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3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Another thing that I travel with and throw in my back pack carry-on whenever I go to different places to present, to attend a business networking or to take part of conferences is a Mini-Band. It easily fits in my back pack.

Today, I wanted to go through the 3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health.

3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

#1 – External Rotations

I need to figure out a better name than that but it’s just what the movement is done with the shoulder. You are in standing position. Ideally, you are up against the wall but we can’t do it because there is a railing behind us but your head, mid back, and seat are up against the wall.

External Rotations

External Rotations

You start off with your elbows close to your body. Your hands are in and then you are going to contract your shoulder muscles and your mid back muscles and separate the hands and then relax. You are looking at a smooth and controlled movement. Tightening one second, tightening back and relaxing one second. We are really targeting the rotator cuff muscles and those mid back muscles. You have got the wall as your feedback to keep you in good alignment so you are strengthening the muscle in good alignment.

#2 – Arm Reach

It builds on the first one, good alignment, elbows in the body, bring the hands out and then you are going to reach up. Try to bring those elbows to shoulder height and then bring them back down.

Arm Reach

Arm Reach

With this one, we have added more movements. We are challenging the rotator cuff a lot more and then we are working those mid back muscles and those scapular muscles because we have started to add movement in bringing that elbow so it’s in alignment with the shoulder just a touch below.

#3 – Hands Out in Front

Same thing, good alignment, up against the wall, elbows in, bringing the hands apart and then you are just reaching out to about shoulder height, and then coming back to the start. Relaxing, putting tension on the tubing and then reaching out front and coming back.

Hands out in Front

Hands out in Front

There you go, those are the 3 Mini Band Wall Exercises that you do for shoulder health. They are also helping when it comes to recovering from a shoulder injury but they are also good to work for regular shoulder health because shoulder injuries tend to be very common when it comes to people who exercise most prominently in men.

Now when it comes to how often to do these, start off really light and make sure that you get the movement correctly. You might go through like 5 repetitions with light resistance, making sure you get the exercise and movement correctly.

The mini bands are kind of designed more for leg work so there is actually quite a bit of resistance to them especially for the upper body work. I find 5 repetitions being good enough. I would go 5 repetitions, one set of each of the three exercises and that will be good enough because we are hitting that rotator cuff muscle and targeting the mid back with each of the exercises. And with the last two, we are really targeting those scapular muscles or the shoulder blade muscles.

Give those 3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health a go.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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I thought this was Walk exercises for shoulders, not Wall exercises. But I get the value of them. I’m actually going to do them while walking, rather than against a wall. I’ve also been doing the elbow and wrist exercises from your programs while walking or sitting in the car. Thanks


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