3 Minutes To Rapidly Calm the Mind with Adam Michael Brewer – Part 2


We often hear people say, “a healthy mind is a healthy body” This only means that our thoughts affect the quality of our life. Learn how to rapidly calm the mind and achieve a healthier state of mind in the second part of my interview with Adam Michael Brewer.

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In the interview above, you will discover:

  • Steps to rapidly calm the mind & body
  • Health benefits of walking barefoot
  • The healing power of laughter
  • Tips to calm your mind at night
  • His new book on 3 Minute Meditations

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Rick Kaselj, MS

If you cannot watch or listen to the interview above, check out the transcript below. 

Calming Your Mind and Body


Okay. And then what would be the second step people would have to take to calm the mind and body?


This is one that I do regularly, and to me, it would be getting outside, which is getting in nature. Here in California, we have access to the mountains and the ocean and things like that, but even if somebody doesn’t have anything like that, simply just getting outside and taking a walk, being in fresh air is a very powerful tool to calm your mind.

It’s expansive if you think about it because if I’m sitting at home, contemplating and letting things boil and bubble and all these things. I’m in a box, my house or my office or whatever it is, and inside another box, my head, right? I’m so inside in this moment, I’m entrapped in these boxes, and if I can allow myself to say, “Hold on. I need to open up and slow down,”.

The simplest way to do that is to get outside. And even if it’s only like a five-minute walk and while you’re doing that, I certainly recommend, if it’s to try to like to calm down so that you don’t bark back at somebody, leave the cell phone at home so that you’re not still trapped in the matrix and not stuck within the grid where it’s pulling on us where we could also get distracted again. Because that time, if you get outside and take a five to ten-minute walk is about you getting in touch with you where you’re just going, “I just need to decompress right now.”  

But you see the sunshine; look at the trees, feel the breeze and get outside. When you do that, you can open yourself up on many levels to relaxation. So as much as possible, that would be step two for me.

Connecting with the Ground


Awesome. And then one thing I don’t think we do it enough is if you head to the park or your backyard and you lie on the ground, or you lie on the grass or whatever it might be, there’s something about that like fully connecting with the ground. And we don’t do that enough. We’re either sitting, or we might be walking a little bit, or we’re lying in our beds.


I agree. It’s a beautiful thing. And even the other thing, walking hand in hand with that, is just taking your shoes off, walking in the grass, and feeling your bare foot on mother earth. You’re right. It does amazing things. You hit the nail on the head there again, Rick. You’re on it.


(laughing) Like you’re talking about the bare feet, what you’ll notice is the more that you walk around in bare feet like in your house or have socks often and in bare feet, your feet end up responding way better and having a better connection, and you end up having better control of your feet. And that ends up helping your knees, ankles, hips, and back.

Now the thing that ends up throwing it out is if you’re extremely overweight, it affects your feet. But if you’re normal weight and spend more time with your socks off, and you almost increase the stimulation of your feet, that ends up drastically healthier for your lower body.



Yes, sir. That’s right.

Laughter is the Best Medicine


Okay, enough of me chatting now. What would be the third step you recommend for people to do when it comes to calming their minds and body?


In the third step, we were just doing laughter. The old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” I mean, it really is. Our body starts to release toxic chemicals when we go into a state of laughter instead of toxicity. And so again, they’ve also done studies on it where we’ve already talked about how the typical brainwave state is in that beta state, that agitated state. When people laugh, their brain waves go to that alpha state again, where they’re calmer and more relaxed.

Comedies, watching comedic films, you know, sure, most human beings can come up with one comedian that makes them laugh, almost belly laughter to the point of tears. That is so healing for the body and mind to allow yourself to laugh. And so it is something I highly recommend. We can all do more of it. It’s just laughing our way through life. I think we get to a place; I did.

Certainly, back when I found my injuries, everything was so darn serious, and you can see it in my face and feel it in my being. And we just got to remind ourselves of the old saying io “Turn that frown upside down,” where you turn up the corners of your mouth and allow yourself to smile. Yes, maybe, sometimes people have to fake it until they make it, but over time, if you get used to smiling more, it becomes a way of being and calms your mind.

happy-family-using-smartphone_Rapidly Calm the Mind


Yes, you can’t think about anything when you’re laughing. And it reminds you, like my kids, they love America’s Funniest Videos. They love it. I don’t know what it is, but it’s cool they’re watching it, and you can hear them belly laughing, and they have just the cutest laughs.


And that’s priceless to hear a child laugh. Laughing, just expressing joy. I mean, that’s something that sometimes, as adults, we forget to do, and it’s beautiful when you watch a child because they remind us. It’s the reflection, but they remind us of our essence: we have some of that joy. And when you see that you feel the same thing, your body gets this rush feeling of “Oh, my God! It’s just so beautiful”. I’m sure you watch your children, which brings a massive smile to your face.

Enjoy Moments with Kids


Oh, it completely does. You have to stop and enjoy it. Most times, it’s your choice to have kids, and you have to enjoy their journey because they’re a big reflection of you.


You know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree that way, so they’re just mirroring back to you through your example. That’s a great thing to remember as a parent if you happen to be one or anybody out there if kids are imitating. If we want to have them express that joy, the best way to do it is for us to express it, so it makes sense that your children are doing that.



Thank you for the kind words. So we’ve covered our three things, breathing, getting outside, and laughing. I think if people incorporate those within their days, it’ll drastically improve their calmness. Or that chaos is going in their minds or calming their bodies. Because I know it’s something that I end up recommending. When it comes to injuries, many people don’t talk about the muscle tension around that joint.

So you injure yourself, you have pain, you get natural tension around that joint. And whatever you can do to release that tension decreases the light stress on that joint, and breathing ends up helping that, like blowing out the pain. Blowing out the tension around that joint ends up helping when it comes to injury and painful recovery. No one talks about it.

Now, the three things are awesome and actionable. But it is important, and a big thing that I talk about ends up being the breathing side of things. Is there anything else you want to leave people with? Anything that I didn’t ask or tips you want to leave people with?


Yes, we’ll add a bonus. A fourth thing they can do to calm their mind is we talked about actionable things during their day. At night there’s another opportunity to calm our minds. And so often, before we go to bed, many people still have the TV on. Or they’re checking their cell phone, looking at Facebook and Instagram. And being again hyper-stimulated right before they go to sleep. And sleep is essential if we want to get to a place where our days can be productive and immersed in what we’re doing.

So before falling asleep, I personally always recommend turning off the television. Trying to put your cell phone down for at least an hour before you go to bed. And if you can retrain yourself to read a book. Or maybe if you have a family, it’s connection time with your loved ones.

So that you put away the electronic stimulus and the lights that are present with that and allow yourself to be a little calmer just before you sleep, I think you’ll find yourself sleeping better. And it’s sleeping better. You’ll find more of that ability to navigate the waters of the day. That is much more effective and efficient. 

meditating-mature-woman_Rapidly Calm the Mind

Final Word


Yes, definitely. Awesome! So Adam, where can people get more information about you?


Yes, they can do it at my site, which is 3minutemeditations.com, and that’s number three. It’s a new product that I have out there. And they could also look at my site, which is brewerwellness.com. One of those two sites will be able to find a lot of different information about what I have going on.


So thank you very much, Adam, for your time.


Yes. Thank you, Rick.

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