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5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow Pain


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Today, lets talk about elbow pain.

Before I get to that, thank you for letting me know how I can help you.

(If you have not let me know, GO HERE, to let me know)

Today, I have some tips for you from a familiar face on EFI, it is Jedd Johnson.

Jedd is going to give you 5 tips on how you can keep workout your back, even if you have elbow pain.


Rick Kaselj, MS


The exercises I want to show you today is not necessarily how to get bigger back but how to continue to get your back workouts in if you are dealing with elbow pain.

Specifically, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow is an injury that I have dealt with several times in my life.  What I do now  is avoid the things trigger it or make the condition worse.

5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow Pain

To watch the video on YouTube, click here.

#1 – Recline Rows to Get Your Back and Elbow Ready

Before getting into any pull ups, do a specific warm up for your back and elbow with some recline rows.

Reverse Rows 5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow PainRecline Rows

These are easy to do and could be set up with a variety of  equipment. They will get you ready for a good solid workout and prepare your elbows for your workout. To avoid elbow pain I rarely do pull ups on normal pull up bar. Instead I use the following tools…

#2 – Use the BackBull

The BackBull hooks and slips over the pull up bar and the handles allow for a more neutral grip. This is very comfortable for the elbows.

Back Bulls 5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow PainBack Bulls

By switching sides on the pull up bar you can even change from a slightly overhand to a slightly underhand position and then use whatever feels best.

Back Bulls  other side  5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow PainBack Bulls – Other Side 

#3 – Try the Perfect Pullups

Another excellent piece of equipment is the Perfect Pullups, the handles rotate allowing your shoulders and elbows to move however they need to while you do pull ups or chin ups.

Perfect Pulls 5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow PainPerfect Pull-ups

#4 – Give Grapple Grips a Go

Grapple grips are made specifically for training the hands for combat athletes. They allow for an inline grip which is more ergonomic for the body which means it’s going to hurt less when you do your pull ups, and you will probably get more quality reps in.

Grapple Grips 5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow PainGrapple Grips

#5 – Metolius Rock Rings

Another set of handles I recently got are the Metolius Rock Rings. They allow the arms to abduct slightly making pull ups more comfortable.

Metolius Rock Rings 5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow PainMetolius Rock Rings

This makes a huge difference in how your elbows feel.

If you are dealing with any kind of elbow pain, try these items out.

I have got a great program out there. It’s helped hundreds of people with their problems in their elbows called Fixing Elbow Pain.

Fixing Elbow Forearm Pain System 5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow Pain

Jedd Johnson of DieselCrew.com


How can I help you?


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Hey, it is Rick.

I just want to check in and see how I can help help you.

I am planning out my fall and I want to make sure that I help you out.

Can you go HERE and let me know how I can help you.

Before I go, thank you for the kind words….

2014 09 29 11 06 49 How can I help you?

Thank you Maria for the kind words and I am so happy to have been able to help her.

The big thing that Maria did, was she let me know how I can help here:

==> Rick, this is how you can help me... <== CLICK HERE

Have a great day and thank you for your help.

Rick Kaselj, MS




7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

We have passed over from summer to fall.

It is starting to feel like fall and look like fall….

fall Kelowna 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

With it being fall, it is time to think about keeping our immunity high in order to fend off the illnesses of the fall.

Your immunity is very important to your health and quality of life.  Believe it or not, if your immunity is in bad shape, you could have major problems on the way.  The body can be amazing at protecting you from various infections and illnesses.  The immune system is made up of various structures that help to collectively fight against disease.  Hence, to be able to carry out this task successfully,the immune system is able to detect various microscopic or clearly visible pathogens which could wreck havoc on the body.  Such pathogens include bacteria, viruses, worms and other parasites that attempt to introduce disease to the body.

In addition, once pathogens get into the body and cause infections or disease, the situation could becomes quickly exacerbated as these pathogens are able to evolve rapidly, increase in quantity and possibly adapt to certain changes in the environment or possibly adapt to some medications which may be used to try to get rid of the pathogens.  Hence, it is essential that you maintain a high state of immunity in the body.  One way to keep your body’s immunity in great shape is to eat foods that are able to naturally boost your immunity and 7 of these superfoods are discussed below.

7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

1.    Yogurt

When you want a healthy snack, a cup of yogurt can be a good choice.  Yogurt has certain kinds of bacteria that are really good for you and these are also referred to as probiotics.  These good bacteria work towards tackling any bad bacteria in your body and thereby neutralize negative effects including aches, pains, indigestion and feelings of sickness.

yogurt 300x225 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

Hence, the more good bacteria you have in the body, the better equipped you are to handle bad bacteria that may inadvertently show up.  However, you do not want to overdo your consumption of yogurt.  Also, you do need to beware that there are various kinds of yogurt including yogurt that may have high sugar content.  Greek yogurt does present a healthier option to the sugar-filled versions and Greek yogurt could also contain more protein than other kinds of yogurt.  Hence, look for healthier yogurt options.

2.     Tea

Tea is a great way to improve your body’s iimmunity. Green tea, in particular, is rich in catechins which are antioxidants and directly linked to high immunity levels.  Research studies also reveal that green tea contains high anti-inflammatory properties [1].  There are also other studies that connect green tea’s catechins as a way to provide a preventive or therapeutic strategic approach to treating oxidative stress, which in turn induces inflammation [2].  Consuming green tea could keep viruses away.  Especially if you feel down in the dumps or under the weather, green tea could help lift your spirit and minimize how long you actually feel sick.

tea 225x300 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

When your immune system needs some help, green tea could bring you back to balance with a renewed feeling of health.  Ginger tea can also be helpful because ginger tackles toxins that may accumulate in the sinuses or in the lungs.  There are also other types of herbal teas with antioxidant and calming properties which could assist in building up your immune system.  Thus, grab a cup of tea today!

3.    Garlic

This food may have a strong smell, but it is also very rich in antioxidants.  These antioxidants serve as pathogen fighters and are ready to attack at the slightest sign of any infection.  It can be easy to include garlic while cooking meals and by doing this, you also help your body fight colds, infections and other ailments.  Garlic can also fight immune dysfunction, cancer insurgence, oxidative stress and cardiovascular complexities [3].

garlic 300x199 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

The potency of garlic could help protect you for seasons that are more prone to colds and the flu.  Crushed garlic could also be mixed with lemon for a potent mix that can be used to increase immunity.  Despite its strong flavour and smell, research does show that garlic can be used to lower lipid levels, prevent blood coagulation, fight cancer, combat microbial effects, and treat hypertension [4].

4.    Oranges

Fruit such as oranges are able to load the body with adequate levels of vitamin C to fight colds and the flu.  The body needs vitamins and minerals to activate the immune system and eating oranges or drinking fresh orange juice could help build up the levels of vitamin C.  Thus, if you feel the onset of a cold, you may want to load up on this superfood.

oranges 300x264 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

When consuming orange juice, fresh juice is always best and can be quite refreshing as well.  Make a habit of keeping fruit like oranges handy and you will be helping your immune system.

5.    Sweet Potatoes

In keeping up with the theme of foods rich in vitamin C, sweet potatoes do make the list.  Rich in vitamin C, sweet potatoes are able to boost the body’s immunity and also provide other nutrients as well.  In addition to vitamin C, sweet potatoes have high vitamin A content and this vitamin has significant ties to the body’s immunity.

sweet potatoes 300x225 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

Mucus membranes in the throat and nose use vitamin A to protect these structures and keep the body safe from pathogens that try to take over the body.  Consuming sweet potatoes increases the amount of carotene in the body and can also be connected to improved eye health [5].

6.    Honey

The best superfoods are usually acquired in their natural state and honey is one of these foods.  It can soothe the mouth and throat.  Honey can boost your energy, act as a remedy and builds up the immune system [6].  Honey could also be used in teas or warm drinks when trying to get rid of a cold.

honey 269x300 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

The texture of honey is soothing and helps to gently massage any irritation being felt in the mouth or linings of the throat.  Hence, you must really consider picking up this superfood the next time you are at the grocery store.  Natural honey could also be purchased at farmer’s markets or similar events.  It can be a good idea to stay away from honey that has been processed or adjusted with artificial content and added sugars.

7.    Soup

Yes, we simply cannot complete this list of superfoods without including good old-fashioned soup.  Warm hearty soup on a cold day may feel like heaven for the soul.  You may also recall the wise stories regarding how helpful chicken soup is when you may not be feeling your best health-wise.  Indeed, there is some truth to these stories.  When your immune system has taken a beating from infection, stress, travel or general pollution in your environment, consider helping yourself to a bowl of soup such as chicken noodle soup or any other kind of hearty soup that contains natural, high quality ingredients. 

soup 300x225 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

The beauty of soup is that many really great and immune system building foods could be included as ingredients in soup.  These may include ginger, garlic and sweet potatoes.  Mushrooms are also easy to add to soups and this food can support health as well [7].

Apart from having a vibrant immune system to keep you safe from sickness and disease on ordinary days, there are also times when a great immune system saves the day when your body could have been susceptible to illness.  Such periods may include periods of disease outbreaks like flu season or perhaps when a specific type of illness seems to be making its rounds.

Having an immune system that stands up to pathogens can keep you feeling great and healthy when others around you are succumbing to attacks from these viruses and other pathogens.  It is also becoming increasingly more desirable and popular to use natural products like garlic to combat various threats to the body [3].

To keep on the right track regarding your body’s immunity, eating the right foods could get you well on your way towards living a life that is free from disease and one that provides you with renewed energy to take on each new day and simply because you used superfoods to naturally boost your immunity.

In addition to the superfoods listed above, there are other foods that are loaded with immunity-building components including Japanese mushrooms which contain antioxidants and which also preserve these healthy components while being cooked and oregano oil which is helpful for gut health.

In addition, vegetables from the cruciferous family such as cabbage, kale, broccoli and lettuce help the liver flush out toxins within the body.  Like oranges, black currants are also rich in vitamin C and can help to keep colds away.  With a large number of superfoods at your disposal, your body’s immunity can be in great shape.

If you are looking for more superfoods especially ones that will help you with your joint pain and chronic inflammation, then check out this:

101 Superfoods for Joint Pain1 7 Superfoods that Naturally Boost Your Immunity

Rick Kaselj, MS

[1] Green tea protects rats against autoimmune arthritis – PubMed
[2] Therapeutic Potential of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Inflammatory Diseases
[3] Garlic: Nature’s protection against physiological threats – PubMed
[4] Benefits of Garlic: 11 healthy reasons to eat more of this smelly superfood
[5] The effects of the daily consumption of tangerines and sweet potatoes – PubMed
[6] Benefits of Honey
[7] Brush Up on Mushrooms


5 Exercises that Target Back Fat


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

I wan’t to sure when I got this workout from Shawna K.

Back fat is not something that I focus in on or that I have heard about but Shawna gets asked all the time from her clients on what they can do about back so here we go.

If you have issues with back fat, give these exercises a go.

Take it away Shawna…

Rick Kaselj, MS


Back Fat? Boo! I have a solution for you!

Hey Shawna K, ChallengeWorkouts.com. I recently got a question about back fat and what to do about it.

One time I used to think that there was no hope in trouble spot training but recent studies are showing that there is a thermogenic effect when you do specific training for a muscle group.

The way I see it is that if you pair specific muscle group training with metabolically challenging exercise, you have a good chance of spot reducing in your trouble areas.

But it’s really important to include that metabolically challenging exercise that raises your metabolism. I mean you are not just going to do donkey kicks or sit-ups for one specific body part and expect to magically improve that area. But when you pair it with hard work and heart pounding metabolism raising exercise, you have a good chance.

Allow me to share this back fat blasting workout for you.

5 Exercises that Target Back Fat

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

You are going to set your timer for 30 seconds of work with a 10-second transition. We have got a couple of exercises and you are going to go through the round 3 times. I am going to go through the exercises with you explaining how to do them. I won’t have myself on the timer but you can make notes and then go do it yourself.

#1 – Wall Sit

When you are doing a wall sit you are going to be feeling the quads and you are going to squeeze the knees together.

Wall Sit1 5 Exercises that Target Back Fat

Wall Sit

Imagine you have a bowl of soup in your lap and you don’t want the soup to spill on to your toes.

#2 – Stick Up

And then you are going to do this Stick Up. Now this does not look like much but what you are doing is you are squeezing that upper back and imagine pushing that wall away.

Stick Up 5 Exercises that Target Back Fat

Stick Up

The Stick Up looks easy but it really is tough to do and it’s great for opening up that chest. You are going to do that for 30 seconds.

#3 – Dumbbell Row

You are going to grab your dumbbell and you are going to use your weak arm first and you are going to do a Dumbbell Row. Brace yourself on one leg with a hand or the elbow, flat back and pull that dumb bell up towards the ribs.

Dumbbell Row 5 Exercises that Target Back Fat

Dumbbell Row

What is important is the bottom of the movement here. I don’t want you to let that arm fall under the socket. You are really going to set that shoulder and pull that shoulder blade in toward the spine. You are doing your weak hand first. For me, that would be the left and then you are going to directly follow that with your strong arm. Count how many reps you get on one side and of course you are going to match in on the other.

#4 – Squat Jumps / Full Body Extension

Those are the first 3 exercises. It’s time to raise that metabolism. You are going to do Squat Jumps for 30 seconds.

Squat Jumps 5 Exercises that Target Back Fat

Squat Jumps

Now if the impact is not a good idea for you or causes knee pain, do a Full Body Extension. But make sure you keep that heart rate up by keeping the speed up. So you can come all the way up on to the toes, fully extend and then a quarter squat.

Full Body Extension 5 Exercises that Target Back Fat

Full Body Extension

If you are doing a squat jump, do the jump with soft landing but don’t forget the squat. I want you to come down as low as you can intensify by touching the toes at the bottom of the movement.

#5 – Plank

Now for a little recovery we are going to do a Plank. Now I often use a plank as a recovery but what I want you to think about is a hard style plank where you are actually engaging through your lats. You are going to get into that plank position and you are going to actively think about pulling the elbows in towards the ribs, you are going to clench through the glutes, clench the quads and keep those feet about shoulder width apart.

Plank 5 Exercises that Target Back Fat


You might not be able to tell but I am going to really be pulling those elbows in actively towards my ribs and I am going to be holding that for 30 seconds and that is going to be engaging my back as well.

After that going right back to the top: Wall Sit, Stick Up, DumbBell Row, Squat Jump, Plank – again and repeat that two more times. It’s a great little 10-minute circuit. You are going to hit your upper back. What is great about hitting the upper back is it also helps your posture and so keeping those shoulder blades down and back you are going to look like your waist is thinning and you are going to look super fit. You are going to feel awesome. Give that a try!

Shawna Kaminski

P.S. – If you liked the above workout, then check out more like it, here.


An AWESOME Fall Tradition


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

I moved the family up to Kelowna in the summer and in September my dad and mom followed us up to Kelowna as well.

It is great to have them here and awesome that they get a chance to spend more time with the kids.

One other benefit is I get more of my mom’s cooking.

One of my favorite dishes is a fall tradition and it’s this:

Croatian Plum Dumplings An AWESOME Fall TraditionThey are called – “Knedle s Sljivama” or Croatian Plum Dumplings. (You can check out the recipe, here)

They are amazing!

Since it is fall and the time of year when plums are perfectly ripe. I love plums as a snack but when they are turned into dumplings, they are heaven.

I hope you have some fall traditions and foods that you enjoy. If you do, let me know about them over here.

Now I wanted to give a shout out to Ed Rust. Ed posted this on the Exercises For Injuries Facebook Fan Page:

Ed Rust and Fix My Shoulder Pain An AWESOME Fall Tradition

Very awesome to help Ed overcome his shoulder pain and help him set two new records.

If any of my writing, videos or products have helped you overcome come injury or pain, please let me know over here at the EFI fan page.

One last thing, Where do you workout?

I have been workout out more and more at home, here is my gym…

Workout Room An AWESOME Fall Tradition

We have  a big “Great Room” that is under the garage. Kids have their toys in most of it but I have a 6×6 space where I can do my workouts. I don’t need much room to jump rope, swing the kettlebell or do bodyweight exercises.

Now where do you workout? Post up your photo, here.

That’s it, have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Yes, I have been using the word “Awesome” a lot of late. My kids are really into Lego and the Lego movie so all I hear every day is “Everything is Awesome.”

(I know, now that song is stuck in your head.)



How to Fend Off Energy Vampires


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

I hope you enjoyed, part 1.

Today, I have the second part of my interview with Yuri Elkaim on Maximizing Your Energy.

How to Fend Off Energy Vampires with Yuri Elkaim and Rick Kaselj

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

In the above interview, you will discover:

  • What can you do about having too much sugar in your smoothie?
  • A simple healthy smoothie recipe that any one can do
  • What is an Energy Vampire?
  • What is the biggest Energy Vampire!
  • The gland that the #1 Energy Vampire damages
  • What are the disadvantages of having high gluten consumption
  • Tips on how else you can increase your energy other than food consumption (and it cost no money)
  • The best kind of writing that you can do to increase your energy
  • Yuri’s best advice when it comes to maximizing your energy

I hope you enjoy the interview.

If you would like more information on Yuri Elkaim and ways to maximize your energy, then check out Yuri’s new book, The All-Day Energy Diet, here:

The All Day Energy Diet Yuri Elkaim How to Fend Off Energy Vampires

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did.

Now If you know of someone that would be great to interview, please do email and let me know.

Take care and have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

How The Acidity of Your Blood Affects Your Health


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Hey, I am back.

Today, I have an interview for you with Yuri Elkaim on blood acidity.

I have never though about how the acidity of my blood could affect my health. Yuri explains why you need to know your blood acidity and what you can do if it is too high.

Yuri and I go into more details here…..

How The Acidity of Your Blood Affects Your Health with Yuri Elkaim and Rick Kaselj Interview

CLICK HERE to watch the interview on YouTube.

In the above interview, you will discover:

  • Who is Yuri Elkaim?
  • Details on his new book ~ All-Day Energy Diet
  • Why pH in the blood is important!
  • What causes blood acidity?
  • How to check our body’s PH level
  • What affects the body’s PH level
  • What is PRAL and how to calculate it
  • What are the symptoms of having high blood acidity
  • What are the benefits of an alkaline diet
  • How a balanced pH helps athletes recover

I hope you enjoy the interview.

If you would like more information on Yuri Elkaim, you can visit him here .

The All Day Energy Diet Yuri Elkaim How The Acidity of Your Blood Affects Your Health

Awesome interview, eh!

I know, it was great.

Now, if you know of someone that would be great to interview, please do email it to them.

Plus, if there is someone that you would like me to interview, let me know.

Ok, take care and have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Now this is part 1 of the interview. I will be back tomorrow with part 2. It is about vampires. It will be great.


Quick Hotel Room Workout


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

Today, I got another workout for you.

It is from Shawna Kaminski.

2014 09 16 09 03 06 1024x659 Quick Hotel Room Workout

Shawna was one of the 40 fitness professionals that was at the mastermind meetings in Las Vegas last week.

While we were at our meetings, we go chatting about workouting while traveling and one things she uses to get an intense and quick workout is a jump rope. 

I asked if she could share a workout and she said, yes. 

Enjoy the workout and talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey, I’m Shawna K. from ChallengeWorkouts.com. I am actually here in Vegas and I am with my good friend Rick Kaselj and we are here for a mastermind meeting. We stepped out of the meeting because I wanted to share with Rick’s readers, viewers and fans the benefits of jump rope and a quick workout that you can do.

Quick Hotel Room Workout with Shawna Kaminski

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I do not enjoy running. Actually, I do but my knees don’t enjoy running It gives me knee pain. But I really enjoy the jump rope and one reason that the jump rope is friendly for your knees. One way jump rope relives stress on your joint is if you do the double jump you are taking your bodyweight on both feet instead of on one so it is much easier on your joints.

double jump Quick Hotel Room Workout

Double Jump Rope

Remember, you only jump like a quarter inch to get over that rope so there’s really not much impact compared to running. That is one reason that I love jump rope..

The other reason is jump rope can be super intense. You could run for half an hour but I dare you to try and jump rope for half an hour, it’s a much more intense workout.

Now, I am going to share a little workout with you that I did in my hotel room, just today. It’s a full body workout. It is bodyweight and your jump rope.

Whether you are knee friendly or not, there is a variety of jump rope steps that you can do. You can really just do the double jump. Then you just go down and do some push-ups depending on what level you are at.

#1 – Bodyweight Push-up

Push Up Quick Hotel Room Workout

Push Up

I usually time my workouts. I might do 30 seconds of jump rope and 30 seconds of push-ups or you might push it to a minute of jump rope and 30 seconds of push-ups. I really like the minute of jump rope if you are a little bit more advanced but go with whatever works for you.

#2 – Bodyweight Squat with Jump Rope Overhead

You are going to do the jump rope again and then hold your jump rope over the head and do a bodyweight squat.

Bodyweight Squat with Jump Rope over the head Quick Hotel Room Workout

Bodyweight Squat with Jump Rope over head

What I like about this is that it also going to work that upper back and it helps with that squatting position. It’s almost self-correcting.

If your hands are in front, you know that you are bending at the waist.

Jump Rope in front Quick Hotel Room Workout

Jump Rope in front (wrong)

You try to keep those hands over the top of your head and then you are going to go back to the jump rope.

#3 – Wall Sits and Stick Up

Then you are going to finish up some kind of a double duty. I am going to do a wall sit and I am going to do the wall stick up.

Wall Sit Quick Hotel Room Workout

Wall Sit Up

Wall Stick Up Quick Hotel Room Workout

Wall Stick Up

Trust me this wall stick up does not look like much. What I am trying to do is I am trying to push this wall back behind me so I am really squeezing through that upper back, that’s a really fantastic upper back exercise.

Reviewing the Workout:

  1. Jump rope
  2. Push-up
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Overhead Squat
  5. Jump rope
  6. Wall Sit and Stick Up

Those are 3 bodyweight exercises with jump rope intervals. You are going to go through them 3 to 4 times. I am small so I can jump rope anywhere. You just need maybe a little bit taller ceiling if you are a little bit taller but I love the jump rope even if are not runner friendly.

There you go, enjoy the workout and if you are looking for more jump rope workouts, then check out Challenge Jump Rope Workouts, here:

Jump Rope Bundle2 Quick Hotel Room Workout

Shawna Kaminski