A Story About Brian

A Story About Brian

The most memorable experience of working with someone with an ankle sprain was training Brian.

It all started about three years back, and I was off to the local recreation center to do my regular Thursday afternoon shift. When I got in, I checked to see what was scheduled for the day and noticed I had an appointment with Brian.

Who is Brian?

Brian was a 12-year-old boy who was smaller than the average 12-year-old, but he made up for his lack of size, energy, and drive.

Brian’s mom brought him into the gym. About two weeks before our first appointment, he was playing soccer and sprained his ankle (inversion sprain). He got it checked out by his doctor, who ruled out anything serious. It was a Grade I sprain. He asked his doctor what he could do to maintain his hockey conditioning and rehabilitate his sprained ankle. The doctor recommended coming to see me.

During the Appointment

At our first appointment, I sat down with Brain and got a background on his injury, his fitness level, what made his ankle worse, what made it better, and what his goal was. Plus, I got him to do some movements with his ankle, knee, and hip.

I had the information that I needed. Now the injury workout would begin.

We began with improving the ankle’s movement, strength, stability, and balance using the equipment we had in the gym. After we focused on the ankle, it worked on lower body movements and the upper body. We finished off his session with cardiovascular work.

I always find it very motivating to see someone injured in the gym. It always rings the words in my head, “What is your excuse for not being in the gym?”

Brian had no excuses and a drive to overcome his injury and return to hockey.

Seeing how hard Brian worked on the upright bike while wearing his ankle brace was fantastic.

Before he left, I gave him some homework regarding his ankle, and I would see him again next week.

Every week I would see Brian.

Every week he got better.

He did his ankle sprain exercises at his session and between sessions.

Between our sessions, I would hit the research to see if I was doing things right regarding his injury and if I had all the exercises and components covered for an ankle injury. What I was missing, I would add.

After 4 Weeks of Session

After about four weeks, he was ready to get back on skates and play ice hockey.

I never saw Brian again, but I am sure he is having fun playing hockey and putting in the energy and dedication that he did to his ankle sprain program.

I still have Brain’s program in my office, and I promised myself that one day I would do a complete program on Brain’s program for others to use.

Well, I finally did.

If you want to check out the program that I used with Brian to help him overcome his ankle sprain and get him back to playing hockey, check out Ankle Sprain Solved:

Rick Kaselj, MS

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