3 Tips to Improve Squat Depth

3 Tips to Improve Squat Depth

Hey! What’s up guys! Eric Wong here. My friend Rick Kaselj asked me to do this video for his followers to give you some of the more advanced techniques that I have to help you get deeper into the squat. (If you want to loosen up your hips in the deadlift, check this post out.)

I’m going to show you three different exercises, I’m going to explain the significance of these different exercises and kind of different techniques to use. These again are more advanced techniques but all you guys who are following Rick, you are more advanced people because you are learning from this guy and he knows what he is talking about.

Tip #1 – Contract Relax specifically for the adductors

The first one I’m going to show you is Adductor Contract Relax Stretch.

If your groin is tight , your adductors, it’s going to be tough to get down deep into this squat properly because when you go into the squat, you’ve got to open up the hips.

Deep Squat

You’re going to open those hips out and get the glutes involved, to do that we need to loosen our adductors.

One exercise I love doing here is the Adductor Contract Relax Stretch.

We set-up into a four point stance here. Stick one foot out.

I like this four point stance because you are already in hip flexion so it’s just like being at the bottom of the squat.

From there, make sure that you keep a good posture in the lumbar spine. We always train ourselves into good posture. You just kind of crawl the foot out until you feel a stretch.

Adductor Contract Relax Stretch

Adductor Contract Relax Stretch

It is very important that you focus on externally rotating the hips, turning the knee cap up, and keep the knee a little bit bent. That is going to save you from putting too much stress on the ligaments in the knee especially the medial collateral ligament and medial meniscus.

Once I’m in position, I’m going to push down. I push my foot down and also do the knee.

I am scissoring it together so I am contracting the adductors in both sides for 5 seconds, breathing, relaxing and then relax down. Then often because of that you can go a little bit deeper. You do that 2 or 3 times per leg and that’s going to not only strengthen and lengthen your adductors, the result is it is also going to strengthen them at that range of motion.

Without strength, flexibility is no good — because you can’t get into those ranges of motion and use that range of motions. What happens is the neuromuscular system tells the body “okay I’ve got this length but I can’t use it I have no stability there.” I better tighten those muscles up so that my joints don’t become unstable and no injury is going to happen in my joints. So that’s Technique #1 – Contract Relax specifically for the adductors.

Tip #2 – Avoid the Butt Wink

Now, what we can do as well, you probably heard of Butt Wink. It is when you squat you get down and the tail tucks under the lumbar spine flexes. That’s dangerous especially if you are squatting with any significant loads.

Butt Wink

You got to keep that lumbar spine in neutral when you’re at the bottom.

We can do a similar exercise but instead of this position what I am going to do is I’m going to sit down. After I finish that one leg, stretching out the adductor and doing the last sequence there, I’m going to sit down. I am going to keep good pull posture, knees a little bit bent still focusing on that external hip rotation. Keep the knee cap turned up right there so I don’t hyper-extend the knee causing any joint laxity.

Hamstring Stretch

I’m going to drive the heel to the ground and stretch with the hamstring. The hamstrings are often what is tight that causes the butt wink which pulls the pelvis under (posterior tilt) and flattens out the lumbar spine. Do this for 5 seconds and then relax. I can pull that leg out, slide it out a little further, increase the stretch and then I do that again. Keep breathing. Keep good posture. Drop the hand back. Good posture, nice and tall and then relax so that’s two or three contractors the last sequences there.

Tip #3 – Scour Your Muscles

I’m going to show more of my super advanced secret techniques here and it is what I call Scouring. It is super important for keeping that rotation ability of the hip joint.

The hip joint is a ball and socket which is built to do all types of movements, rotation being one of them and that’s often one of the movements that we lose.

I’ve develop this technique specifically to help my athletes kick better because whenever you throw like a side kick or roundhouse kick you need that rotation in your hip joint but it helps anybody who wants to squat deeper, deadlift better and do any type of lower body exercises.



We can go in the first position or do both positions actually. From here we just rotate that toe up keeping good posture and maintaining the lumbar spine. We just go back and forth and you do 6 repetitions there and then same thing here. You can do it anywhere from 5 to 10 repetitions.

What we are doing is called Scouring because it’s just like a scouring pad when you are cleaning dirty dishes. Food straight on, you’ve been lazy and you have a plate full of leftovers on the counter for a couple of days and now it’s all dry and crusty. That’s what can happen to our hips when we are sitting all day and we are not mobilizing them in different positions that we need and movements that we need, rotation being one of them.

Scouring is like taking up a steel wool and just getting in there and grinding the hip out, opening it up, cleaning up the joint and the joint caps.

Those are three of my powerful techniques for improving length and strength in the hip muscles and improving your hip flexibility and mobility, cleaning up that joint capsule. It’s going to help you a lot so start doing that up and spend 5 to 10 minutes just doing that sequence properly. Take your time with it and after a couple of weeks you’re going to find the huge benefit in your flexibility and your strength in other exercises like squats, deadlifts, and if you’re doing any sports, kicking, even sprinting doing intervals you will be able to open up more and do better with those types of exercises and movements.

If you are looking for a program to help improve your hip flexibility, check out Unlock Your Hip Flexors:

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

I hope you guys enjoy that video.

Again, my name is Eric Wong. This is a video for my buddy Rick Kaselj and all of his people.

I hope you enjoyed it and you put it to work for you. Thanks. I’ll talk to you soon.

Eric Wong