3-Minute Abs Routine

Okay, I am about to board a plane to Las Vegas.

It sounds like fun but it will mainly be work.

I will have more details for you later.

Okay, today I got a quick workout for you to do and I will be doing it in the hotel room after I check in.

It is from Jason Klein.

Take it away Jason….

Rick Kaselj


3-Minute Abs Routine

Hey what’s up guys!

This is Jason from 180Abs.com. I just wanted to send this workout video over to Rick Kaselj and everybody over at Exercises For Injuries.

I have an awesome 3 Minute ab routine for you.

This routine is going to focus in on global ab targeting. What it is going to do is heat up your entire ab chain which is contrary to lot of the local sit up type exercises that just kill your low back.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

This workout is only 3 minutes and I promise it’s going to be best ab routine you do in the entire year of 2014.

You ready?

We are going to go right into it.

We have got Superman T Holds, Mt. Ab Climber and Prone Iso Ab.

We are going to each of those twice, 30 seconds each, starting with Superman T Holds.

#1 – Superman T Holds

Starting on the belly, going up with the thumbs performing T Holds.

The higher you can get the better. Remember to push the thumbs into the ceiling and squeeze the gluts.


Superman T Holds

The core is the majority of the body. It covers from the chest all the way down to the bottom of the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. We need strength in the whole core area not just the abs.

Now onto…

#2 – Mt. Ab Climber

The Mt Ab Climber is my favorite. My other favorite from all the other ones that are my favorite but this one is my favorite too. (Ha Ha)


Mt. Ab Climber

You are in a plank position and you are bringing the same side knee up to the same side elbow. Alternate back and forth.

Next is the Prone Iso Ab.

#3 – Prone Iso Ab

There is no real transition time between exercises. It’s just 3-minutes straight.


Prone Iso Lab

Here is my question if you feel that you can do these more than one time for 3 minutes, are you pushing hard enough?

If you can do this more than once, this whole little workout, are you pushing hard enough? That’s my question.

If your back sinks because you are tired just got to go to your knees.

That is it! Great job!

If you want to see more exercises like this, then check out The Marine Body, here.

Jason Klein