7 Question Quiz on Ankle Injuries

7 Question Quiz on Ankle Injuries copy

I know ankle injuries are not as sexy as shoulder, back, or knee injuries, but they are persistent.

If an ankle injury is not addressed correctly from the start, there is a perfect chance it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

How often have you heard, “I have weak ankles”?

7 Question Quiz on Ankle Injuries

#1 – What is the most common injury sustained during sporting activities?

a) Back injury
b) Knee injury
c) Shoulder injury
d) Ankle injury

(This is an easy one.)

#2 – Which sport has the highest rate of ankle injuries?

a) Boys’ basketball
b) Girls’ basketball
c) Boys’ football
d) Boys’ wrestling

#3 – Which sport has more ankle injuries during practice than during competition?

a) Boys’ basketball
b) Girls’ basketball
c) Boys’ volleyball
d) Girls’ volleyball

#4 – Which is the most common ligament injured in an ankle sprain?

a) anterior talofibular ligament
b) calcaneofibular ligament
c) posterior talofibular ligament
d) tibiocalcaneal ligament

#5 – What percentage of ankle sprains lead to recurring ankle sprains?

a) 100%
b) 71%
c) 47%
d) 20%

#6 – Which is NOT a risk factor for ankle sprains?

a) Foot size with increased width
b) Reduced ankle dorsiflexion
c) Stretching before activity
d) Delay of peroneal muscles

#7 – What body area is often overlooked in an ankle sprain injury recovery program?

a) Foot
b) Knee
c) Hip
d) Back

Bonus РWhat component is often overlooked in an ankle sprain recovery program?

a) Range of Motion
b) Strengthening
c) Stretching
d) Lateral Stability

Make sure you jot down your answers; if you want to share them, you can post them here.

I will have the answers for you tomorrow.

Have a great Friday.

Here are the answers for the ankle injury exam:

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