4 Fast and Easy Back Strengthening Workout for Women

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Today, I will share a few back strengthening exercises specifically for women.


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I got Jenna to demonstrate the exercises.

#1 – Bird Dog Exercise

Start in a four-point position, maintaining good alignment with the head, shoulders and hips. Your knees should be hip-width apart. Tighten your abdominal area. Extend your right leg behind you while stretching your left arm forward. Hold this position for a second, and then return to the starting position. Repeat the movements on the opposite side.

Bird Dog Exercise

Bird Dog Exercise

Perform one set of 5 reps on each side in a smooth, controlled movement, with a good stop at the end. The intensity is light. The purpose of this exercise is to target the core area and muscles around your hips and shoulders. If these areas are strong, they will help in strengthening your back and relieving back pain.

#2 – Breaststroke

Lie on your stomach. Activate your midback and low back areas. Lift yourself up as you move your arms out to the side. As you bring your upper body up, bring your legs up, contracting your glutes and hamstrings.



Perform one set of 5 reps in a quick movement with a good stop at the top. The intensity can be light to moderate, depending on how strong you are in the low back and midback areas. This exercise strengthens your low back, midback, glutes and hamstrings areas.

#3 – Rowing Movement

Stand upright with weights in both hands. Bend in your knees and hips. Bring your upper body forward and tighten your abdominal area. Pull your elbows back, just passing the upper body slightly, and then bring your arms back to the front.

Rowing Movement

Rowing Movement

Perform one set of 5 reps in a smooth, controlled movement with a good contraction at the end. The intensity can be light to moderate. This exercise strengthens your core and midback area.

#4 – Back Extensions With a Ball

Lie on the ball. Place your feet against the wall and place your hands up to your sides. Arch your back up and down over the ball.

Back Extensions with a Ball

Back Extension using a Ball

Perform one set of 5 reps in a quick movement with a good stop at the top. You can progress onto 10 reps. The intensity is light to moderate. This exercise targets the midback, low back and glutes areas to strengthen the back.

Give these four exercises a go. These are fast and easy back strengthening exercises that can be added to your workout routine.

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Rick Kaselj, MS