3 Exercises for Butt Pain

3 Exercises for Butt Pain

I am about to head to the gym for the EFI Summit.

Dean Somerset will be presenting most of the day but I will do one session on self massage and one thing that I will be talking about is butt pain.

If you are going to the EFI Summit, I will go into this in more detail but if you can’t, I have a video for you.

In this video I wanted to go through 3 exercises to help with butt pain. All three of them involve the foam roller.

Enjoy and give them a go…..

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

#1 – Foam Rolling Gluteus Maximus

You are going to sit on the foam roller. Your legs are straight and then you move from the top of your pelvis and then come all the way up until you end up hitting your sit bones or ischial tuberosity and then you come back down and then up again.

Foam Rolling Gluteus Maximus

Foam Rolling Gluteus Maximus

You are working through that meaty part of the glutes, that glute maximus. You are going up and down over the foam roller for about 5 to 10 repetitions in a smooth controlled manner.

#2 – Foam Rolling Gluteus Medius

You are going to move the foam roller so it’s about 45 degrees to your body. You are going to do the exact same thing ad you did in the exercise before. You are going to start off at the sit bone or ischial tuberosity just below it. And then you are going to roll up to just above that pelvis area.

Foam Rolling Gluteus Medius

Foam Rolling Gluteus Medius

You should feel like you are massaging something different from the first one. With the second one, for most people it ends up being a little bit more sensitive.

#3 – Foam Rolling the Piriformis

The foam roller stays at 45 degree to your body. Now we are crossing the leg over and we are rocking or moving around where that ischial tuberosity is, where that sit bone is.

Foam Rolling the Piriformis

Foam Rolling the Piriformis

We are looking to find a sensitive area that we end up working on. And same thing, you are rocking back and forth for 5 to 10 repetitions. It should feel like you are massaging or having a deep massage. It shouldn’t feel like it has screaming pain or like you are irritating the muscle.

There you go. If you are having butt pain, give those exercises a go. We start it with Glute Maximus, loosening it up with the foam rolling. Then we move to Glute Meduis, loosening it up. And then we target the Piriformis muscle that oftentimes is the one that causes butt pain.

If you are looking for a program to help you targeted your gluteus medius, then check out Gluteus Medius Exercise program, here:

Gluteus Medius Exercise

Rick Kaselj, MS