BEST Mobility Exercise to Unlock Your Hips

BEST Mobility Exercise to Unlock Your Hips

What’s up there guys! Eric Wong here.

I got another exercise to help you improve hip flexibility so that they get down deep in the squat, use all those muscles, fire up their metabolism, get stronger, get more powerful, and increase their overall performance.

Little background on me, I’ve spent most of my life training MMA fighters. Most of my training life is training fighters. Performance, strength, power, and speed are very important to my athletes. This exercise is going to help you improve all those different elements.

This is the mobility exercise that I came up with to help my athletes in Jujitsu. It is a perfect warm up for Jujitsu but it is also going to increase strength into the gluteus maximus as well as lengthen into the quads.

Quads get tighter.

This will help to keep them nice and mobile and supple and at the same time it is going to strengthen the glutes on the other side.


What you want to do is you got to bridge on one foot, opposite hand is down on the ground and just get yourself up high and you’re going to drive your knee to the ground. And then you switch driving the knee to the ground each time.

When you do this, it’s really important that you think about actively squeezing the glutes to push your hips up. 

What that does is it is going to increase the stretch into the quads especially the muscle called the Rectus Femoris and that muscle often gets tight in conjunction with the hip as it works as a hip flexor. Loosening that muscle up can help us keep a healthy hip joint while simultaneously strengthening the glutes.

This is really an effective mobility exercise. Try to do it before working out as part of your warm up and it’s going to activate those glutes which go bad from sitting on them all day but at the same time strengthening or lengthening those quads.

That is a great exercise that you can throw into your dynamic mobility warm up. It is going to really work on the length into the quads especially the Rectus Femoris and pay attention to the technique and activate and squeeze your glutes, these are going to wake them up. You will be using them on your squats, your jumps, your lunges and all that stuff. You can get stronger, more fit, and more powerful.

Hope you enjoy that exercise. You can try it out right now. It doesn’t take any equipment. You’ll feel how effective it is and try to use that and you will certainly love it as part of your warm up.

Thank you guys.

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I’ll talk to you soon. See you.

Eric Wong