3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health

3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health

One item that I often travel with, whether to present, attend a business networking event, or take part in conferences, is a Mini-Band. It fits easily in my backpack or carry-on.

Today, I wanted to go through 3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health.

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#1 – External Rotations

Ideally, stand up against a wall with your mid-back and seat touching the wall.

External Rotations

External Rotations

Start off with your elbows tucked in close to your body and your hands close together. Contract your shoulder and your mid-back muscles, separate your hands and then relax. Look for a smooth and controlled movement. Hold for one second, tighten your back and then relax for one second. Really target the rotator cuff muscles and those mid-back muscles. The wall provides ‘feedback’ to ensure you stay in good alignment throughout the exercise.

#2 – Arm Reach

This exercise builds upon the first one. While in good alignment with your elbows tucked close to your body, bring your hands out and then reach up. Try to raise your elbows to shoulder height and then lower them back down.

Arm Reach

Arm Reach

With this exercise, we have added more movements. We are challenging the rotator cuff and working those mid-back and scapular muscles.

#3 – Hands Out in Front

Again, stand in good alignment up against the wall with your elbows in. Move your hands apart, reach out to approximately shoulder height, and then lower back to the start. Repeat.

Hands out in Front

Hands out in Front

There you go, those are the 3 Mini Band Wall Exercises that you can do for shoulder health. They help in shoulder injury recovery but are also good for regular shoulder health. Shoulder injuries tend to be very common in people who exercise regularly, predominantly in men.

Start off really light and make sure that you get the movement correct. Go through around 5 repetitions with light resistance, making sure you get the exercise and movement correct.

The mini bands are designed more for leg work, so there is actually quite a bit of resistance. I find 5 repetitions are usually sufficient to hit that rotator cuff muscle and target the mid-back with each of the exercises. And with the last two exercises, we are really targeting that scapular (or shoulder blade) muscles.

Give those 3 Mini Band Wall Exercises for Shoulder Health a go.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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