7 Essentials to a Superfoods Cocktail

In many parts of the world, people are simply not eating enough vegetables and these foods are essential to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Research has shown that various segments of the world’s population have been found to have nutritional deficiencies related to fruits and vegetables. In some regions, as much as four out of five children are not eating sufficient amounts of vegetables and fruits [1]. Similar reports can be found regarding college students as well and research studies find that in some cases a single serving of vegetables is not part of the daily intake of food by college students [2]. This can be quite alarming given the importance of consuming the right amounts of food categories.

Lack of an adequate diet could also lead to the onset of diseases such as diabetes and as people refrain from following recommended dietary guidelines, there is an increase in the number of people at risk for diseases such as Type 2 diabetes [3]. Recommended dietary guidelines may vary from place to place but typically include reduced intakes of saturated fat, an average of two servings of fruits a day and an average of five servings of vegetables daily. Direct from nature and with no processing or depletion of nutrients through industrial processes, vegetables are considered to be superfoods that help keep the immune system intact while also providing body building nutrients. There could be different reasons why fruits and vegetables are lacking in diets including lack of information or education regarding the nutritional value of these foods. Sometimes, people just simply do not think vegetables taste good. In some cases, people are quite aware of the importance of these foods but may not have the time to purchase or seek out these foods.

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For some people, it can be somewhat inconvenient to consume large amounts of vegetables when these vegetables are presented in their original state. Although colourful and nutritious, vegetables could also be bulky and could be quite the challenge to consume. Despite the low caloric counts that vegetables have, there are immense nutritional benefits that can be obtained when adequate quantities of these superfoods are consumed. To help minimize the bulkiness of vegetables, the nutrients from these foods can be extracted as vegetable juice and when combined with various vegetable juices or blends, you can create a delicious cocktail! Superfood cocktails such as the Athletic Greens Premium Superfood Cocktail [4] enable you easily get your daily servings of vegetables and fruits. There are different constituents of a superfood cocktail and here are 7 essentials that could help you create a powerful cocktail.

#1 – Rosemary Leaf

The rosemary leaf extract is dense in nutrients and is a natural extract that can prevent certain diseases as a result of its naturally-occurring phyto-chemical compounds. There are different health benefits associated with the Rosemary herb and a great advantage is that both fresh and dry leaves from this plant can provide nutrients. Its flavour is distinct and memorable. The herb contains vitamins including Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It is rich in the B-complex vitamins as well. As a superfood, Rosemary contributes significant amounts of calcium, iron potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese. Its flowers have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties [5]. Hence, tap into the powerful power of this ancient herb!


#2 – Dandelion Root

This is another extract that can become a powerful part of vegetable juice cocktails. The irony regarding the dandelion plant is that it is relatively cheap to acquire because it is considered to be a weed in many parts of the world and is readily tossed aside. However, dandelions are rich in nutrients and can provide significant health benefits including calming or restoring the digestive system, cleansing the liver, building the body’s blood supply and treating anaemia, acting as a laxative, treating occurrences of poor appetite, lowering cholesterol and detoxifying the body. The dandelion root is able to provide these benefits as a result of its nutritional composition which includes the A, D, B-complex and C vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, potassium and zinc.

#3 – Shitake Mushroom

The Shitake mushroom is a powerful component of superfoods cocktails. Mushrooms may not look appealing. However, certain mushrooms have properties that protect and aid the body’s immune system. D-Eritadenine or DEA is a component of this type of mushroom that helps to lower cholesterol. These mushrooms are rich in anti-oxidants which are a good way to reduce free radicals in the body. As a source of iron, this plant helps to create a healthy blood supply and fight disease. To aid the inclusion of mushrooms in cocktails, this food can be turned into a power and kept away from moisture until the time when it is ready to be consumed.

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#4 – Carrot

Carrots are very nutritious and apart from the bright orange colour provided by this vegetable, it is a great source of Vitamin A which starts out as beta carotene from the carrot plant. Actually, a medium carrot can provide over 200% of the average recommended daily values. In addition, carrots contain some amounts of calcium and other vitamins such as Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Carrots are also rich in minerals including copper, thiamine and this food can provide a good source of folic acid. Including carrots in your diet could help you reduce risks associated with diseases such as cancer, heart disease and liver problems. The beta-carotene in carrots helps to improve vision and brain health. Another highlight of carrots is its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be an essential part of any superfood cocktail.

#5 – Red Beets

The bright red colour of beets can turn any boring vegetable juice drink into a wonderful and appealing cocktail. Beet roots can have a powerful effect on lowering blood pressure levels. This vegetable with its unique shape, color and taste can be found in many parts of Asia, Europe and North Africa, especially in the form of beet leaves and stalks. The beet root, with its bright red bulbs, became more popular in the ancient Roman era and this is probably the more commonly consumed part of the beet plant in modern times. Still, the beet greens including its leaves and stalks contain valuable juices and nutrients that can be included in superfood cocktails. Apart from lowering blood pressure levels, the powerful beet plant can also provide anti-cancer properties, increase a person’s stamina, provide anti-inflammatory properties, act as a detoxifying agent, provide rich sources of Vitamin C and minerals, provide fibre and it could also help prevent or fight chronic diseases. Do not forget to include beet greens in superfood cocktails as these parts of the beet plant contain many valuable nutrients as well!


#6 – Licorice Root

Licorice root may not be as popular as some of the vegetables that people readily identify. However, this over-looked herb does provide great benefits too! It can serve as a mood booster and this is particularly useful when a person is stressed or working really hard. Other benefits of licorice include relief from ailments and conditions such as ulcers, infection, fatigue, cough, the flu, gout and asthma. The licorice root extract can be combined with other superfoods in a cocktail to provide a multiplied effect of benefits. Its properties include a rich composition of flavonoids and other substances that make it a valuable part of superfood cocktails.

#7 – Green Tea Leaf

You have probably heard about the benefits of green tea and the reference to regions around the world where green tea is a consistent part of the diet with the resulting health success stories associated with this natural herb. Green tea is an anti-oxidant and it releases catechin which has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties as well. Green tea as a daily part of a person’s diet could help boost the immune system and also increase a person’s cardiovascular health. Using green tea as a refreshing drink each morning or as part of a superfoods cocktail can provide immense benefits to a person’s overall health.


The attraction and immense benefit of superfoods cocktails include the purity, vitality and wholesomeness of the individual components of the cocktails and these can include minerals and vitamins that are sourced from whole foods. These vitamins and minerals may include zinc, manganese, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin, C, Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Thiamin, biotin, calcium, chromium, selenium and much more. Cocktails from vegetables can also provide access to alkaline and nutrient-dense superfoods that are in their raw states including a variety of juices such as organic wheatgrass, ginger powder and cherry juice. There can also be opportunities to obtain digestive enzymes and the power of super mushrooms through the use of superfood cocktails. Some of the juices and extracts from vegetables have anti-oxidant properties which also provide immense benefits for the body.

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Rick Kaselj, MS
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