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6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

The Dirty Dozen – The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now – Part 2

ecover 166 3 600x315 6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating

In part 1 of this article, 6 scary food additives were discussed: azodicarbonamide, propylene glycol, saccharin, red #40, sodium nitrate and potassium bromate. Were these food items that you have seen as ingredients in some of the foods you are currently eating? Yes, shocking, probably …. but the good news is that knowing about these scary and toxic food substances means that you can NOW do something about them, right? YES, you can! “What can I do?”, you might wonder …. well…. for starters, you could get rid to these food additives from your diet or begin to eliminate foods that contain such food items. Thousands of substances, including man-made substances, are added to the foods and drinks we consume [1]. We NEED to be more aware of what these substances are, especially the MAN-MADE SUBSTANCES.

So, we covered the first 6 scariest food additives in Part 1 of the article. Now, let’s get to the rest of the dirty dozen. Let’s discuss the next 6 scariest additives that you might be EATING right NOW. Do your best to also AVOID these other 6 food additives including artificial coloring and artificial sweeteners:

7. Aspartame. This is another artificial sweetener that is linked to cancer and said to be an excitotoxin. It is known to bring on a bout of headaches or make people dizzy. You may also notice an onset of blurry vision and this could be intermittent too. Hence, it could go unnoticed initially. However, if you consume foods and drinks that contain aspartame and you “suddenly” develop a headache afterwards, this could be as a result of the presence of this artificial sweetener. We should not develop headaches if we consume foods we were meant to naturally eat. If we act “against nature” by consuming substances that act “against nature”, is it possible that that very item or food additive could also be having a parade in our tummy and acting “against nature” in there as well? Just saying …. it seems pretty creepy and scary to me.

Aspartame 6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating

8. Paraben. Do you like moldy foods and drinks? No … well, me neither! Yes, it does seem that this artificial stuff has the purpose of generally keeping the bad things away, including mold, bacteria, spoilage, etc. However, again I ask you my friend – at WHAT COST to our health do we decide to consume these artificial additives. Parabens actually stops the mold from forming and thus, keeps the food looking and possibly feeling and tasting fresher longer. Yes … initially, this may seem quite desirable. However, hold that thought and ponder …. just for a moment. Actually, the more I think about it, the more it CREEPS ME OUT!! Of course, there is a cancer-theme we see with most of these additives and yes, there have been linkages between parabens and the occurrence of breast cancer [2].

9. Carnauba Wax. Again, the name speaks for itself. It does not feel like something we should be CONSUMING, especially knowing the forms that wax can take. With a little heat and warmth, wax melts and flows or looks shiny and attractive. However, when cooled down, wax can become solid and potentially obstructive as well. Hence, IMAGINE this cool wax embedded in that shiny food product. It looks quite attractive when you see the food, right? Yes, but the problem begins when this wax sticks to your tummy and intestinal walls. There are also linkages between Carnauba wax and tumors or the occurrence of cancer as well. What are examples of products that you may find using Carnauba wax as an ingredient? Chewing gum is a big culprit and the wax helps to solidify the coating on the chewing gum plus give it a nice shiny finish.

Carnauba wax 6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating

10. Enriched Flour. This makes me cringe as well because in can be EVERYWHERE. I mean, it looks like flour and feels like flour. However, it’s not naturally-occurring. No, it’s ENRICHED flour. Do tell why this flour would need to be enriched? Sometimes, the answers are right in front of us but we don’t notice or stop to consider the facts. I have one word you need to consider and constantly remind yourself of … and the word is PROCESSING. This activity occurs when food items are transformed from one state or form to another. When you see the words “enriched flour” on the label of any food product, you may think that this is always GOOD for you, right? Not RIGHT! WRONG!! The enriched flour does not always mean that you are getting good stuff. Actually, during the processing of these types of “enriched” flours, most of the nutritional compositions of the grains from which these flours are processed have been washed away, leaving the residual flour completely or almost completely depleted of its natural nutritional base. What a terrible idea! With about 65% of American adults overweight [3], we can imagine what part flour played in this bleak picture.

Enriched bread flour cornmeal rice and pasta 6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating

11. Sucralose. This is another artificial food sweetener and it may be more commonly known to many as Splenda. It may be used to provide sweetness for foods and drinks including pastries, other sorts of baked products, beverages, sodas, coffee, iced-tea and much more. Two things that some food producers and marketers try to sell to consumers is convenience and reduced calorie count. So, marketing sucralose as a reduced calorie sugar alternative is one way that consumers may be attracted to this substance. However, there can be a price to pay when using or consuming artificial sweeteners like sucralose. As much as is possible, do not consume overly processed food items and drinks because you get little or no nutritional rewards for doing so and some of these sugar alternatives are used to process these items. So, you end up with calorie-dense food or drink items and foods or drinks high in additions such as sucralose. Basically, all the calories in this food item are from sugar and mainly provide no nutritional value [4]. Calories from sugar do not do much for your health.

12. Caramel Coloring. This is a food coloring that may be found in foods and drinks that are in your KITCHEN right now!! It is a very popular food coloring with wide applicability including in foods like breads and other baked goods. Also, you could see caramel coloring being used in drinks like sodas. If you think about that RICH, BROWNISH color that certain foods and drinks have, you are probably realizing that indeed these items may not have their natural or unprocessed colors. Food and drink marketers typically spend significant effort in making their foods and drink look appealing and attractive. One method of doing this includes using attractive or “more pleasant” coloring. For example, if a drink looks deadly or pale brown and lacks any desirability, there is the increased likelihood that the drink will not do well in the marketplace. Hence, food and drink marketers are able to turn the tables around by using this artificial coloring. Yes, lots of changes can occur before a food item or drink ends up in your home, kitchen or fridge!!

Caramel Color in cola 6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating

To recap, let’s list the dirty dozen food additives, colorings and sweeteners that we have mentioned and discussed. These 12 scary and toxic food items are: azodicarbonamide, propylene glycol, saccharin, red #40, sodium nitrate, potassium bromate, aspartame, paraben, Camauba wax, enriched flour, sucralose and caramel coloring. Now, if you are not careful regarding the items you consume, you shouldn’t expect that others will be there to always help you or keep you out of harm’s way. BUT …. I am on your side … and I think that the more informed you are about these very scary additions to your foods and drinks, the more conscious you’ll be about what you’re eating and drinking. Listen, it can add up over time … those seemingly minute or seemingly insignificant quantities of these food additives, artificial colorings and artificial sweeteners that we consume over time CAN ADD UP and eventually begin to manifest in ways we may not like.

You may have noticed the carcinogen and cancer related themes that kept creeping up with many of these substances. Some of the additives are certainly not hidden and can appear on the list of ingredients of the food item or drink. Thus, one thing you could do is take the time to read the food or drink label PROPERLY, especially the list of ingredients. This could help you filter out items that you should NOT be buying or consuming. You can also learn more about toxic foods and the dark side of nutrition labels [5]. The more processed the foods and drinks you are consuming are, the more likely that you’ll be consuming one of these terrible and scary food additives.

Want to learn more about what companies add to our food that is dangerous then check out 101 Toxic Food Ingredients They Never Told You About, here:

New TruthAbout Collage r1 6 Ingredients to Avoid Eating

Rick Kaselj, MS

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The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

The Dirty Dozen – The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now – Part 1

ecover 166 3 600x315 The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now

Do you know what you’re eating or drinking?

Many food products you see and some that you probably eat contain food additives!

Why should you care? Well, one reason you should care is the fact that some of these food additives could be dangerous to your health. Ahhh …. just because it’s called a FOOD additive doesn’t mean that these additives are found only in foods. These additives can be found in DRINKS too. So, just be aware that we are talking about ingredients that could be found in BOTH foods and drinks! Even, scarier, right!! Indeed, there could be some scary food additives that you are eating and DRINKING at this very moment. The World Health Organization has written technical reports on various food additives and some of these additives contain aluminium, silicon and modified starches [1]. This does not sound appetizing, right? No WAY!! These are not items we should be consuming!

Modified food starch 300x255 The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now
Let me tell you about 12 of the really scary (and TOXIC) food additives which you may be consuming. In Part 1 of this article, we’ll discuss 6 of these scary food additives that you should be aware of and in Part 2 of the article, we talk about 6 more food additives that you should also avoid. In the last 50 years, man-made preservatives have become the more common method for holding or preserving food item and this has taken the place of using salts, herbs, boiling, vinegar and refrigeration [2]. There have been various people and groups who have raised awareness regarding the impact that an adequate diet, nutrition and exercise or the lack thereof could have on the body including the absence or occurrence of certain chronic diseases. A thought-provoking quote on the topic is presented below:

“Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” – Mike Adams

The dirty dozen food additives including artificial coloring and artificial sweeteners can be pretty much everywhere and there is a relatively high probability that you have come into contact with at least one of these dirty dozen and scary food additives TODAY, whether you were grabbing a drink or food item from your fridge or buying a meal outside your home. These scary additives can be ANYWHERE! WOW … so much bad news and really depressing stuff about some of the foods that you may really love eating. Indeed, it’s time to be careful or more careful with what you eat or drink. The first 6 scariest food additives in the dirty dozen are:

1. Azodicarbonamide. This name, by itself, is long and scary. No kidding … and things that end with “mide” may also make people quite weary as well. There are concerns regarding the use of azodicarbonamide because there have been some situations where it was linked or closely associated with the occurrence of asthma [3]. Where do you find this food additive? Well, if you see or eat certain brands of bread buns and other food items like bagels, you may pretty much be starring at the azodicarbonamide food additive.

2. Propylene glycol. If you have seen glycol, it typically does not look like something you’d wanna eat. No way!! It may seem thick and slimy. Certainly not something you want settling in your tummy. So, why do food producers include this item in our foods? Well, a property that propylene glycol has is its ability to THICKEN something. You name it … propylene glycol would probably be able to thicken it. You may find this food additive in some of your salad dressings or creams that are used for cooking or to make a sauce. Dairy products may also contain this additive, which may result in the seemingly rich texture and appearance that such products may have.

Layers of glycerine propylene glycol ethylene glycol and water The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now

3. Saccharin. Apart from additives that are added to foods and drinks, there are also artificial colors and artificial sweeteners too. One of these artificial sweeteners you should be aware of is saccharin. When tested on rats, this artificial sweetener was seen cause cancer in the rats. Not a good sign at all, especially for humans. Yes, rats are different from humans. HOWEVER, note that many tests for drugs and other substances are usually conducted on rats and the effects that these substances have on rats should NOT be ignored. Scary, right!!! Yes, indeed. Actually, a connection to the likely carcinogenesis of saccharin in human beings has also been mentioned [4]. So, pay attention to the potential consumption of this artificial sweetener.

4. Red #40. Red #40 is an artificial food color that you need to also avoid. This food color can be sourced from petroleum and SHOULD WE be eating anything from PETROLEUM? NO!!! If we can find petroleum and extract it, this in NO WAY means that we need to eat or consume it as well. It may look harmless and pretty. However, this still DOES NOT mean we need to eat it. Unfortunately, people include these products in foods and because the side-effects may not be immediately obvious or readily apparent, we all assume its fine. NOT SO!!! Down the road, these artificial food colorings could be linked to cancer. Hence, it is best to AVOID the artificial colorings despite the attractive appearance such items may provide.

Strawberry soda The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now

5. Sodium Nitrate. The way that processed meats remain fresh and also seemingly healthy to eat is that these foods are packed with sodium nitrate. This food additive can stop the growth and persistence of bacteria. Great, RIGHT? Well … you guess it …. No, NOT GREAT! While you may be avoiding getting sick from bacteria by eating meats that have been processed with bacteria, the additive that is keeping the bacteria away is not good for the human body. When things are diverted from their natural state, this can lead to trouble! In this case, the use of this additive could be linked to cancer. SO, dear friend …. STAY AWAY from it.

6. Potassium Bromate. Unfortunately, another food additive that has been linked to the occurrence of cancer is potassium bromate. This is found in food items like bread or other foods that are usually made to expand during processing. Potassium bromate is used to cause this expansion. Thus, bakeries could use this food additive to multiply their product, and at whose expense? Unfortunately, food producers are generally not thinking about your best interests. Of course, why should they?!! It’s usually all about the money and profits to be made. Hence, guess who has to look out for you? YOU DO!!! You need to ADVOCATE for yourself by knowing more about what you are eating. Thus, watch the labels of bread and similar foods that list potassium bromate as one of the ingredients.

Potassium bromate by Danny S.   001 1 300x148 The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now

There are toxic additives and there are also toxic artificial colors and toxic artificial sweeteners. Some of these artificial sweeteners were discovered by accident [5]. Can you imagine eating something that was concocted by mere chance and now marketed in a form different from that for which it was originally intended? I don’t know about you, but it certainly does not leave a HAPPY THOUGHT in my mind. All three categories of these additives stuff need to be AVOIDED …. PERIOD!!! Including all these accidental discoveries too! Apart from the dirty dozen, and we have only mentioned the first 6 of these food additives in this part of the article, there are other food additives that also do not come with any good news. Hence, do pay attention to other food additives that may be listed as being contained in the food item or drink.

food label The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now

DON’T BE DISMAYED. You can avoid toxic and scary food ingredients and additives. FIRST, you need to know what these toxic and scary food additives are. Some may be somewhat obvious while others may come as a bit of a surprise. Either way, MAKE SURE that you get rid of these products if you are consuming these toxic food ingredients. Another sure way to stay away from dangerous food additives, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners is to focus on more wholesome, natural foods and less of the PROCESSED stuff. If you consume natural foods that contain one ingredient LIKE as grains, fruits and vegetables or ingredients that are EASY to PRONOUNCE such as coconut oil or cane sugar, your body will love you for it! It’s time to know what you’re putting into your mouth! There are ways to increase you knowledge even further such as learning about 101 toxic food ingredients that you may also not know about [6]. Now, it’s time to learn about 6 other scary food additives that you need to avoid. Let’s take a look at the next section of this discussion – The Dirty Dozen – The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now – Part 2.

Want to learn about the toxic additives in your food then check out 101 Toxic Food Ingredients They Never Told You About here:

New TruthAbout Collage r1 The 12 Scariest Food Additives You’re Eating Right Now

Rick Kaselj, MS

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The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce

Let’s talk about lettuce!

Yes, you know it’s good for you and you are most likely doing something healthy if your meals include this vegetable. But, HOW do you BUY lettuce?

Indeed, let’s talk about the TRUTH regarding the lettuce you buy. I’ve often wondered myself regarding whether I am doing the right thing by purchasing the type of lettuce I buy. There are different ways in which various types of produce and vegetables such as lettuce could be purchased. You may purchase lettuce in various states or forms from the time it is pulled from the ground and these forms include the unwashed and unpackaged form, washed but still unpackaged form and then there is also the washed and packaged or washed and bagged form of lettuce.

What are the pros and cons of either?

Does it REALLY matter? Well, yes …. could does matter. Sometimes, sickness could be traced to a particular form of sold lettuce. For example, in 2013, states in the United States reported the occurrence of parasite cyclospora outbreaks affecting 397 people and spreading to many states [1]. Honestly, lettuce could be infected long before the lettuce is put in bags. However, could bagging make the spread of such outbreaks worse? Hmmm …. ponder on that for a moment.

States Reporting Cyclospora Infections The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce

“BUT, I have been eating one type of purchased lettuce for YEARS and I am still here”, you might say. Indeed, I hear you loud and clear. It is helpful to note that any type of lettuce or salad blend including bagged salads could make people sick if contaminated with various parasites.

However, sometimes, these infections and outbreaks are more prevalent with the bagged variety of lettuce. Why? Well … let’s discuss some information that will be beneficial to you regarding bagged lettuce. The MORE we know about these things, the better equipped we’ll be to keep moving in a healthy direction. So, do we want the good news first or the bad news first. Usually, it is best to deliver the bad news first, so let’s do just that. There are disadvantages regarding bagged lettuce including issues regarding improper washing and the potential of increased bacterial activity on the lettuce while in a bagged state.

Washed lettuce. Really? Well, the advertisements regarding bagged or “ready to eat” lettuce can be quite subjective. In reality, “washed” could mean a variety of things and although some lettuce brands may claim that their products are ready to eat, some of these bags or boxes of washed lettuce might not be washed as well as you think!! While the lettuce producers and packagers may want to provide truly washed and clean lettuce, some lettuce washing plants are just not located in areas where abundant supplies of water exist. Hence, the washing process may be a bit bleak in areas where water is scarce. So, if you think you’re ALWAYS getting clean, washed, bagged lettuce, THINK AGAIN! It might be better to simply buy the non-bagged lettuce and do the washing yourself, at home.

lettuce The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce

Thus, in some cases, I wouldn’t be too quick to believe claims of double or triple-washed lettuce!! NO! NO!! This may not be reality and if the lettuce was washed three times, there is no guarantee that the water used to wash the lettuce three times was of the best quality. If you don’t believe me, let others confirm this as well. Consumer reports also indicate that pre-washed lettuce may not be entirely clean [2]. Still, you could do something about the potential for improper washing of this type of produce. You could wash the lettuce again before you eat it. With bagged lettuce, there is also the potential for bacterial growth. Deaded E. coli outbreaks and infections have been linked to lettuce [3]. Such breakouts of infection typically begin at the farm or source of cultivation of the lettuce. Indeed, when produce and vegetables get contaminated, this could happen right from the farms where the produce grows. However, with bagged or boxed lettuce, the potential for increased bacterial growth could be more profound. Just imagine packaging bacteria in a damp enclosure. Not a pretty sight but perhaps something the naked eyes may not readily notice. However, if observed under a microscope, a multiplying action of the enclosed bacteria may be noticed over time. Thus, this can be a significant DISADVANTAGE for both bagged and boxed lettuce.

What can you DO? Well … luckily, there are ways to avoid distress that could result from INFECTED bagged lettuce. You could MINIMIZE your risk for bacterial infection by seeking lettuce bags or boxes that have been recently packaged. For example, if a bag or box of lettuce is approaching its “best by” date, it may have stayed in the bag or box a little TOO long. Still, this would depend on if the enclosed lettuce had any bacteria on it to begin with. If the bagged or boxed lettuce is entirely clean, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. However, if there was any chance of bacterial infection as the bagging processed occurred, the chances that the enclosed bacteria could multiply are high.

boxed lettuce The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce

On the bright side, these are the advantages of bagged lettuce and you are probably aching for some good news or some validation regarding WHY you purchase bagged lettuce. Some of the reasons bagged lettuce is popular include reduced prep time. CONVINIENCE! Yes, this is probably one of the most popular advantages of purchasing bagged lettuce. It could reduce the time and energy required to prepare the lettuce or get it ready for consumption. So, if it is already purchased in a properly pre-washed and bagged state, you usually do not need to wash it again. Hence, you’re able to benefit from the convenience of taking the purchased bagged lettuce directly from the grocery store or market and placing it on your table for consumption. Neat, right!! Yes, for people who are extremely busy or just too tired to bother with washing the lettuce themselves, it can be quite the TIME SAVER!!! Also, the bagged lettuce is also usually pre-cut as well, saving you more time and energy.

You may also be able to get away with the advantage of reduced likelihood of cross contamination when bagged lettuce is used. If washed properly and ideally, a lettuce packaging plant is less likely to also be washing meat, for example, which incidentally is a common way that cross contamination occurs. In reality, when done properly, bagged or packaged lettuce could provide a sterile enclosure for your vegetables. Yes, it is not impossible for cross contamination to occur with bagged lettuce too, especially if we handle the opened bag or box of lettuce without properly washing our hands. With lettuce that is not bagged, you may be spending time washing and massaging these veggies in a sink but could also risk the possibility of introducing some contaminants as well. Hence, think about food safety, whether you’re consuming lettuce that is not bagged or the bagged variety.

handwashing The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce

Although we’ve discussed some of the advantages and truth regarding bagged lettuce, I have a feeling that the bad stuff we mentioned is still playing back in your mind and you are wondering if you have just been lucky to avoid the bad stuff happening to you. Remember that more GOOD NEWS is that we can still do something about some of the disadvantages of bagged lettuce as mentioned above.

What DO I mean?

Well … if we think about it, we can usually find ways to improve or minimize bad side-effects of certain things and the IDEAS about early consumption of fresher lettuce or re-washing bagged lettuce could go a long way in minimizing risks. The foods that you eat are very important to your energy levels, mental clarity and vitality. Infected or low quality foods could lead to chronic inflammation and possibly pain in your joints and other parts of the body. Typically such inflammation and pain is connected to other types of foods such as those made from man-made trans fats or hydrogenated fats [4]. Thus, it is recommended that you eat foods that make up the superfoods list including vegetables like lettuce [5].

If the lettuce you buy is bagged, then you’ll be glad that you read these TRUTHS about bagged lettuce! Some nasty bacteria and parasites exist such as the parasite cyclospora and you do not want these microorganisms in your body! There is some good news too in terms of possible food regulation activities that could help to promote proper guidelines for food safety, especially for packaged, bagged and boxed produce such as lettuce. There are guidelines and legislature such as the Food Safety Modernization Act -that could specify how foods such as vegetables are produced and stored.

If you are looking for other foods to help you, then you need to check out 101 Superfoods That Stop Your Joint Pain & Inflammation here:

101 Superfoods for Joint Pain The TRUTH About Bagged Lettuce

Rick Kaselj, MS

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WORST Summer Drinks at Starbucks (Plus 3 that are Good)


Filed Under (General) by Rick Kaselj

WORST Summer Drinks at Starbucks (Plus 3 that are Good)


This store could be a delight for many but also possibly a bit confusing for some people. Have you ever been to a cafe or other similar store and wondered what’s GOOD, what’s BAD, what should I order (and why), what big idea should be into or know about? Wouldn’t you like to have some INFORMATION regarding what to order or what you may need to stay away from in terms of calorie count and possibly taste. Yes, people may have different taste preferences, however in terms of your health, the calorie counts and overall nutritional value provided DO NOT LIE!! What we eat and drink can also be linked to obesity and the World Health Organization has acknowledged the increase in obesity over the years and also the fact that 65% of the world’s population are located in countries where people die from being overweight rather than being underweight [1]. Hence, there is a big health concern regarding what we consume, including certain summer drinks at our favourite stores.

overweight WORST Summer Drinks at Starbucks (Plus 3 that are Good)

Thus, sit back and enjoy the information provided regarding the WORST summer drinks at Starbucks and I’ll also throw in information about 3 Starbucks drinks you can try or continue to enjoy. Let’s start with the drinks that may not be quite good for you in terms of calorie count and nutritional value… These are referred to as “the bad”:

1. The High Sugar Drinks. Yep!!! You probably expected this to be an issue.

Well, of course it is!

Drinks that we consume can be appealing because these drinks taste so good. Let’s face it … some of the marketing strategies used to make sure that the drinks taste yummy is the inclusion of high quantities of sugar. Examples of Starbucks drinks high in sugar include some of the he Frappucino drinks. An example is the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with a whooping 480 calories. Quite a pack of calories in this popular summer drink. Well … don’t get me wrong, there could be some better Frappuccino options available with a lot less calories. Another Frapuccino drink you should beware of with its high sugar and also fat content is the Tazo Green Tea Blended Creme Frappuccino which has as much as 430 calories or the Tazo Chai Frappuccino Creme Blend.

No, do not let the GREEN TEA association of the Tazo Frappuccino fool you.

This drink, with it’s tempting green colour as the next hype of summer, can contain as much sugar as a typical can of soda. This is certainly NOT ideal!!! Instead, seek a Tazo Iced Green Tea which contains no calories. Also, drinks that contain syrups are most likely high in sugar as well. Most of these calories are empty calories. Hence, as MUCH as is feasibly, it is BEST to stay away from the drinks that have high sugar content. Others have noted these layered sugar drinks too and referred to them as sugar bombs [2]. In addition to doing nothing for YOUR WAISTLINE, sugar could also be linked to inflammation and chronic pain.

latte WORST Summer Drinks at Starbucks (Plus 3 that are Good)

2. The High Fat Drinks. Just like sugar, there are non-healthy fats which could add calories but no value. Also, there could be incidents of chronic pain and inflammation around the joints from food items like margarine [3] as a result of the trans or hydrogenated fats and if certain Starbucks drinks contain similar unhealthy fats, its best you STAY AWAY from these drinks. These fats are also not forgiving in terms of calorie count. Imagine filing up your recommended daily calorie range with a single drink from Starbucks!!!

No, this is certainly not ideal!

So, stay away from high calorie drinks like the high fat options at Starbucks. Some of these high fat drinks have calories counts that can be comparable with burgers such as a typical Big Mac burger. Incredible, right!!! Indeed, you do not want to be drinking a Big Mac or a double cheeseburger. As another example, the Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino can contain as high as 520 calories and as much as 23 grams of fat! WOW!! Some of these unhealthy drinks have so much fat content that you could actually taste or feel the fat as you sip the drink. I KNOW … not a flattery thought! The gooey contents of some of these high fat drinks may taste good when passing your taste palette but can provide serious health implications when the body digests or tries to digest these food items. So, seek drinks with reduced fat and calorie counts.

3. Drinks With Added Milk. It may make the drink taste creamier. However, drinks with added milk could increase the calorie count of the drink and you REALLY have to think about whether you do need to add in the milk or leave it OUT and possibly have a more nutritious drink. Too much milk could just take you overboard and pushing the recommended calorie guidelines. Some of the summer-themed Frappuccino drinks like the Strawberry Frappuccino drink may be loaded with whipped cream and milk. This is a bad idea as you heap on added calories with no or little nutritional value. If you crave the strawberry flavour of summer, you could ditch this Frappuccino and settle for a rich strawberry smoothie instead. REMEMBER, you’re what you eat and if you pack on the whipped cream in these drinks, you could begin to feel like whipped cream at the end of the day …. sluggish and totally out of sorts.

So, my friend … chose to pack on the nutrients instead with a healthy dose of strawberries, bananas and possibly a touch of protein powder to boost your energy and vitality throughout the day. You get the beautiful berry colour of the Strawberry Frappuccino and a great taste without the hefty load of useless calories!

creamy coffee WORST Summer Drinks at Starbucks (Plus 3 that are Good)

Now, that we have become somewhat overwhelmed with the sugary and high fat or milky drinks mentioned previously, let’s look at “the good”:

  1. Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea. This tea has zero calories. Can you believe it? Good stuff!!! You’ll also notice that alternatives to the low nutrient Frappuccinos include a variety of teas. Thus, keep this option handy when choosing what to order at Starbucks.
  2. Iced Americano Drink. With about 10 calories per drink, the iced Americano Starbucks drink is a divine way to cool down and relax. You get a refreshing drink without the added baggage of unneeded calories. What could be better than that?
  3. Iced Skinny Latte. This drink comes with about 70 calories. What more can I say? Healthier, light and definitely aligned with summer!

Do you know that you can take back your power and control, especially over the not so nutritionally recommended drinks that Starbucks has to offer?

One way to do this is to seek ways to reduce the quantities of sugar, fat and milk that some of these drinks normally contain. Most stores acknowledge that people want HEALTHIER options and make allowances or provisions for this as well by creating drink alternatives. For example, asking for skimmed varieties could reduce the overall calorie count in the drink. Thus, do not be AFRAID to ask for a healthier option of a particular drink. Where such healthier options may not immediately exist, enough people asking for an alternative may provoke the company to actually create one … You have MORE POWER than you think.

So keep seeking those healthier alternatives at STARBUCKS and we’ll probably see additional, healthier drinks introduced on the menu! The healthier the options on the Starbucks menu are, the less likely that your body will suffer from inflammation and other chronic conditions. Being knowledgeable about superfoods that lead to increased overall health [4] could also assist you in making healthier selections when ordering drinks at Starbucks.

skinny coffee WORST Summer Drinks at Starbucks (Plus 3 that are Good)

Summer is a time to have fun and let loose a little …. still it does not mean that we should go overboard with high sugar, high fat or high milk contents. Additional ways to make your Starbuck drink selections healthier include passing on certain ingredients entirely. For example, pass on the whipped cream and do not seek an alternative. Omit the sugar entirely by asking for an unsweetened version of the drink. Yes to non-fat, no whipped cream, no sugar drinks … and your health will most likely thank you for it! Sometimes, the worst drinks for your waistline at Starbucks could actually be considered to be liquefied desserts. NOW …. THINK about this for a minute … doesn’t that put a whole other spin on things when you think about the drinks in this perspective. Hold this though when you’re about to order your next Starbucks summer drink and it might help keep you on the straight and healthy path!

Want to find other ways you can eat healthy while eating superfoods then check out 101 Superfoods That Stop Your Joint Pain & Inflammation here:

101 Superfoods for Joint Pain WORST Summer Drinks at Starbucks (Plus 3 that are Good)
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Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods


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Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods

We all want to look good and let’s admit it, part of looking good includes having a slim or flat tummy.

Yeah right!

Easier said than done!!

True, sometimes, it can be quite the challenge to get that slim waistline and flat stomach. As we age or for some other reasons, the tummy region just seems to want to expand, expand and EXPAND some more! Quite alarming, I know and you are not alone if you are wondering what to do to stop your tummy from expanding. The statistics regarding expanding waistlines and associated conditions such as obesity have been observed or studied and the trend is that millions of people are becoming obese each year [1].

There are also times when we get bloated based on the FOODS that we eat. Yes, what you eat can make your tummy larger. Such bloating could lead to an ever-increasing tummy and this is certainly NOT what you want. When I get or feel bloated, I think about what I just ate or may have consumed recently. You’ll avoid expanding your tummy if you stay away from tummy EXPANDING foods. Here are 7 foods to avoid …

1. Carbonated Drinks. We’re bombarded with carbonated drinks everywhere we turn. Sodas in the drink aisle at grocery stores, for example. But, how do these drinks affect YOUR WAISTLINE? The answer to this question is simple – bubbles! The bubbles in the drinks sit in your tummy and look for a way out. This leads to an expanding tummy. Why do we need bubbles in drinks anyway? Well, the bubbles in fizzy drinks, soda or other carbonated beverages do provide a certain look and feel on the tongue as the drink is consumed. How can you cut down the carbonation in these drinks? Letting the drink sit for a while after opening could let some of the carbonation escape. Also, imagine if you’re consuming a lot of these types of drinks per day. Now, that’s a fast recipe for an ever-expanding tummy!!

soda Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods


2. Sugar-Free Gum and Sugar Substitutes. You know how food marketers sell the idea of something being sugar free? Here’s the trick … the product being advertised may not really be as “free” as specified. While is sugar may have been removed from the food item, it is possible that some other ingredient may have been added into food to compensate for the sugar loss and UNFORTUNATELY, this new addition or sugar substitute could be harmful to the body as well!! There are sugar substitutes such as maltitol and sorbitol which may cause bloating [2]. So, what can you do? Well, you could go natural when seeking alternatives to refined sugars. Natural food items like honey and alternatives like agave could provide sweetness. This could help you AVOID tummy expansion that the artificial sweeteners provide. So, if it says “sugar-free”, you do need to ensure you are not getting ready for an episode of bloating and tummy expansion. Some candies and desserts may also contain large amounts of sugar substitutes and usually you may think that using sugar substitutes is a good thing, right? WRONG!! It may not always be a good thing for your health and waistline!

3. Processed Foods. These types of foods are a big no-no in my book. Really, the problem with processed foods is the large amounts of sodium these foods contain. Sodium can make you BLOAT!! Yes, but it makes the meal tasty TOO, you might say. High amounts of sodium do the body no good! Apart from expanding your tummy, sodium in processed foods can make various parts of your body feel swollen. The salt ATTRACTS water as the body tries to dilute it. In essence, your body is actually trying to sort things out and create a healthy balance when it notices that you have consumed too much salt. Isn’t that funny … well, not really, but I think you get my point. The bloating is keeping your body in balance, but it may not make you look or good as your belly expands!!! So, prevent your body from capturing and retaining more water than it needs. Avoid the BLOAT!! Get rid of or minimize the consumption of processed foods with the associated high sodium content. In addition, people could experience high blood pressure conditions when they consume foods that are high in sodium.

processed foods Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods

4. Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates or ‘carbs’ can leave you feeling stuffed!! Yes, think about it … mashed potatoes, rice, toast and much more. These can be heavy food items that sit in your tummy and may take a while to be digested. Carbs can also come with a high calorie count plus this food item converts to sugar when digested by the body. Eat a big bowl of mashed potatoes and then you feel like there is no more room in your tummy. This bloating sensation may also not occur until after you have consumed too much of these carbs. Thus, stick to the recommended serving amounts for carbohydrates and you should be okay. It can be easier said than done, though. The mountain of carbohydrate possibilities around us, from breakfast to lunch and then on to dinner, makes it harder to stay away from carbs. So, go easy or light when consuming these carbohydrates.

5. Fibre Supplements. Now, what could be wrong about taking fibre supplements? Where this can be an issue is when you take too much fibre or consume a high quantity of fibre supplements. What fibre does in your diet is help with your digestive system and it keeps you functioning normally. Fibre fights constipation and you do certainly do not want to have constipation!! Hence, it’s all about BALANCE, right! Information is powerful … the more you know about these foods, the better prepared you’ll be to either avoid the food altogether or consume it in the right quantities. Fibre in your body looks for water. So, the more fibre you consume, the more water you will be retaining and IN TURN … yes, you guessed it .. the more bloated you’ll be. So, avoid consuming too much fibre and your tummy will be in better shape too.

6. Vegetables that are Cruciferous. If you’ve eaten vegetables lately, you may have noticed that that certain vegetables create gas within the body and result in some amount of bloating. Examples of such vegetables include cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Ahhh … but you may also say …. “I thought veggies were good for me”. Yes, veggies are good for you but certain vegetables can also make you BLOAT! So, what are you to do? Consume wisely, would be my advice. Get your daily servings of vegetables and but do not consume too much to minimize the potential for bloating.

veggies Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods

7. Legumes. Yes, these can include your favorite beans and lentils. Peas in soups or as side dishes can quickly add up to cause bloating after a meal. Legumes can also be an interesting category of food because there may be people who experience no bloating AT ALL after eating legumes. Thus, if you notice that you do not quite have a tolerance for legumes, do not be dismayed. You may be able to gradually build up this tolerance and it would be worth it too because these are healthy foods that you SHOULD be eating. Just be aware of the quantities of legumes you consume.

You do not want an EXPANDING tummy. Actually, nobody does. So, KNOWING what to do about it is a key element to this issue. What should you avoid and why? Some of the foods mentioned above such as legumes and vegetables can ACTUALLY be good for you! Yeah, I know … it may seem a bit contradictory but in reality, just know that too much of some of these recommended foods could be bad for you. In addition to avoiding these foods that EXPAND your tummy, there are ways to relieve bloating that could be affecting your tummy and these bloating relieving foods include citrus fruits, pineapple, garlic, water, yogurt and tea. These foods could help you get rid of unwanted gas.

bloated tummy Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods

There are also other foods that could increase bloating or cause inflammation and chronic joint pain [3]. Bloating around the joints could result in inflammation and pain. The foods that cause bloating and your tummy to expand do so by overwhelming the body and creating unwanted gas and possibly adding some pounds to your waistline as well. Yes, some foods could lead to bloating and joint pain! Keeping abreast of the information regarding superfoods [4] that provide nutrients and health to the body is the way to go. Enjoy a slimmer waist and a tummy that is NOT EXPANDING when you eat these superfoods and keep clear of the tummy expanding foods.

To find out other foods that cause bloating, inflammation and chronic join pain, check out 101 Superfoods here:

101 Superfoods for Joint Pain Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods


Rick Kaselj, MS

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The 6 WORST Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day


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The 6 Worst Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day

Do you eat breakfast every morning?

You may have heard the reference to breakfast being a good way to start the day. TRUE! You can set yourself up right for the rest of the day by consuming a good breakfast. It is possible that you simply considered this to be some old wives tale. Hmmm …. but perhaps there may actually be some truth to this. Doctors at Harvard Medical School conducted a study involving over 1,000 people regarding the consumption of breakfast everyday and the results of the study showed that those who ate breakfast each day were less likely to experience conditions such as problems with blood sugar and also less likely to be obese [1]. With a good, NUTRITIOUS breakfast, you’ll be less likely to overeat during the rest of the day.

So … if you do eat breakfast each morning, that’s great!

However, there are good breakfasts and then there are really bad breakfasts.

Which are you eating?

I do not mean to burst your bubble or spoil your day, but we do need to talk about this!!! How is the breakfast you consume everyday helping your waistline and general health? Do you feel an incredible high while consuming your breakfast but feel down in the dumps minutes later? Do the hunger pangs return within a hour or two after you eat breakfast? This could be happening if you are consuming high-sugar foods and other foods that do MUCH MORE to harm your body than you think. Also, it is ironic that these bad foods have the most calories while containing LITTLE nutrition, if any!! You can take back control of YOUR breakfast and LIFE! How, you ask? Sit back, relax and have an open mind as you review these 6 worst breakfast foods that you may be using to start your day.

doughnuts The 6 WORST Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day

1. Doughnuts and Other Pastries. Yes, these so-called treats can be quite attractive but also so, SO, so bad for you! It is easy to purchase these pastries and usually you do not go into a pastry or similar store to buy just one pastry or doughnut. No, my friend!! If you are not aiming to leave the store with an attractive DOZEN (or more) of these sweet treats under your arm, you probably will settle for any number above one!! Yes, sometimes, these pastries put a spell on us and keep drawing in. I have learnt that denying the attraction is futile, so I admit it and fill myself with the truth regarding these types of foods. What is this truth? These pasties contain high amounts of refined sugar and this is bad for me! And you TOO!! Consuming this type of sugar increases your blood sugar and has many other downsides [2]. Hence, do what I do …. avoid, avoid … AVOID these seemingly harmless pastries and their associated refined sugars! It’s certainly not a good way to start your morning. Seek fruits and less processed sugars instead.

2. Sugary and Brightly Coloured Cereals. These types of cereals are everywhere and I am not joking! Multiple colors, designed to attract people especially kids and the sad news is that these marketing techniques do work and many homes, especially homes with small or big kids own AT LEAST one box of these brightly colored, sugary cereals. Cereal is usually made from carbohydrates and these carbohydrates turn to sugar when digested in the body. Thus, imagine the impact of cereal that is packed with added sugars!! TOO MUCH BAD STUFF!!! Such cereals taste super sweet when you eat them but wait for it …. yes, it is coming …. I am talking about the great dive as your energy level crashes soon after. Basically, you can set yourself up for failure for the rest of the day by not providing your body with the nutrition it needs to start the day PROPERLY. So, DO IT RIGHT! Eat a good breakfast. Also, there can be risks to your health that are associated with certain food colouring or dyes that are used to manufacture various foods [3]. Cereals that are high in fibre and protein can be a better alternative.

bagels The 6 WORST Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day

3. Bagels with Cream and Possibly Much More! There are many types bagels and while the multi-grain variety can be much healthier than the typical processed flour alternative, a major downside for consuming bagels for breakfast is that these foods are usually very high in calories. Yes, you may not be doing badly if you stick to whole grain varieties. However, there is USUALLY the temptation to load these bagels with all kinds of cream cheeses, jams and many other less healthy fixings! Yes, me too … I can be guilty of trying to overdo it with bagels!! There are so many spreads that are available and some of these spreads are high in unhealthy saturated fats. Bagels made from processed flour can have calorie counts of at least 300. So, consider including a rich slathering of cream cheese on top of these 300 calories and the IMPACT this could have to your body and the start of the day. Stick with the low calorie versions and ditch the low-nutrient add-ins.

4. Flavored Non-Dairy Creamer. If a cup of coffee with your favorite flavoured non-dairy creamer is your preferred way to start the day, unfortunately, there is bad news in this area too. “Why?”, you may wonder. Well, I know habits may be difficult to break, but adding non-dairy, flavoured creamers to your coffee or other beverages could expose you to the consumption of trans fats. Such trans fats are may be labelled as hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils and the bottom-line is that these fats are BAD for you and are linked to cardiovascular disease [4]. Some of the flavorings used in these creamers are also artificial with little or no nutritional value. If you do like certain flavors, stick with the natural ingredients. Also, try using a little naturally flavoured milk such as milk flavoured with chocolate or natural vanilla extracts. Even better, drink you coffee black.

bacon The 6 WORST Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day

5. Processed Meat. Perhaps you have not realized that you may be eating processed meats because there are multitudes of ways in which processed meats get introduced into meals. Do you like sausage biscuits or any of the many fast food options that involve some type of sliced meat? Eating processed meats such as sausage, bacon, ham and other typically sliced meats can bring you in contact with SODIUM NITRATES, which are used or inserted into these meats during processing. Unfortunately, nitrates have been linked to certain diseases including cancer [5] and it is recommended that people avoid the consumption of nitrates to reduce their risk of cancer.

6. Packaged or Artificial Breakfast Ideas. There is an increasing trend towards the use of packaged breakfast foods such as packaged pancakes, packaged biscuits and other similar items. Some food manufacturers also market artificial food items such as syrup or jams that are not actually made from REAL FOODS but these substances have been concocted from various artificial blends and made to LOOK and TASTE like the real thing. Don’t be fooled!!! Compounds such as high-fructose syrup and additionally refined sugars are a common component of artificial products. Unfortunately, you get what you buy!! LOW NUTRITION means LOW VALUE to your body!! If you focus on consuming artificial products, you lose the tangible or actual benefits that you should be getting from the real products. Packaged products undergo more processing and can include additives meant to prolong the shelf-life of the products. So, what do we do? We stick to pure ingredients!! Seek out pure honey or maple syrup, for instance. If you want to eat pancakes, try making it from scratch.

Yes, I do understand how life can be quite busy with work, kids and a possible mile-long “to do” list in tow. However, we do need to make time for a good breakfast! The MORE you know, the BETTER prepared you will be to take charge of your life and health. Poor choices in meals, especially meals that you use in starting your day could be lead to inflammation and joint pain [6]. To get rid of inflammation, you can start by avoiding these 6 WORSE breakfast foods. You can also seek healthier anti-inflammatory breakfast ideas or components such as green tea, pistachios and other superfoods [7]. It may seem daunting at first, but GIVE it time … and hopefully your new eating habits will take root and yield a healthier lifestyle, bursting with energy and vitality!

Want to know learn about the superfoods your should be eating for breakfast check out 101 Superfoods That Stop Your Joint Pain & Inflammation here:


101 Superfoods that Stop Your Joint Pain and Inflammation The 6 WORST Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day


Rick Kaselj, MS

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Snatch and Swing Your Partner Workout


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Today, I have a workout for you.

It is a great workout with the kettlebell.

It is a simple workout but effective.

The workout is from Funk Roberts and Chris Lopez.

Enjoy the workout……

Rick Kaselj, MS


THE WORKOUT – Snatch & Swing Your Partner Workout – “On the Minute” Training

20 minutes (you will need 1 kettlebell of equal weight)

PROTOCOL – Set a timer for 20 minutes. When you hit start, perform 8 single-arm kettlebell snatches per side. Rest for the remainder of the minute.

When the timer hits “19:00” use 1 kettlebell and perform 8 reps of Kettlebell Swings. Rest for the remainder of the minute.
Repeat this protocol (alternating between snatches & swings) for the entire 20 minute period.

Hey guys, Chris Lopez here with Funk Roberts.

Today what we are going to focus on is Power Endurance, expose of hip power and that’s where we want to focus on.

  • “On the Minute” Training – Set the timer to 20 minutes. 8 KB Snatches (Per Arm) and 8 Two Arm KB Swings.

We are going 20 minutes straight. What you are going to do is you are going to go “ On the Minute” and we are going to alternate between snatches and swings. You’re going to do 8 reps of snatches on each side when the timer goes start like a double zero. Once the double zero rolls around, you do your 8 snatches on each side. You put your kettlebell down and then you rest for the remainder of that minute whatever that may be, whatever time that may be.

After that, you are going to pick the kettlebell back up. When the timer hits again 0:00, in this case 19 minutes, you are going to do 8 kettlebell swings. Two arm swings nice and explosive really trying to create float in that bell. Now the beauty “On the Minute” stuff is that it rewards you for being explosive. By set 20, you want to be as explosive as you can because the more explosive you are the more rest you get because the faster your reps go. So it rewards you with more rest for being more explosive.

Funk Roberts: Yes, perfect which is the way you want. Hip power man, this is what it is – “hip explosiveness”. In every one of your combat sports whether it’s Judo, whether it’s BJJ, whether it’s Muay Thai, or whether it’s Kickboxing or MMA, these two exercises right here are your bread and butter when it comes to explosiveness. Am I correct?

Chris Lopez: Yes, absolutely!

Funk Roberts: If you implement these weekly and you put it in your training someway somehow workout like this wherein you are implementing these types of exercises into your actual training, you guys are going to absolutely improve your hip explosiveness and power ten folds.

Chris Lopez: Are you ready to go?

Funk Roberts: I am ready to go.

Minutes #1 – 8 Snatches per Arm

Chris Lopez: We’ve got 8 snatches on each side and we are going to focus on explosive hip power the whole way through. I am going to set my timer and we are ready to go.

8 Snatches Right Arm Snatch and Swing Your Partner Workout

8 Snatches (Right Arm)

Snap those hips right up. When you are doing those snatches, you really want to focus on locking outs. To get the good lock out, squeeze your glutes at the top, you want to brace your Abs.

8 Snatches Left Arm Snatch and Swing Your Partner Workout

8 Snatches (Left Arm)

Nice and clean switch there on the snatches. Power those hips through. Keep going. Remember what I was saying before, the more explosive he is, the more rest he gets. So that’s what you get rewarded for.

Funk did 8 snatches on each side and he has got about 25 seconds of rest. In between, I want you to stay fast and loose. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Try to get that heart rate to calm down.

Funk Roberts: It’s really important guys, the recovery time, here. Focus on the recovery, breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I really want you to focus on that.

Minute #2 – 8 Two Arm Swings

Chris Lopez: Here we go, two arm swings for 8 times.

8 Two Arm Swings Snatch and Swing Your Partner Workout

8 Two Arm Swings

As Funk gets through this set he will have a little bit more of recovery because it’s only 8 swings. That’s the beauty of the way we are doing this because even though you got 8 swings you have a lot more recovery but you still have to be explosive with the swings. That’s what you want to think about when you are doing this.

Chris Lopez: How do you feel?

Funk Roberts: I am great. I feel good.

Chris Lopez: Again, inhale in the nose and exhale through the mouth. Control the breathing and control the heart rate.

Funk Roberts: As I was just talking about before it is really important to focus on that recovery because it’s the time between rounds or rest time between your competition or whatever it is, you need to be able to recover. Try to come back to full recovery so you can exert all the energy that you need in the next rounds.

Chris Lopez: Good. You got 10 seconds left and then you are back on snatches.

Minute #3 – 8 Snatches per arm.

What you are really want to do is to focus on creating float in that bell by driving your hips. Your upper body really doesn’t have much to do with it other than finishing at the top. That’s what you want to do. Your hand is going to guide the bell to the top.

Everything else is occurring with your hips. So your hips are responsible for actually lifting that bell and driving it up.

Remember we are doing “On the Minute” Snatches. So every time that clock hits 0:00, that’s when you do work. Fast and loose. Deep breathe in and out. Nice and relax.

Funk Roberts: This is 16 kilograms weight that I am using right now.

Chris Lopez: As far as kettlebell size is concern, use the weight that you can comfortably press for 8 repetitions. Anything that you can comfortable press for 8 repetitions, that’s the ideal size.

Minute #4 – 8 Two Arm Swings

There you go. Good hinge there Funk. Couple of things that you notice with Funk; he has got a vertical shin angle, he is really focusing on floating that bell. He is nice and relaxed in the upper body. The lower body is doing all the work.

Chris Lopez: Fast and loose. How do you feel?

Funk Roberts: I feel great. I feel my heart rate is pumping right now. My muscles are starting to feel the endurance portion of it but I feel good. So we are going to continue doing this, we are not going to bore you through the whole. We want you guys do the work in 20 minutes.

Chris Lopez: Yes, 20 minutes, that’s all you need.

Funk Robert: I am working on it for 4 minutes and I am feeling it. My heart rate is pumping, I am feeling it. So I know that the next few rounds that I do are really going to work on the power endurance.

Chris Lopez: Yeah, right. Power Endurance the whole way through the 20 minutes just focus on being explosive really snapping your hips to get that kettlebell up. Remember that the upper body has very little to do with it. On the snatches, it just about guiding it to the top. On the swings, nothing is happening at all. Keep the elbows relaxed and the shoulders relaxed and you are good to go. Now you are getting both endurance and you are getting hip explosion with this one conditioning workout.

Funk Roberts: Now you guys, it’s your turn to GET IT DONE!

If you are looking for great workouts with the kettlebell that help you get amazing results, then check out Kettlebell Training for Fighters, here:

Kettlebell Training for Fighters 2 Snatch and Swing Your Partner Workout

Funk Roberts and Chris Lopez


Soba Noodle Stir-fry


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This past weekend, we had friends over. 

We started the morning off with a visit to the farmers market, then we took these guys to the dog park:

Dogs Ready For the Dog Park Soba Noodle Stir fry

You can see my big dog on the left, CoCo. He just loves to go to the dog park and play stick in the water.

When we came back, we had soba noodle stir-fry for dinner. It was soooooooo good. 

You can get the recipe here.

Rick Kaselj


A gluten free stir fry that is ready in less than 30 minutes and is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.

Use leftover cooked meats, such as turkey or duck and mix in any vegetables you have available.

Read the label to make sure that the soba noodles don’t contain wheat or use other gluten free noodles. (Ya, gluten is something that is not great for your joints. Do what you can to minimize it or eliminate it.)

If you follow a soy-free diet, omit the soy sauce (try balsamic vinegar as it adds both color and flavor).


Rick Kaselj



Soba Noodle Stir-fry

soba noodle 1024x682 Soba Noodle Stir fry

What you will need:

  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten (optional)
  • 1 (8 oz) packet 100% buckwheat soba noodles
  • Sauce:
  • 1 teaspoon arrowroot powder
  • ½ cup orange juice
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • ½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  • 2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • Stir-fry:
  • 1 ½ tablespoon sesame seed oil, divided
  • 1 skinless chicken breast, diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, finely grated
  • 1 small sweet potato, diced
  • 1 carrot, sliced
  • 1 large zucchini, sliced
  • To serve:
  • ¼ cup scallions, thinly sliced
  • 3 tablespoons cilantro, chopped
  • Salt and black pepper to taste

How to Prepare

  1. Heat ½ tablespoon oil in a small skillet and cook the eggs to an omelet. Shred and set aside.
  2. Cook the noodles according to packet instructions (should be slightly undercooked, or “al dente”. Drain and set aside.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk together arrowroot powder, orange juice, honey, pepper flakes, say sauce and lime juice and set aside.
  4. Heat the remaining 1 tablespoon sesame seed oil in a wok or large heavy bottom skillet and add the diced chicken breast. Cook, stirring occasionally for 3-4 minutes or until browned.
  5. Add garlic and ginger to the wok, stir and add carrots, sweet potato and zucchini. Cook until the vegetables are tender, 3-4 minutes and pour in the arrowroot powder and orange juice mix. Add the shredded egg omelet and cooked soba noodles, toss lightly and remove from heat.
  6. Sprinkle with chopped scallions and cilantro.

Nutrition facts per serving (270 g):

|calories 350| total carbs 61 g| protein 16 g|  total fat 7 g |  sodium 797 mg| cholesterol 13 mg|

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RecipeCover 258x300 Soba Noodle Stir fry


Rick Kaselj, MS