7 AWESOME Plank Variations

7 AWESOME Plank Variations

If you have been reading EFI or my newsletter, you know that I am a big fan of the plank (Make sure to check out my 14 Point Plank Checklist.).

Today I have a great article and video for you from Dennis Heenan on a few plank variations that you can try out.

The list of why planks are awesome is long and try a few of the below out if you looking for some new twists on a classic exercise.

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Hey, Dennis Heenan here and this video is exclusive for Rick Kaselj and his viewers over at ExercisesForInjuries.com.

Today I am going to show you a few different plank variation exercises that will help build up endurance and build up to doing my 5 minute plank challenge.

7 AWESOME Plank Variations

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This is a serious challenge, it’s 5 minutes of different variations of planks. Let’s start out with the regular plank.

#1 – Regular Plank

It’s  important to make sure you have the form down properly. Start on your elbows face right down front, spread your feet out like you have been doing in a push up, keeping your core tight and your back straight, butt pushed up a little bit in the air. Now take little bit of the tension off the lower back. You don’t want your hips to be sagging, that will put a ton of tension and pain your low back. Make sure to keep your core tight, push the hips a little bit in the air and it will keep great form on that.

Regular PlanksRegular Plank

#2 – Push-Up Plank

From there you progress into a Push-Up Plank which is just right in the push-up position, right there and just holding this. So we are just going to hold right there. Now again you going to start really feeling that in the core, if you keep your hips straight and your back straight and the core tight.

Push Up PlanksPush-Up Plank

Now we are progress into what I call the Outside Mountain Climber, which is in a push up position.

#3 – Outside Mountain Climber

We are just going to bring one knee up at a time. Go at a good speed, that is going to hit your core and your obliques. It is going to really build off the endurance in those shoulders.

Outside Mountain ClimberOutside Mountain Climber

Next the Plank Spiderman Climb.

#4 – Plank Spiderman Climb

It is very similar to that exercise that we just did and that’s going to be in the plank position and then we bring in our knee to the outside each time.

Plank Spiderman ClimbPlank Spiderman Climb

Those are our regular plank variations and now we are going to move into the side plank and one variation that I like using.

#5 – Side Plank with One Variation

The side plank is going to be on our elbow, other hand is right in the air, you are going to lift, trying to keep a straight line with our body right. Now the variation to that, what you can add to that are two different things that you can add or a combination of the two.

Side Plank with One VariationSide Plank with One Variation

The first one is just dropping the hip to the floor and up right there. Just repeat that and you’re going to feel that in the obliques.

The next one is a Reach Through.

#6 – Reach Through

This is an advanced movement and you want to make sure to keep the core tight throughout this entire exercise. We are going to be reaching through as far as we can and up.

Reach ThroughReach Through

I am going to show you that from the back side so you can see what that looks like. So we are going to be right here reaching through as far as we can and up.

Reach Through Flip Side Reach Through Flip Side

If you want to do a combination of the side plank dip and reach through, it would be the dip and the reach through.

#7 – Side Plank Dip & Reach Through

Side Plank Dip and Reach Through

Those are some great plank variation exercises all of which are included in my 5 minute plank variation which you can check out right below this video as well as 27 other goals that you should try to achieve in the remaining months of 2014.These are all goals that each one of you reading or watching this right now can achieve because of the plans that are in place to help you get there.

Thanks so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed those plank exercise variations and I will talk to you soon.

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