5 REAL Tips On Improving Your Fitness Business, Helping More People and Making More Money – Part 1

5 REAL Tips On Improving Your Fitness Business, Helping More People and Making More Money – Part 1

Hey guys, Luka Hocevar from the Pack Fitness Business and Lifestyle here.

With so much information out there in the fitness marketing and business world, it’s hard to tell which information is real and which is made up (and I’ve been doing this for a long time, believe me, there is a lot made up!).

My cursor always guides me to associate myself and learning from the people that are leading from the front day in and day out and practicing what they preach.

How many times have we said it to ourselves or preached to others that it’s important to be living the life we ask others to lead.

Martin Rooney puts it well: “Don’t ask your clients to do anything that you haven’t done or are willing to do yourself”.

You probably wouldn’t hire a trainer for yourself if they looked out of shape, didn’t see them train, and always noticed they were drinking Coke, eating pizza, and doughnuts.

To be honest, you wouldn’t.

Between Steve and I, we’ve been running our facilities for over 12 years combined. We’ve been training clients even longer and even though our businesses are systemized to where we can leave them to travel the world and knock things off our bucket list, we are still in the trenches daily because we love what we do and understand that you need your finger on the pulse of your business if you want it to grow and be successful over time.

The theory is different than real-world practice and what works.

So here are some real tips that will make your fitness business have a solid foundation, success in the long term, and help you live the life you want and deserve (if you’re looking for shortcuts and magical advice, it doesn’t lie here):

#1 – Be Great At What You Do

There is no escaping it! The foundation is being great at your skill and making sure you stay humble enough to keep learning. Because we wear many hats it means we have to educate ourselves on training, nutrition, mindset, and self-help as well as on the business side since we run fitness businesses (whether you have a facility or not). If you are just starting in the industry then the process of working to be great counts as well. When you get started you’re not going to be the best in your area but your attitude towards becoming just that is what matters!

If you are planning to remove yourself from the business more and you do not want to be at the forefront of it in the future then that is OK, just make sure that your core values of constantly improving carry over to your trainers and team in general.

Do you have educational staff meetings? Do you bring in top coaches to train your staff? Do you support continuing education and take your team to seminars?

Showing everyone that you are constantly getting better so you can better serve your clients is what you should be doing and it is a great marketing and retention strategy at the end of the day (come back from seminars and educate your clients, show them you appreciate them so much that you want to better yourself for them all the time).

Nick Tumminello in-staff training at Vigor Ground

With consistent improvement and learning, make your programs better.

If you are running larger group training such as boot camps then your goal should be to have your boot camps be better quality than surrounding gyms’ training (that is what I shoot for).

Have an orientation where you can teach people what you do and how they need soft tissue work, stretching, and effective dynamic warm-ups as well as screen them through the basic exercises to make sure they are ready for the program. This in itself will differentiate you from the other boot camps.

What do your programs look like? Do they make sense?

As we move into the future of group training, unless you deliver great results, show expertise, and help people move and feel better as well (not hurt them), it will be difficult to stay in business as people are becoming more and more cautious and do their due diligence before picking a place to train.

#2 – Retention and Referrals are Keys to Growing Your Business in the Short AND Long Term

So many people are focused on getting new leads through the door and using all types of marketing “secrets” that they forget that the clients they have are the most important thing. Getting the results, keeping them happy, showing them you appreciate them, and showing them there is no place like your business needs to be a top priority.

The thing is that when you do those things not only will you retain your clients but you will also get the best referrals — and lots of them!

Below is just a small piece from our client retention checklist in our Fitness Business Mix Tape that can help you get on the right track for differentiating your business, making your clients happy, and staying longer while referring more. 

END OF PART 1, watch for part 2.

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