occurring around the world each year, it could be great to know not only about how to treat colds but how to make sure that colds do not get worse. Hence, let’s take a look at 7 worse foods that are you should stay away from if you have a cold. Don’t make the cold worse by consuming these foods:

#1 – Fried Foods

You’re doing yourself a huge favor by staying away from fried foods when you have a cold. BUT why should you do this, you may wonder? The reason is with regards to inflammation that fried foods create. Eating fried foods could also result in acid reflux or heart burn [2]. This is not great to have when you are suffering from a cold or at any time, to be honest. When you have a cold, you already have enough to deal with! Right?!! In addition, fried foods could make your immune system sluggish and less “happy”. Happy immune system … happy life! Imagine tackling a cold when your body is not strong enough to do so. Yes, EXACTLY! Not a good situation to be in. As inflammation takes over the body because of the calorie density of fried foods, it can do a lot of harm and is really not something you want whether you have a cold or not. Either way, inflammation is a bad idea.


#2 –  Sugary Foods and Drinks

So many foods and drinks out there contain a lot of sugar! Too much sugar consumption is not a good idea, as well. There is sugar in many processed foods and many juices can contain sugar that has been added in. Vitamin C can provide valuable nutrition, especially during a cold. However, if you’re consuming tons of sugar while trying to get some Vitamin C from juice, you’ll be doing yourself no good because the sugar could cause inflammation. So, while you’re trying to get better through the consumption of Vitamin C, you could nullify its effects by creating other problems for the body when taking in lots of sugar. What can you do? Juices and other foods are fine when consumed in moderation and in natural states. For instance, try consuming fresh, natural juices instead of sugar-filled, processed versions of juice.

#3 –  Processed Foods

If you read the label of processed foods, you will probably come across a few ingredients that you do not know and most likely cannot pronounce. Processed foods can be a whole lot of bad news because these foods don’t add any value to your diet from a nutritional stand-point. Unfortunately, these processed foods contain items that can hurt the immune system rather that helping it fight colds. Processed foods may contain food dyes, MSG, high fructose corn syrup and other ingredient that dilute the strength of your immune system.

#4 – Alcohol

If you’re about to reach for that alcoholic drink …, you may want to reach for something else … like water, for instance. Alcohol is a bad idea when you’ve got a cold because it can adversely affect your immune system by causing dehydration [3]. There are discussions regarding how a little alcohol could help you fight a cold. However, the dehydration possibility can be a serious affair. Hence, this does put alcohol on the “worst list”. Remember … it’s all about being able to fight the virus that is causing the cold. The more alcohol you consume, the more you body become less immune to viruses and other pathogens because your immune systems gets weak with the consumption of alcohol. Hence, help yourself get better and don’t make colds worse by consuming alcohol while you have a cold. One more good reason why you should not drink alcoholic drinks when you have a cold is related to dehydration. When trying to fight a cold, you certainly want to be well hydrated and alcohol is not the way to reach this goal.


#5 – Dairy Products

Sometimes, dairy products affect people differently. For some people, drinking milk may increase the production of mucous, congestion and phlegm [4]. If the mucous membrane is overly stimulated, it could make you feel even sicker and much worse. The increased production of mucous could make the congestion worse. Remember, though, dairy may not have the same effect for every person. Still, it is important to note that when you have a cold and you get worse if you consume dairy products, you may be reacting negatively to this particular food category. If this is the case, think about switching to other foods, so that you can recover from the cold in a less stressful way. Drinking fluids while you have a cold is a good idea, but if dairy like milk appear to be counter-productive, switch to fresh juice or water.

#6 – High Fat Content Foods

Apart from fried foods specifically, it can be a great idea to stay away from foods that have high food content in general and especially when you have a cold. There are pastries and other non-fried foods that have a high fat content as well. The high fats in foods can drag the body down, especially in terms of the role that a strong immune system should play. Foods that are high in fats could create discomfort in the stomach. Imagine being taken over by a cold and trying your best to recover. Then you consume a food that is high in non-value added fats. This is not a wise decision because your body needs to fuel up on nutrients that can help it boost it’s nutritional and energy levels. Instead, when you have a cold, stick with foods that are of the low fat variety and there are many options to choose from.

#7 – Acidic and Spicy Foods

When you have a cold, your stomach could become irritated as well. It could be a cycle of discomfort and symptoms that never seem to end. Hence, you would not want to reinforce the discomfort by doing things to aggravate this condition. Yes, spicy food may make your nostrils perk up and it may help provide some heat to clear your throat. However, the tricky bit with eating spicy foods when you have a cold is the impact spicy foods could have on your stomach. This is also a similar issue for acidic foods. During a cold, mucous membranes may become sensitive and the linings or walls of the stomach could react adversely to both acidic and spicy foods. This can over-burden the immune system which is already trying to fight a cold. Hence, you may want to stay away from these types of foods too when you have a cold.

Once you get infected with the cold virus, it can take a few days before the symptoms begin to outwardly manifest [5]. Also, when you do get a cold, the worse part may not be over immediately. Unfortunately, there are ways to make the situation a lot worse and this can happen by consuming certain foods which can make your condition deteriorate. Thus, it would be best to STAY AWAY from such foods when you have a cold. The 7 worst foods listed here are a good way to start. Fried foods, sugary foods and drinks, processed foods, alcohol, dairy products, high fat content foods and acidic or spicy foods could hurt your ability to recover quickly from a cold. Instead, you should seek foods that are rich in immunity building components. Such immunity building foods help you fight the cold and recover quicker. This is certainly a more welcome alternative to consuming the worst foods for a cold and feeling even more miserable than you already feel.

If you want to learn more about the foods you should eat when you have a cold then check out the Best Foods that Rapidly Slim & Heal in 7 Days program here:

Best Foods That Rapidly Slim & Heal In 7 Days

Rick Kaselj, MS


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7 Foods that Naturally Satisfy Your Hunger


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Happy Sunday from the beautiful San Jose!

Yesterday’s meeting was amazing. I’ve learned a ton of stuff that I am certain that will help me do better articles, emails and videos for you.

I know for most of you that this is a day of rest. But I am going to head back in to the second day of meeting to learn  even more on how I can better help you.

Before I head in to the meeting, enjoy the article below on the seven foods that naturally satisfy your hunger.

I will be eating some of these foods at lunch in order to satisfy my cravings and prevent myself from overeating.

Enjoy the article and we will talk to you tomorrow!

~ Rick


Food is an important part of our lives and we all need it to survive. However, the consumption of too much food could be problematic. If a person consumes too much food, especially too much of the wrong types of food, he or she could gain too excessive weight and may become generally unhealthy. Also, consuming too little food or insufficient nutrients could also be harmful to the body. The body needs good food in the right amounts and preferably at the right time. Good nutrition can do the body a world of good. There are also foods that are good for the body and are also particularly filling too. Some of these foods are quite natural and imply that these foods are able to satisfy a person’s hunger naturally. Natural foods have not been altered and come with little or no processing. When foods are able to satisfy your hunger naturally, this is a win-win situation because you are getting the nutrition you need and also doing so in proportions that are healthy. The following are 7 foods that are able to naturally satisfy your hunger.

1. Vegetables and Fruits

Well, this may not be what you really hoped to see on the list. In addition, people do not feel that vegetables and fruits can satisfy hunger [1]. However, there is truth regarding vegetables being good for you in terms of low calories and high micro-nutrients [2]. Vegetables can be filling and sometimes, a change in diet may mean that the body needs a little time to get accustomed to the new food you are consuming. There are also people who do not like vegetable because these foods may seem to taste plain or not have the appeal of sugar-filled and salt-rich foods. However, vegetables, especially veggies in their natural form are very good for your body. Plant-based diets can have their advantages including the consumption of foods in the basic, natural state. You can consume carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, celery and many other vegetables in large quantities without adversely affecting the amount of calories you consume. Thus, vegetables are rich in nutrients while having low calorie counts.

fruits and vegetables

 Hence, you keep full and healthy when consuming vegetables and fruits. You do need to beware of any additions or accompaniments to the vegetables and fruits such as salad dressing and salty or oily side dishes. Fruits can also contain sugar but can still be good option when choosing between healthy foods to eat and less healthy food options that are readily available as well. Fruit juices that are a hundred percent made from real fruit are also good for the body.

2. Whole Grain Foods

Whole grains can provide a rich, natural option when deciding what types of foods consume. For many processed food such as rice, bread, muffins, pasta, crackers and cereal, there are possibly healthier whole grain food options that you could consume. The whole grain options are typically more natural with little or no processing and are able to create a feeling of not being hungry.

whole grains

These carbohydrates also provide the body with the energy it needs to carry out the day’s activities and can satisfy hunger due to their dense composition [3][4]. The composition of whole grains makes such foods very rich in fibre and this can be great for the digestive system. In addition, because whole grains have undergone no or minimal processing, it takes adequate time for whole grain foods to pass through the digestive system which enables you to naturally have the feeling of being full or not hungry. As carbohydrates, whole grains can be a great accompaniment for high protein meals. Sometimes, such carbohydrates are needed to aid in the digestion of these proteins.

3. Nuts and Nut Butters

Nuts can be another healthy food option. Yes, nuts can also be high in fats. However, some of these can be the good fats that aid your body’s metabolism. When used to make various types of nut butters, nuts could provide a quick option to meals by providing fast spread for items like wheat crackers or whole wheat toast.

mix nuts

You could soften the nut butter by using a little heat. If you are looking for an accompaniment for vegetables, you could also try a nut dip when you are able to soften the nut butter. There are also other benefits you get when you consume nuts including decreasing bad LDL cholesterol [5]. Nuts are also good sources of protein.

4. High Protein Foods

Apart from nuts, eating other foods that are naturally high in protein can be a great way to start the day. Protein can act as fuel for the body, enabling the cells in the body to recover and recharge. Food like eggs and meat are rich in protein. You do not want to overdo your consumption of meat, especially red meat. However, there could be benefits in consuming lean protein in moderate amounts.


The consumption of protein, especially in the morning could also help you control food craving and your appetite for the rest of the day. Having a full feeling may help in keeping your moods in check while filling your body with the fuel it needs to continue the day. Peanut butter may also be consumed by itself and could be a good way to snack too.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal gives you a great, wholesome feeling, especially when consuming natural types of oatmeal such as steel cut oats or oats that have not gone through the processing that eliminates most of the natural aspects of the food. Oatmeal also has the advantage of being very filling.


To make oatmeal, a small quantity can be mixed with water and this forms a nice, quality meal that is heart-warming and good for you. It can also be a dense meal and thus, a little amount of oatmeal is able to go a long way. You could use skim or low-fat milk to make your oatmeal. Taking oatmeal as your breakfast in the morning could carry you a long way during the day. Get cozy quickly with this natural and satisfying food.

6. Greek Yogurt

There has been a lot of news regarding the usage of Greek yogurt. Generally, yogurt provides a significant amount of protein. It gets special mention on this list due to its convenience and usage as a snack. You could buy a variety of different types of yogurt.


However, you also do need to beware that there are yogurt brands that could contain a high amount of sugar. Greek yogurt brands can provide a healthy option and typically contain additional protein. This makes Greek yogurt a great way to keep full and pumped up with good nutrients while also watching your calorie counts.

7. Healthy Snacks and Spices

There are also various times when you may want a snack and choosing a healthy snack could be a life-changing routine as well. If you indulge in an abundance of unhealthy snacks, you could end up having a less than healthy life-style. Hence, your snack habits are very important. You could choose snacks that are made from whole grains such as whole grain crackers or nuts. Avocados could also be part of a healthy snack and avocados are rich in fats that are good for the body.


Popcorn is another healthy snack and this could keep your stomach full for a long time. There are also spices that could help you maintain healthy eating habits. Spices like cinnamon or nutmeg could help to provide a filling sensation and may help to stabilize the body or provide a soothing feeling. Sometimes, people ignore or underestimate the way that spices may be used. The right snacks and spices could improve your metabolism [6]. In their natural state, certain spices like cinnamon can provide antioxidants and you could add spices to cups of tea, milk or other drinks.

When people get hungry, they may need to eat and what better way to satisfy the body than to eat food that is good for the body and also able to keep you satisfied naturally. Natural foods are closed aligned with healthy living and healthy living has a strong correlation with an improved quality of life. It could be quite tempting to ignore hunger or your body’s need to eat. However, this is not the best route to take because it may only result in you splurging on food when you finally decide to eat. In addition, at such times, you may also be more prone to eating the wrong types of food and this may end up keeping you hungry and also in a depressed or moody state. Thus, when you are hungry, consider if it is time to eat and also eat the right types of foods such as foods that can keep you naturally satisfied.

If you want to learn more about satisfying your hunger naturally, then check out the Best Foods that Rapidly Slim and Heal in 7 Days program here:

Best Foods That Rapidly Slim & Heal In 7 Days

Rick Kaselj, MS

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How To Do A Dumbbell Swing Without Back Pain


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I had a well spent weekend with my family. Time spent with loved ones will always be a happy memory to be treasured.

Today, I will talk about the importance of performing the swing with a neutral spine and pelvis so you have your back stacked up on the pelvis. I will discuss that more in detail below.

I hope you will enjoy the article.

Take care!

~ Rick


How To Do A Dumbbell Swing Without Back Pain

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

The big problem is a lot of people will lose that stacking which takes away the effectiveness of the exercise and increases the risk of injury when it comes to exercises. There is no fun injuring yourself when you are trying to workout and achieve your fitness results.

I am going to get Orsy to demonstrate.

We are just going to start off with a Regular Dumbbell Swing with no movement.

Regular Dumbbell Swing with no movement

She is really setting in those shoulders, nice and tall, and just going through the dumbbell swing to shoulder height. I want to highlight that there are parts that move and there are parts that don’t move. All that is moving here with her are just her shoulders, everything else isn’t moving.

Then I can progress on into a little bit of a hinge and a little bit of a swing.

little bit of a hinge and a little bit of a swing

What is happening here is we are getting movement in the shoulders. We are getting a little bit of a movement in the hips but the curve in the back stays the same, the curves stay stacked on top of the hips. All the movement is happening at the hips and the shoulders and nothing is happening in that low back.

Thirdly, Orsy is going to do a bigger swing.

bigger swing

She is going to have a bigger squat. Once again, nothing is happening in the back, the back stays the same. All of the movement is happening in the hips and in the shoulders. She is not arching through the back. She is keeping that low back neutral and going through the swing. I just got her coming to shoulder height because sometimes when people go higher than shoulder height they will over arch in that low back.

There you go! Those are the importance of stacking that back above the pelvis and having the pelvis do all the movement. Thus, the back is not going anywhere.

If you are having difficulties with the dumbbell swing, pick the level that works best for you. You can start off with arm movements. You can start off with a little bit of a hip hinge then you can go to a fuller swing.

If you find swinging overhead gets you to over arching your back, just do the shoulder height and really remember that all of the movements are happening in your hips. Your back is stacked up over your hips and there is no change in your spine. If you do that, you are going to work your core way more. You are going to get more of the results that you want and you are going to avoid injury especially back injuries.

Train hard but definitely avoid injury.

If you want to end your back discomfort for good and get back to pain-free workouts, then check out the Fix My Back Pain program here:

Fix My Back Pain bundle

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS.


How to Fix Your Feet In Order to Fix Your Back Pain


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, I was on the lake and it was great. I hope you had a wonderful Saturday as well.

Continuing on with what I talked about yesterday relating to back pain, I wanted to talk about an overlooked cause of back pain. This has to do with your feet. I go more into details below.

Enjoy the article.

Take care!



How to Fix Your Feet In Order to Fix Your Back Pain

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

What I want to go through today is how you can fix your foot wear in order to ease your back pain.

There is a research out there showing that if you have back pain, utilizing orthotics can help you with your back pain.  Using expensive orthotics are like putting braces on your teeth that changes the position of your teeth.

When it comes to orthotics, you are changing the position of your feet and the rest of your body.

So before you jump into orthotics, I wanted to give you some steps that you can do.

First, look at your shoes. Are the shoes that you are utilizing putting unnecessary stress on your feet? An example is wearing high heeled shoes like 3 inch high heel shoes. Those are putting unnecessary stress on your feet leading to unnecessary stress on your back.

If you use work boots that don’t have much cushioning, that puts a lot of stress on your feet and hence on your back. If you wear lots of dress shoes, that puts a lot of stress on your feet and unnecessary stress on your back as well.

So look at the shoes that you utilize. Can you change them? Can you get more comfortable shoes in order to ease your back pain?  

Second, look at your shoes and seeing if those shoes are really old because when they are really old you lose the support and the cushion from them.

An example would be my father. He was walking and he was getting all kinds of foot pain. I looked at his shoes and his shoes looked good. They looked nice but they were old. I asked him how long ago did he get them. He got them five years ago and he has been using it for five years. So the shoes have lost their support and cushioning. Thus, changing up your shoes is essential.

Third, go bare feet more often. Most of the time we have shoes and socks on. This decreases the deep stimulation that we get at the bottom of the feet and this stimulation leads to strengthening of that foot.

Fourth, train in a good foot position. If you go to the gym and you do exercise on your feet like squats or dead lifts, really work on having your foot in a good position to strengthen your feet. Load through your feet like heavier squats, front squats, back squats and deadlifts that strengthen your feet more as well.  

Fifth, start with new, better and more appropriate shoes for you. Go to a store where someone can help you select the most appropriate shoes for you. Some running shoes are really good at this and that could help provide your feet with better support, better cushioning and help ease your back pain.

Sixth, try over the counter insoles. You might need a little bit of a support in your insoles compared to just new shoes. Most shoe companies have been saving more and more money by putting in lower quality insoles. Make sure to get a higher quality insole with more cushion and a little bit more support.

Seventh, look at strengthening your feet. Doing foot strengthening exercises will definitely help you.

Eighth, look at decreasing your weight. If you are overweight or obese, decreasing your weight will help you overcome your lower body, your feet, your ankle, your knee, your hip and your back injuries.

Lastly, as a last resort, try the orthotics.

If you have lower back pain, look at your feet. Your feet might be the solution.

But remember, you can jump straight to the orthotics but that is kind of like putting braces on your feet. It changes everything.

I would try to do these things first:

  1. Check if your shoes are not putting excessive stress on your feet.
  2. Make sure your shoes are not overly old.
  3. Try to be bare feet more often.
  4. Train in a good foot position.
  5. Wear new and more appropriate shoes for you.
  6. Try over the counter insoles.
  7. Look at strengthening your feet by doing foot strengthening exercises
  8. Decrease your weight
  9. Try orthotics.

Make sure to swing by ExercisesForInjuries.com. Enter in your injury or pain. There is a good chance that I have an article, a video, or an interview for you to help you overcome your injury or pain.

If you are watching this on YouTube, head up above and hit “Subscribe”. What that will do is every couple of days you will get a video like this where I talk about injury or pain or you will get a guest interview that I did with someone or you will get a guest video from one of my friends in the health and fitness world.

Lastly, head down below and hit “Like” and leave me a comment or a question.

If you want to end your back discomfort once and for all, then check out the Fix My Back Pain program here:

Fix My Back Pain bundle

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


You Can Overcome Your Back Pain


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

I hope you are doing something really cool today.

My family and I are heading out to the lake. We just got a boat so we will have a pleasant time sailing this summer. We will have fun and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

What I have for you today is a question that I got from a customer of Fix My Back Pain program. The response I gave him might help you out when it comes to dealing with your pain.

So, have a read and I will talk to you soon.

Take care!

~ Rick 


You Can Overcome Your Back Pain

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I got another question from a Fix My Back Pain customer. It’s from Hal and this was his question:

“Hello Mr. Kaselj. Thank you for inquiring of me if I have questions. That’s a refreshing change for sure. I haven’t been able to actually listen or look at the material as my home computer is giving me fits. I am saving up to get it repaired. I do however have a question.

I am aged 47 with some re-emerging back problems and neck problems. I don’t know where it came from. The pain is not really in my back but starts deep in the glute and runs down the rear side of the left hamstring and on to the rear side calf muscle. I cannot even stand over.

Doctor said it is due to degenerating and bulging disc. I used acupuncture before and I was healed. I tried massage therapy but it didn’t worked.

My doctor wants me to see a physical therapist if this steroid doesn’t take the swelling down.”

Hal, it sounds like you are having a lot of things going on. You have had back pain in the past.

Your doctor said it was disc herniation. Your symptoms sound a lot more like Sciatica but you go with what your doctor says that you have.

You have had success in the past with acupuncture, which is good.  Massage therapy hasn’t worked for you. And it now looks like you are going to end up trying cortisone injection.

Now to your specific questions:

Question #1: Will I ever be able to get rid of the problem?

YES you will!

In the past, you got rid of it with acupuncture and it helped and that’s going to happen again. You will overcome your back pain. You just have to keep on looking, committing and following through with different things that you try out until you will find the things that will help you overcome your back pain and have it behind you forever. So YES, you will get rid of the problem.

Question #2: Can I perform the program even though I’m in pain?

YES. You can do Component 1 and Component 2.

Component number 1 is for reshaping your back from the inside. Anyone can do it. Just watch the 10-minute video where I highlight the most important things that you can do. And watch Component number 2 where I talk about reshaping your back from a painful back to a pain-free back. Watch the 10 to 15 minutes video and you can implement those right away even if you are in pain.

And then after that, you can implement Component 3 which is the injury specific back pain exercises. You would go with the disc herniation herniation bulge ones and see how that works for a period of time. You might need to progress to the Sciatica specific ones.

Question #3: Getting desperate to feel better. This stopped my career in law enforcement and I missed the federal level cut off of inch 37. Should I ever dream of a career in executive protection with back and neck issues?

The answer is YES.

If you have a goal and a dream, you have to keep going for it. You are going to be tested on that dream by all kinds of challenges and that includes injuries and pain. And just like so many thousands of other people that have had injury and pain, they have overcome them and reached their goals.

If you look at any type of professional sports, there are numerous professional athletes that have hurt themselves horrifically but they have returned and they have done great things. This can happen with you as well.

So, there you go Hal! Thank you very much for your questions. If you are a Fix My Back Pain customer, send me your questions, any clarifications on the program or a question that relates to you.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


How To Do Drop Training For The Core


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Hey, I hope you are doing great.

I wanted to share with you a unique core training exercise that my friend Dean Somerset sent me. The exercise is called Drop Training.

Take a look down below so you’ll get to know what drop training is and see if it will help you out.

Take care!

~ Rick


Now, let’s get some fun stuff going on. Let’s work into a little bit of drop training. Drop Training is awesome.

Who wants to do some drops?

This is where you start getting reactive, but we try to think of it as a reactive plank or a reactive hold.

How To Do Drop Training For The Core

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I want you to grab onto those handles and get into a row position and I am going to hang onto your feet.

The key on this is the person has to be able to think about what is going on, react to a change of the stimulation, and be able to position themselves so they are able to lock down really hard without falling into one direction or another.

I want you to grab the handles. You are going to come forward until your shoulders are right underneath the pole and I am going to take your feet. Lift your feet up. I want you to pack your shoulders. The goal on this is I will let go of your one leg and you have to stay solid so no rotating and no dropping, nothing.

TRX Drop exercise

TRX Drop

It is just like a magic trick, I will remove my hand and nothing happens. You can’t anticipate because where my hands are right here if I feel his weight more in my one arm than the other, guess what arm I am going to drop. Again, breathe, pack your shoulders, hips up, and get tight.

We can do a variation of that from the front or from the back. We can use a bench or a push up. Go to a push up position with my hands holding your feet kind of a wheelbarrow stance.

Push Up Drop Exercise

Push Up Drop

Same concept, don’t have your feet quite so wide. You need a lot of back strength and a lot of abs strength. All I am doing is trying to set it up so he doesn’t know what leg I drop when I drop it.

We can do that a couple of different ways. We can do an upper body or a lower body, whatever we want to do. But a drop is a real cool exercise because it doesn’t take a lot from a person to do and I can feel around what is going on. When I feel something is quite not level, done. It’s like a trust exercise going wrong, so you are leaning back on me. But at the same time he’s got to react to that change and be able to pull it right back right in.

How many contact supports do you think will benefit from something along that line?Every single one of them. Why? Because you don’t know when you are getting hit half of the time you go to react to it.

Go ahead and partner up and grab some of these TRX’s. I want you to try a couple of those drops if you are feeling confident in it.

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Dean Somerset