7 Unhealthy Holiday Drinks

Over the holidays, most of us look forward to taking a break from work to enjoy ourselves with family and friends. Holiday parties, family get-togethers, and evenings out are great for securing our social connections, […]

5 Foods You Must Not Eat

Food is a basic necessity to survive. Humans and animals eat food – we all know this. Have you also heard the saying – you are what you eat! – this can be so true […]

5 Vegetables That Are Making You Fat

Did you know that you could be eating something that you thought was good for you, but in reality this food could be making you fat! SHOCKING!  YES!!!  Who wouldn’t be in shock? We all know […]

7 WORST Foods for a Cold

Hey, it’s Rick! I am coming to you from San Jose. I am at an exclusive fitness mastermind meeting where I am learning from many of the best fitness bloggers and YouTubers in the world on how […]

7 Foods that Naturally Satisfy Your Hunger

Happy Sunday from beautiful San Jose! Yesterday’s meeting was amazing. I’ve learned a ton of stuff that I am certain will help me create better articles, emails and videos for you. I know for most […]

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