5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow Pain

Today, lets talk about elbow pain.

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Today, I have some tips for you from a familiar face on EFI, it is Jedd Johnson.

Jedd is going to give you 5 tips on how you can keep workout your back, even if you have elbow pain.


Rick Kaselj, MS


The exercises I want to show you today is not necessarily how to get bigger back but how to continue to get your back workouts in if you are dealing with elbow pain.

Specifically, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow is an injury that I have dealt with several times in my life.  What I do now  is avoid the things trigger it or make the condition worse.

5 Ways To Do Back Exercises Even If You Have Elbow Pain

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#1 – Recline Rows to Get Your Back and Elbow Ready

Before getting into any pull ups, do a specific warm up for your back and elbow with some recline rows.

Reverse_RowsRecline Rows

These are easy to do and could be set up with a variety of  equipment. They will get you ready for a good solid workout and prepare your elbows for your workout. To avoid elbow pain I rarely do pull ups on normal pull up bar. Instead I use the following tools…

#2 – Use the BackBull

The BackBull hooks and slips over the pull up bar and the handles allow for a more neutral grip. This is very comfortable for the elbows.

Back_BullsBack Bulls

By switching sides on the pull up bar you can even change from a slightly overhand to a slightly underhand position and then use whatever feels best.

Back_Bulls_-other_side_Back Bulls – Other Side 

#3 – Try the Perfect Pullups

Another excellent piece of equipment is the Perfect Pullups, the handles rotate allowing your shoulders and elbows to move however they need to while you do pull ups or chin ups.

Perfect_PullsPerfect Pull-ups

#4 – Give Grapple Grips a Go

Grapple grips are made specifically for training the hands for combat athletes. They allow for an inline grip which is more ergonomic for the body which means it’s going to hurt less when you do your pull ups, and you will probably get more quality reps in.

Grapple GripsGrapple Grips

#5 – Metolius Rock Rings

Another set of handles I recently got are the Metolius Rock Rings. They allow the arms to abduct slightly making pull ups more comfortable.

Metolius Rock RingsMetolius Rock Rings

This makes a huge difference in how your elbows feel.

If you are dealing with any kind of elbow pain, try these items out.

I have got a great program out there. It’s helped hundreds of people with their problems in their elbows called Fixing Elbow Pain.

Fixing Elbow & Forearm Pain System

Jedd Johnson of DieselCrew.com