3 No Equipment Exercises You Need to Try TODAY


I am back today with a few exercises that you need to try.

You can do them right now. You don’t need any equipment and you just need a 3 foot by 7 foot space to do them.

Enjoy them and take it away, Kate.

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Here are 3 exercise variations from the new follow-along Fat Loss Accelerators program coming your way.

These are 3 No Equipment Exercises You Need to Try – TODAY.

Okay, so let’s get to them.

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#1 – Sprinting Walkout

You are going to get down into the sprinting start which is down so your right leg’s (back leg) about an inch off the floor. Your hands are going down towards the floor but don’t let your shoulders round. Keep your chest up high. Then you are going to stand, you are going to walk your hands out, drive that right knee to your left elbow. You are going to walk your hands back up, hinging on your left hip to standing, bring this right knee up to your chest and then back down to the sprinting start. (You can see a video demo, here.)


Sprinting Walkout

#2a – One Legged Romanian Deadlift with T-Squeeze

We’ve got a one legged RDL (Romanian Deadlift).

You might think you need weights to do this but you can do some cool bodyweight variations.

I have got two variations of this move that you can try.

You are going to do the regular one legged RDL.

Now you can add in a T-Squeeze to really hit your upper back and your posture muscles.

One Legged Romanian Deadlift with T-Squeeze

One Legged Romanian Deadlift with T-Squeeze

#2b – One Legged Romanian Deadlift into a Curtsy Squat

Then the other variation that you can add to that is by going straight into the curtsy squat.

Key thing to remember is you are pointing your toe out and driving that foot back, keeping all the weight here in your left leg (front leg). You are going to feel that right in your glute in the front leg and then you can go back to that Romanian Dead Lift.

You are heating up those sexy muscles in the back.

One Legged Romanian Deadlift to a Courtesy Squat

One Legged Romanian Deadlift into a Curtsy Squat

#3 – T-Rotation Burpee

Alright, Number Three, we have a T-Rotation Burpee.

What you are going to do is you are going to put your hands down on the floor, you kick your feet back and then you rotate up into a T. Again you are opening up that chest, you are rotating the trunk, standing up and then jump up into the air.

T-Rotation Burpee

T-Rotation Burpee

With this one, you are hitting your obliques but also you hit different planes of motion.

What I try to encourage people to do is to move in different planes. Everyone seems to stay in one plane (forward and backwards) but by going into the transverse you are using more of these rotational muscles that tend to be imbalanced.

There you go.

Give those 3 No Equipment Exercises a go!

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