How to Foam Roll Your Sartorius Muscle


I am a big fan of foam rolling.

It has so many amazing benefits.

I wanted to go through foam rolling one of the thigh muscles that is often overlooked.

That is the sartorius muscle.

The sartorius is a muscle in the thigh that crosses the hip and the knee so it has an effect on the hip and the knee.

How to Foam Roll Your Sartorius Muscle

Main functions of Sartorius are:

  • Hip flexion which is bringing the knee up
  • Knee flexion which is bending the knee

Secondary functions of Sartorius are:

  • Rotating the thigh out or externally rotating the hip
  • Bringing the thigh out to the side or abducting the hip 

A lot of times what people focus in on when foam rolling are the thigh muscles like rectus femoris, the quadriceps, and on the psoas muscle but they ignore the sartorius muscle.

I wanted to go through a foam rolling exercise that targets the sartorius muscle which is important to prevent muscle imbalances and to overcome knee pain.

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You need a foam roller.

Here, I used a 3 foot foam roller. You don’t need something this long. You can utilize a 1 foot foam roller.

Foam Rolling the Saratorious Muscle

Foam Rolling the Sartorius Muscle

Steps to Foam Roll Your Sartorius Muscle:

  1. Lie on your stomach.
  2. Start foam rolling right up at the top of the hip and roll from the top of the hip to the inside part of the knee. Then, foam roll from inside part of the knee to the front of the thigh back to the top of the hip.
  3. Perform the foam rolling exercise for 5 or 10 times in a slow and controlled manner.

With this exercise, we are following the path of the Sartorius muscle. We are going from the front of the hip to the front of the thigh then rotating the thigh out and going to the inside part of the knee and then back to the starting position.

We are putting medium pressure on the Sartorius with the foam roller following the path of the Sartorius muscle as shown in the picture above.

You might feel sensitive areas right at the top of the hip and down in the thigh. Those are common spots in that sartorius muscles where there could be trigger points or parts of the muscle that need to be worked on when it comes to foam rolling.

Give that a go and let me know how it goes.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS