3 Progressive Cross Training Workouts for You

Today I have three workouts for you, pick the one that is best for you.

There is a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

They are from Tyler Bramlett and highlight his concept of progressive cross-training.

Give one of the workouts ago today.

Hey, what’s up, guys? Tyler here and today I am going to show you a Cross Training Workout using my brand new progressive movement technology that is in the CT-50 System.

Now, before you hear all those words of this crazy mumbo jumbo let me talk to you about why progressive movement technology is so important.

The reason why, and I have done this mistake before, is people oftentimes will do too advanced of a workout for themselves or they will get lazy and they will stick specifically to the beginner version of the workouts and not push themselves beyond. — And in either case, you are not going to get the best results possible.

What you need to do is utilize progressive movement technology to make sure that each exercise progressively gets more difficult in terms of your movement complexity, your speed, your coordination, in order to get you the best results in the long run.

Right here is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced Cross Training Style workout. All you need is the pull-ups on so I’ve got a pair of Gymnastic rings here and a dumbbell or a kettlebell and you can get this workout done in no time flat.

Let’s take you over to the beginner of this workout.

Beginner Cross Training Workout

For the beginner variation of this workout, you are going to set the timer for 10 minutes. You are going to let that timer go for 10 minutes and during those 10 minutes, you can see how many rounds you can do of the following three exercises.

You are going to take a pair of rings or a barbell and put it about waist level so you can do bodyweight rows and you can do 5 reps of the Bodyweight Row.

Bodyweight Row

And then you will do 5 reps of the Touch Jump. This is a burpee without touching the ground. You can just touch the ground with your hand and come back and jump.

Touch Jump

And finally, you will take your dumbbell or kettlebell and do Swings.


Just 5 simple reps of each exercise. You go through this for the entire 10 minutes on this beginner workout. You will see how many times you can go through these 5 Rows, 5 Touch Jumps, and 5 Swings and you record how many times you get it done.

Once you see a significant improvement from where you started to where you are now then you can go on to this next intermediate variation of this exercise.

Intermediate Cross Training Workout

For the intermediate variation of this workout, you are going to utilize this progressive movement technology and make each one of three exercises from the beginner workout slightly more difficult.

We are going to start first by lifting your rings up or using a pull-up bar and doing a Jumping Pull Up to Slow Negative and that’s about a 3-second negative. You are going to grab those rings and you are going to jump up and you count one, two, and three. Do 5 reps of this.

Jumping Pull Up to Slow Negative

Now we will take the Burpees to the next level. You are going to put your hands on the ground, jump backs to a tight plank, glutes tight, and core tight and back up then jump. Do 5 reps of this.

5 Chest to Ground Burpees

We are moving on to One Arm Swings. So same exercise with the last level, you grab your dumbbell or kettlebell, swing it up, and back up. Remember that it’s all about the hips and the core. Do 5 reps of this and then switch to the other hand for 5 reps and bring it down safely.

One Arm Swings

With this intermediate variation, you are going to do the same three exercises: 5 Pull-Ups to Negatives, 5 Burpees without the push-ups, 5 One Arm Swings Right, and 5 One Arm Swings left as many times rounds as you can this time for 12 minutes time up.

Once you see a significant improvement from the first time you did this workout to say 2 or 3 months down the road you are getting way more rounds, way more reps in, then you can move on to this final advanced variation.

Advanced Cross Training Workout

For this last and final variation, this is the advanced version of the workout you just saw. We just saw the beginner and intermediate. Now we are going to take you to the next level.

We are going to do 5 Full Pull-Ups, 5 Full Chest to Ground Burpees, and 5 Full Arm Snatches in Right and Left Arms, you are going to repeat that for 15 minutes this time for as many rounds as you possibly can.

I’ll take one more second to explain why this progressive movement technology is so important if you want to get the best results possible.

Start the advanced workout, grab on to your pull-up bar or pair of rings, and we will start with 5 Pull-Ups. If you guys can’t quite do these pull-ups, it’s okay to use a little bit of mini-kip. Do 5 repetitions.

5 Pull Ups

5 Chest to Ground Burpees this time. Everything comes all the way down to the ground. You press up with your core tight bring yourself up and jump. Do 5 repetitions.

5 Chest to Ground Burpees

And finally, grab that dumbbell or kettlebell and do 5 Full Snatches with your arm all over your head. Again I am pulling it with my hips. Do 5 reps on your right arm and then switch to the left side for 5 reps.

5 Full Snatches

Now repeat that workout — 5 Pull-Ups, 5 Chest to Ground Burpees, 5 Snatches Right, and 5 Snatches Left for as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes. That is the advanced variation of this workout.

As you can see each of the three levels gives progressively more difficult than the last. You have the beginner level which is fairly easy, the intermediate level which becomes harder and increases in length, and the advanced level using advanced exercises and again increasing in length.

The reason why this is so important is that if you are a beginner person doing an advanced workout, you are not going to get the results you want, you can potentially get injured, and ultimately you are going to burn yourself out faster. If you are an advanced person who is stuck in the beginner or intermediate workout, you are not going to get the best results possible from your workouts because you are not simply pushing yourself hard.

And that is exactly why we created the CT-50 System which highlights 5 different levels of progress starting at beginner basic exercises and workouts and going all the way to some of the most advanced hardcore workouts you’ve ever seen, all these in a Cross Training format so you can do them in addition to any type of exercise that you currently enjoy.

If you guys are interested and learn more about Workouts, go ahead and click the links below. Otherwise, enjoy those workouts, and thanks for watching.

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