If You Are Sitting Then Do This Stretch

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If you are sitting right now then stop and do this stretch!

It will dramatically help your shoulders and the rest of your body.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Have a seat and place your hands behind your head, drop your head down and roll through the mid back.
  2. Then open up bringing the head back, arching through the back, bringing the elbows back and tightening up in the mid back area, and then relax.


What we are doing is we are targeting three different areas:

  1. Loosening up that mid back area and spine.
  2. Stretching out the front of the shoulder which tends to be tight.
  3. Working on activating those muscles in the mid back area which tend not to work right in people.

I know, it is simple and easy to do.

Do not let the simplicity of the stretch take away from how effective it is.

If you are sitting, take a break and go through this simple exercise. It will dramatically help your posture, your back, neck and shoulders.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

Shoulder Pain Solved