7 Question Quiz on Ankle Injuries

7 Question Quiz on Ankle Injuries copy

I know ankle injuries are not as sexy as shoulder, back, or knee injuries, but they are persistent.

If an ankle injury is not addressed correctly from the start, there is a perfect chance it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

How often have you heard, “I have weak ankles”?

7 Question Quiz on Ankle Injuries

#1 – What is the most common injury sustained during sporting activities?

a) Back injury
b) Knee injury
c) Shoulder injury
d) Ankle injury

(This is an easy one.)

#2 – Which sport has the highest rate of ankle injuries?

a) Boys’ basketball
b) Girls’ basketball
c) Boys’ football
d) Boys’ wrestling

#3 – Which sport has more ankle injuries during practice than during competition?

a) Boys’ basketball
b) Girls’ basketball
c) Boys’ volleyball
d) Girls’ volleyball

#4 – Which is the most common ligament injured in an ankle sprain?

a) anterior talofibular ligament
b) calcaneofibular ligament
c) posterior talofibular ligament
d) tibiocalcaneal ligament

#5 – What percentage of ankle sprains lead to recurring ankle sprains?

a) 100%
b) 71%
c) 47%
d) 20%

#6 – Which is NOT a risk factor for ankle sprains?

a) Foot size with increased width
b) Reduced ankle dorsiflexion
c) Stretching before activity
d) Delay of peroneal muscles

#7 – What body area is often overlooked in an ankle sprain injury recovery program?

a) Foot
b) Knee
c) Hip
d) Back

Bonus – What component is often overlooked in an ankle sprain recovery program?

a) Range of Motion
b) Strengthening
c) Stretching
d) Lateral Stability

Make sure you jot down your answers; if you want to share them, you can post them here.

I will have the answers for you tomorrow.

Have a great Friday.

Here are the answers for the ankle injury exam:

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