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7 Ways to Reduce Hip Pain At Night


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

My Dad is having issues with hip pain at night and he asked me what he could do about it. I gave him seven tips that he could do to eliminate his hip discomfort and I thought it would make a great video and article so I am sharing this to you.

If you know of someone who is suffering from hip pain at night, here are some ways that they can do to overcome that hip pain and get back to a pain free life.


~ Rick


In today’s video, I will show you what to do about hip pain at night.

What To Do About Hip Pain At Night

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I got Andrea to demonstrate.

#1 – Hamstring Massage

Hamstring Massage

Hamstring Massage

Andrea is addressing tension in one of the muscles in the hip area. As we are moving and doing things throughout the day, the tension is building up in the muscles around the hip. This tension pulls the hip, leads to hip pain and going to sleep makes the hip pain even worse.  We need to decrease the tension in the muscles around the hip. Andrea will do the hamstring massage wherein she will use medicine ball or rubberized medicine ball. You can utilize a basketball, a soccer ball or any type of ball that you have. The firmer, the smaller and the denser the ball, the more intense it will be.

#2– IT Band Massage

IT Band Massage

IT Band Massage

The outer part of the hip is oftentimes tight or sensitive in most people. Andrea will roll the ball below the hip to just above the knee where ideally we don’t want to go through the joint when it comes to addressing tension. She will roll the ball up and down looking at 5 repetitions each way so a total of 10. You are looking for a little bit of sensitivity because that means that we are really addressing the tension.

#3– Quadriceps Massage

Quadriceps Massage

Quadriceps Massage

We will work on the front part of the hip, the quadriceps. Andrea will roll the ball above the knee up to just below the hip. You are working through the whole broad part of that muscle, working up and down 5 times so a total of 10. You are looking for a light sensitivity. The more body weight you put through it, the deeper the tension relieving feeling you will have.

#4 – Adductor Massage

Adductor Massage

Adductor Massage

Andrea will lie on her stomach. She has the ball just on the inside of her knee and then she will roll that ball towards the mid-line and then come back out. She will do 5 repetitions so a total of 10. This massage decreases the tension in the inner part of the thigh when it relates to pulling on the hip area.

#5 – Change sleeping position

A lot of my clients say that sleeping on the side is bothering them. If you are lying on your side, all of your weight is on your hip so it worsens your hip pain. If you can change your sleeping position from the side, lie on your back to decrease the stress on the hip joint.

#6 – Use pillows

You can put pillows underneath your hip to elevate it. You can place pillows underneath the curve of your back so you can have support. If there is a gap, the pelvis will tilt down which puts more pressure on the hip. Now if we put something underneath, it puts the pelvis in a better position so there is less stress on the pelvis and hip area. You can put pillows underneath the hip and even underneath the thigh in order to take up some of the weight of the lower body to lessen the pressure happening in the hip joint leading to hip pain.

#7 – Utilize memory mattress topper

The last option is looking at your mattress. Adding some sort of memory foam topper tends to work really well in helping ease hip pain when lying on the side. You can get a foam topper in any major department store.

If you are suffering from any sort of hip discomfort and want to get rid of the soreness once and for all, then check out the Gluteus Medius Exercises program here:

Gluteus Medius Exercises

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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Hi, I have to keep wearing Belt otherwise the back pain increases.



Thx. Excellent ideas to address my hip pain.



Rick Kaselj Reply:

You are welcome, Evelyn!



Thank you, Christine. Go through the exercise on both sides because the other side might also be tight and just give the main side that you are working on a bit of a break.


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