4 Ancient Herbs that Naturally Erase Stress

4 Ancient Herbs that Naturally Erase Stress

Stress! Yes, we feel it, and sometimes we know when it increases. It’s an emotional and mental state of being. Stress is a condition that can arise due to problems, too much work or pressure, and other reasons too. TRAUMA can cause stress. A LOSS can cause stress. TOO MUCH stress is not a good thing. Hence, you want to make that stress go away or naturally erase stress.

There are different ways to ERASE stress but where possible, seek to erase stress NATURALLY. You can naturally erase stress through the use of herbs. WHAT?! How do herbs relate to stress, you might ask. Yes, herbs can naturally erase stress, and these plants can accomplish this by releasing components that fight stress triggers or symptoms within the body. (Also, check out these 7 Silent Signals You’re Stress.)

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Sure, you may decide to seek other techniques for relieving or erasing stress, BUT where herbs truly win is their ability to supply the body with powerful but natural substances that can gently ease away the stress. Well, what are we waiting for?

Let’s jump in and discover four ancient herbs that naturally erase stress. You may wonder why these herbs are referred to as ‘ancient.’ The simple answer is that these herbs have existed for a long time, decades and centuries, and these herbs have proven their abilities time after time! Now, on to the herbs!

1. Lavender

The first herb we’ll consider is Lavender. This plant has a soothing effect. It relaxes the body by constantly working to stop irritability and wake up the immune system. Did anyone ruffle your feathers today? Did you FEEL the tension beginning to rise just enough to make you feel hot under the collar? Get some LAVENDER and watch your stress fizzle away. Guess what?!! Lavender is used in aromatherapy sessions because it relaxes people.

Lavender also has anti-bacterial properties, and this can come in handy when the source of stress is inflammation from a bacterial infection. There are many ways through which you can reap the benefits of Lavender, including tea, aromatherapy leaves, and essential oils. You can place Lavender in creams, lotions, and sprays. This herb is particularly good at easing away physical aches in the body and tension headaches.

Lavender essential oil Naturally Erase Stress

Yes, you know how these types of strains or pain in the body could worsen a person’s stress. So, RELAX away the stress with INFUSIONS. Yes, infusions gently enter the body as tinctures and eye pillows too. Lavender can also be used to tackle digestive issues, including an upset stomach and gas, or as a sleep aid. It could also calm the respiratory system.

Lavender is useful in treating acute and chronic pain, treating anxiety, modulating moods and improving a person’s emotional state, treating insomnia, and treating some neurological disorders such as epilepsy [1]. WOW!!! There are different ways through which you can benefit from this ancient herb. So, get going today and seek out Lavender to relieve stress. (To learn more about Lavender, have a read of How Adding this Plant to Your Life Will Change Your Life Forever.)

2. Licorice Root

Another herb that should be at the top of your radar is Licorice Root. When stressed, you can use the ancient herb of licorice to calm the body and mind. Licorice creates a balance in the adrenal glands and can also level off spikes in blood sugar levels.

There are licorice teas and tonics that help to erase stress naturally. People say that the licorice plant has been around FOREVER! And they would be right TOO, as this root has links to ancient kingdoms and monarchies in places like Egypt, Greece, and China. The most medicinal part of the licorice plant is the root.

One main thing you’ll notice with licorice root is how it INCREASES YOUR ENERGY! It has compounds that affect the adrenal glands by causing stimulation and excitement. Hence, people add licorice to drinks and foods to make themselves feel good.

So, if you feel down in the dumps or stressed out by something, GUESS WHAT? Licorice root can help! The herb can ease stress and gives you a feeling of well-being. Think about it.

After a long day in the office or a busy day sorting through problems and challenges, you may need help to eliminate the stress built up over the day or WORSE over a couple of days! If so, you can use licorice root in teas, drinks, and foods to enhance your mental state and promote physical vigor. (To learn more about licorice root, have a read of 7 Essentials to a Superfoods Cocktail.) Chronic fatigue occurrences could also be handled by using this herb.

Licorice root sticks

Did you know that licorice roots help fight coughs too? So, in addition to erasing your stress NATURALLY, you could benefit from some pretty good medicinal properties. Also, you can use the medicinal properties of licorice root to treat skin problems like eczema. [2].

It could fight cramping during menstrual cycles, menopause, or episodes of inflammation that may occur due to infections and by-products of stress. Another SWEET part of this news is that licorice root is NATURALLY SWEET, making it quite easy to insert the herb into many food items.

If you didn’t know all this previously about the licorice root plant, you DO now! So, next time you see this herb or see items that contain this herb, such as tea, tonics, cough medicine, and candy, you’ll also be able to think about how the licorice root helps in erasing away stress. Do note that following recommended doses for any licorice product or item you use is important.

3. Hydrilla

Hydrilla is a third ancient herb used to erase stress naturally. The power behind hydrilla is its richness in certain minerals and compounds that are essential to well-building in general. The hydrilla herb contains vitamins like B12. It also has magnesium and calcium.

The herb helps generate or build the body’s blood supply, which is vital when stressed or compromised by your immune system. The great thing about using the hydrilla plant to fight stress is that, just like the other herbs, the stress relief it provides is completely natural.

You can tap into the rejuvenation ability of this herb, and there are hydrilla supplements that help you unleash the power of nature [3]. The B12 vitamin is a vital part of how this herb works. B12 specifically works on the body to reduce anxiety and depression. This uplifting action helps to erase stress naturally. This plant quickly grows and can be found in certain aquatic regions.


4. Polyrachis Ant Extract

The final herb that we’ll discuss which helps to relieve stress is the Polyrachis Ant Extract. This herb, known as the Herb of Kings, also has powerful rejuvenating properties. [4]

These ancient herbs typically have multiple uses in addition to helping to get rid of stress naturally. When a person is stressed, energy may get depleted, and this is where the polyarchies ant extract comes in to regenerate the depleted energy and revitalize the immune system. The ant extract has also been used to tackle degenerative diseases.

There is also an anti-inflammatory and analgesic property that this extract provides. YES! It’s another win-win situation, tackling various factors that could be contributing to stress in one way or another. KICK stress OUT of your life by using this naturally occurring stress eraser!

black cumin Nigella sativa

There are ways to fight burnout, pressures at work, stress, and fatigue. You can use adaptogens which help individuals adapt or become better equipped to handle stressful situations.

A herbal class of these plants is also classified as adaptogens. These adaptogens include Rhodiola, cordyceps, eleuthero, and Schisandra [5]. Yes, these adaptogens have fancy names and ones that you may not be quite familiar with.

However, just like the ancient herbs that have been discussed, these adaptogens help provide anti-stress properties and promote self-defense mechanisms in the body to help you tackle stressful situations and occurrences.

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