GREAT Exercise For The Back On The Lat Machine

I wanted to go through a quick exercise that you can do with the Lat Pull Down Machine that is great for the back.

Great Exercise For The Back On The Lat Machine


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I had Orsy demonstrate. Grab the bar with your hands about shoulder-width apart. Have a seat, hold that position, and let the weight stack pull up on your shoulders and mid-back in order to decompress your spine. Hold for about 10 seconds, then step out of the machine and let the weight stack come back together.


Lat Pull Down Machine  Exercise

Sitting a lot throughout the day can cause spine to shrink and compress. This compression increases in our lower backs, and we need to relieve that pressure. One way we can do this is with the Lat Pull Down Machine, letting the weight stack of the Lat Pull Down Machine pull our low backs and decompress our lower backs.

A key thing to remember is that it is beneficial for about 95% of people. Approximately 5% of people will not respond well to this.

I encourage you to start off light. Over decompressing your back will cause irritatation, so don’t overdo it.

So there you go. If you’re at the gym, you finish up with the Lat Pull Down Machine exercise and give this decompression exercise a go. Your back will be happy that you are doing it.

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Rick Kaselj, MS