3 No BS Strength Videos

3 No BS Strength Videos

Morning, I got some no BS strength videos for you today.

Yesterday was an incredibly fun day playing in the snow with the kids. It is incredible how many times they can slide down a hill and the thousands of ways that a 3 and 6 year old can go down a hill.

Okay, lets get to the videos.

This is the first one:

How to do a Kettlebell Bent Press

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It is from Logan Christopher. Logan does a lot of crazy strength stuff like juggle flaming kettlebells.

Simple Hip Stabilization Drill

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This second video if from Tyler Bramlett (He has been on EFI before.). Tyler goes through a great and simple bodyweight exercise that you can use to activate your gluteus medius. Give this a go, you can do it right now.

Handstand Walks for Shoulder and Core Strength

CLICK HERE to watch the video on YouTube

This is from Travis Stoetzel (He also have been on EFI before.). In this video, Travis goes through the steps of doing handstand walks. This one is an advanced bodyweight exercise.

This is a great exercise, just walk up as high as you can on the wall, that is what I do.

If you liked these videos, then you will like No BS Strength Secrets Workshop.

It is a full day workshop that they did a few weeks back where they go into detail on various strength concepts and techniques.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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