3 Easy Changes to Improve Your Health

This time I am in New Brunswick at another Mastermind meeting with a whole bunch of fitness professionals.

Instead of dragging them out of the conference room, we are in a cottage in New Brunswick with a beautiful abandoned ferry and some sort of water thing beside us.

We are doing our best to wrap up this video before 9pm because at 9pm everything changes at New Brunswick and the killer mosquitoes come out. It’s unbelievable, you have to run inside.

Today, I have an interview with Yuri Elkaim. We have chatted with Yuri before on EFI. What I wanted to talk to Yuri about 3 Easy Changes to Improve Your Health.

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Rick Kaselj: Yuri, introduce yourself and let us know what are the little things that we can do in the morning to improve our health?

Yuri Elkaim: Yes, my name is Yuri. I grew up in Toronto. I won’t bore you with boring stuff. I am a holistic nutritionist. I’ve been in the industry for 13 years and I have helped over 80,000 people with these various strategies and it’s all about simplicity. That’s what I am all about. It’s all about moderation. I am not fanatical in my approach.

I am going to give you some strategies that I incorporate in my life. For me it’s all about feeling great and having vitality. It starts with what you do in the morning.

Yuri explains the 3 MUST Do Morning Rituals to Improve Your Health, right here.

Quick Change #1

Rick Kaselj: Okay, based on your response I have some few more questions.You suggested lemon juice.

Is there a difference between a real lemon cut in half and squeezing it as opposed to buying lemon juice in a bottle?

Yuri Elkaim: Yes, I don’t know about you but most grocery stores have lemons. I would suggest to get a couple of lemons and keep them in your house.

I would assume that most people have more lemons than lemon juice in their homes. Try to think about being as fresh as possible with your food.

Quick Change #2

Rick Kaselj: Okay. Something that came up a number of times this weekend was about the water people drink and how some people filter their water but along with filtering they look at the PH of their water.

Why is that important? What benefit is there to us if we think about the PH of our water?

Yuri Elkaim: Well water is very important to our bodies. If you think about our body it is roughly about 65% to 70% water. That’s very important because every single cell, in between the cells, the interstitial fluid and blood plasma are all made up of water.

Let’s look at the blood for instance. Our blood needs to be slightly alkaline. If you remember back to science where we learned about the PH scale, 0 is for acidic and 14 will be alkaline. Our blood needs to be at 7.35 which is on the slightly alkaline side while 7 is neutral.

The reason that is important is because when the blood becomes acidic due to our food choices, our red blood cells which carry oxygen begin to stick together.

If you will think about why we are so lethargic and tired all the time and not as healthy as we should be is very elemental. Our cells are not getting enough oxygen. That’s pretty much how cancer develops and pretty much how most disease develops. If we can stop that from happening, we can feel better, we can nourish ourselves with the oxygen that they need to create ATP which is the basic unit of energy.

When the blood is alkaline, our red blood cells are able to move freely and distribute oxygen through their end destination through their cells.

When the blood is acidic, they will stick together because of some things that happen electromagnetically and it becomes very problematic which makes you tired and lethargic.

That’s just a very simple reason why we need to be alkalizing our body through food like green juices and green smoothies but also the water you drink . That’s why the water that we are talking about you can have higher alkaline water which will assist this process. A lot of bottled waters, especially the ones that are owned by Coke and Pepsi, are more on the acidic side, they taste very metallic.

Water is huge. It makes a big difference if you think about what you ingest. I mean if you are drinking water that contains estrogens or trace amount of heavy metals that can become problematic, not tomorrow, but over time because we store all these stuffs unless we are getting rid of it properly.

Quick Change #3

Rick Kaselj: The other question came from talking to you and to your wife. You were talking about the juicing that you guys do and you kind of moved away from doing it every day. You have a new plan. Maybe you can share with us. It’s kind of neat what you are doing.

Yuri Elkaim: The Utopian scenario will be that we juice every single day and you drink fresh juice. But if you got kids and you are busy and you are lazy like I am like most of us are, you don’t want to do that. I figured that it takes me about 30 minutes to make a juice, 1 juice for myself and for my wife, and I said “let’s just see how many juices I can make if I will do this in an hour or in an hour and a half?

And the cool thing was we are both saving financially too because a lot of people say that this stuff is expensive. So here’s what we found out, for a 500ml bottle it is costing us $2.30 to make a green juice and that’s not very expensive if you look at some of the alternatives.

We would buy let’s say $50 worth of produce and I will juice all that in about an hour and 20 minutes but that will give us about 3 days worth of juice, this is about 10 liters. And the beautiful thing about that is ideally you want to drink fresh fruit juice right away because you lose enzymes and you lose some freshness if it sits around.

What we do is we juice it, we bottle it right away, and we keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days, that’s about the life span of that. And the beautiful thing is that when we don’t want to think about what to have for a snack or if you are busy and you don’t want to think about making food, you go to the fridge and you grab a bottle of juice and boom. I just figured it out that spending 30 minutes for making just one juice, I may as well spend twice amount of time to make 10 times amount of juice and have that convenience to just go to the fridge several times in a day to grab one.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. Thank you very much Yuri for your time. Thank you very much exercises for injuries viewers, listeners, and readers. This is Rick Kaselj coming to you from New Brunswick.

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