4 Herbs that Help Reverse Aging

Looking great could be as a result of various factors including good nutrition, getting enough rest, exercising appropriately and possibly not working too hard.  You can do a lot for your body by taking good care of it.  This includes watching the things that you consume or put into your body on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  In many ways, it all adds up.  If you begin to take care of yourself, you could get the reward of looking and possibly feeling younger.  Aging can be a natural process.  However, there could be ways to also reverse or decrease the rate of aging.  Rather than indulge in the use of products that contain numerous types of unnatural chemicals or toxins which may also be very harmful to the body, in addition to making you look older than your actual age, it can be best to stick to natural ways to reverse the aging process.


One natural technique that has kept people looking and staying younger than the true age is through the use of herbs.  Herbs are nature’s way to rejuvenate the body including the skin and hair. There are different kinds of herbs which provide a variety of beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  However, there are some herbs that are mainly known for their anti-aging properties and four of these anti-aging herbs – Shilajit, Pine Pollen, Ant Extract and He Shou Wu – are discussed below.

#1 –  Shilajit. 

Found in the Himalayan Mountains and in some regions around India, Shilajit takes the form of a brown and black substance that is known for its anti-aging properties.  There are different ways that this herb may be consumed including in the form of capsules, powder or other types of supplements.  However, how does this herbal substance really work and in what ways does this contribute to the anti-aging process?  One of the ways that Shilajit is able to act as an anti-aging herb is through it anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties.  These anti-oxidant properties tackle the free radicals that have malicious and negative intent on the body.


Sometimes, these free radicals get introduced into the body as a result of the stresses that people experience in the lives on a daily basis.  Free radicals and toxins that help in aging the body could be introduced by illness and infections.  When inflammatory conditions arise, the body may try to fight off the infections and in turn become stressed and drained of energy. Shilajit helps the body’s metabolism and awakens or rejuvenates the cells.  As time passes, aging occurs.  However, this herb is able to arrest and reverse the aging process including the health of the internal organs and glands [1].  Shilajit helps to revitalize the cells and encourage healthy growth.  Known as one of the most powerful anti-aging herbs, you could also consume Shilajit as a tonic or in the form of tea.

#2 – Pine Pollen. 

Pine pollen is simply the yellow pollen dust from the pine tree.  The methylsulfonylmethance (MSM) in Pine Pollen is said to be a core anti-aging component and able to aid the strength of skin, promote the growth of hair, increase the body’s flexibility and also relieve pain [2].  Pine pollen is known for many things including its ability to naturally increase levels of testosterone in the body.  However, apart from this popular reason to consume this herb, there are also other benefits that Pine Pollen provides including strengthening the immune system and balancing the hormone levels.  As an anti-aging herb, Pine Pollen can energize the body and keep it youthful.  This is also similar to the increase of testosterone in the body which provides a youthful sense of well-being in mentality but also physically as well.  People with low testosterone levels feel less energized or unable to live a life full of vitality.  However, the Pine Pollen plant contains naturally occurring testosterone seedbeds and this form the core of its ability to rejuvenate the body and keep you looking and feeling young.

Pine Pollen

There are different species pine trees and not all pine trees have these specialized properties that contribute to anti-aging.   The way that Pine Pollen works in rejuvenating the body is through the provision of an abundance of nutrients and minerals that are good for the body. 

Sometimes, the body goes through hard times and this can cause the aging process to speed up.  However, Pine Pollen can provide nourishment in the form of protein, vitamins and minerals.  It may be hard to imagine that something as seemingly simple as Pine Pollen dust could contain different amino acids including at least seven essential amino acids!  In addition, Pine Pollen also contains vitamins like Vitamin A, the B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and folic acid.  This herb certainly packs a punch with a powerful dose of nutrients that help you reverse the aging process.

 #3 – Ant Extract

Indeed, ant extract may not seem like the most attractive name for something that you could consume to make you look and feel younger.  Ant extracts have been used in traditional medicine as a health food or drink and for treatments of various ailments [3].  An extract from the black ant can have the appearance of a brownish yellow fine powder.  Though prickly, the black ant contains nutrients and it is these nutrients that contribute to its ability to provide anti-aging properties.   Similar to Pine Pollen, ant extract contains amino acids.  The amount of protein in ant extract can also be higher than that found in Pine Pollen.  Ant extract also contains vitamins including the B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.  This powerful extract contains minerals and other nutritional substances including magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and numerous trace elements.  With such an abundance of nutrients, it can be easy to see why ant extract helps to reverse the aging process.

When consumed, the ant extract works to increase immunity against illnesses, help a person get and stay active by increasing endurance, make the body look younger by providing anti-aging properties, act as an analgesic, act as an anti-inflammatory substance and also provide a calming function [4].

#4 – He Shou Wu  

Also known as foti, the He Shou Wu herb is a powerful tonic that is able to provide energy and tackle the problem of kidney deficiency. There can also be linkages between the endocrine glands and conditions associated with increasing age.  There may be various conditions that begin to occur as people get older and using He Shou Wu targets these systems individually with substantial collective improvement in the overall health of the person.  Taking He Shou Wu tonic focuses on vitalizing core systems in the body.  It acts to improve the responses of the body’s immune system.  Plants such as He Shou Wu are identified as having anti-aging properties as a result of its main natural compositions. Constituents of the herb include minerals, phenolic glucosides, lecithin and starch.

He Shou Wu

In addition to reversing the signs of aging, He Shou Wu also has proposed uses that include the prevention of heart disease, enhanced mental function, relief from constipation, tackling greying hair, reducing high cholesterol, providing immune support, fighting insomnia and extending a person’s life span [5].  Apart from reversing aging and making the body healthier, the He Shou Wu herb may be recommended by traditional medicine practitioners for fertility cases or as being able to assist in conceiving a child.

These four herbs are able to provide anti-aging properties which are based mainly on the main constituents of each of the plants.  There could be less natural ways of reversing aging that may be advertised by product marketers regarding products with non-natural, seemingly anti-aging components.  However, a natural anti-aging substance such as naturally occurring herbs provides a powerful and healthier alternative with regards to reversing the aging process.  In some cases, these herbs provide more than one benefit.  For the anti-aging property of these herbs, there can be underlying or foundational properties such as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Herbs could be consumed in various recommended forms such as a certain amount of grams of the raw herb a couple of times a day.  There are also products that contain multiple anti-aging herbs.  For instance, the Phoenix Formula product [6] contains a proprietary blend of all four herbs discussed in this article.  This product provides a powerful combination of Shilajit, Pine Pollen, Ant Extract and He Shou Wu.  The purpose of the product is to rejuvenate and regenerate the body and establish health all around, including physically and mentally.  Each of these powerful herbs brings something special to your body.  Hence, in a combined form, you are getting the very best of all the herbs in one special product.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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