3 Tweaks to the Squat to Help Your Shoulders

3 Tweaks to the Squat to Help Your Shoulders

What I wanted to go through in this video are 3 Tweaks to the Squat that will help your shoulders to be happy.

I am going to get Orsy to demonstrate them.

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#1 – I’s with a Suspension Trainer Squat

It is a suspension trainer squat but just adding a little bit of a tweak. I am getting Orsy to use a suspension trainer. She is in a “touch down” position or I’s. She is pulling back with her arms and really activating those scapular muscles and then she is going through a squat movement.

Suspension Trainer Squat

Suspension Trainer Squat

We are not really worried much about the squat, but what we are really working are those scapular muscles which tend to be weak in people, which tends to get people to have rounded shoulders so those muscles aren’t working properly.

#2 – Y’s with a Suspension Trainer Squat

We are going through that squat again but now we are in that Y Position with the hands so she is pulling back in that “Y” position. We have changed what load that we are putting on the scapular muscles.

Y Position

Y Position

With this one, we are focusing a little bit more on the lower trapezius.

#3 – T’s with a Suspension Trainer Squat

Then we go through that squat in a ‘T’ Position. With that one we are working more rhomboids, and mid trapezius of the mid-back.

T Position

T Position

The Last Word

If you have a suspension trainer, give that a go, go through that bi-lateral squat. And if you have any shoulder injuries or shoulder pain, give those tweaks a go.

Do the exercise in that touchdown position, pulling back working on those shoulder blade muscles. Then going into that “Y” Position, targeting the lower trapezius more. And then going into that “T” position, targeting that mid trapezius and rhomboids.

All those scapular muscles tend to be weak in people that do a lot of texting, a lot of computer work, a lot of driving, or have a poor posture or shoulder pain.

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