7 WORST Foods for a Cold

7 WORST Foods for a Cold

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You sneeze, cough, and realize that you have a cold. Oh no… NOT good. Certainly NOT good, but it could get worse, too. The common cold occurs quite frequently, and a person can suffer from the cold multiple times a year. More than one billion colds occur annually in the United States [1]. What many of us refer to as a virus causes the common cold. However, many factors may make a person more susceptible to getting a cold, such as other illnesses, stress, and fatigue, which can leave the body unable to defend itself. Similarly, if you do catch a cold, some things could make a cold worse, including certain foods. Why is it important to pay attention to information about colds?

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With billions of colds occurring worldwide each year, it would be great to understand how to treat colds and ensure they do not get worse. One good reason to pay attention is that colds are typically referred to as “common,” mention,” and d. If something occurs frequently, we’d better pay attention. So, let’s take a look at the seven worst foods that you should stay away from if you have a cold. Don’t make your cold worse by consuming these foods.

1. Fried Foods

You’re doing yourself a huge favor by avoiding fried foods when you have a cold. The reason pertains to the inflammation that fried foods create. As inflammation takes over your body because of the calorie density of fried foods, it can harm you. Eating fried foods can also result in acid reflux or heartburn. This is not great to have when you are suffering from a cold or at any time, to be honest. In addition, fried foods can make your immune system sluggish and less “happy.” Happy immune system = happy life! Imagine tackling a cold when your body is not strong enough.

Fried Food

2. Sugary Foods and Drinks

So many foods and drinks out there contain a lot of sugar! Too much sugar consumption is not a good idea. Sugar in many processed foods and many juices can contain sugar that has been added. Vitamin C can provide valuable nutrition, especially during a cold. However, if you’re consuming tons of sugar while trying to get some Vitamin C from juice, you’ll be doing yourself no good because the sugar can cause inflammation. So, while trying to get better by consuming Vitamin C, you could nullify its effects by creating other problems for the body. What can you do? Juices and other foods are fine in moderation and in natural states. For instance, try consuming fresh, natural juices instead of sugar-filled, processed juice versions.

3. Processed Foods

If you read the label of processed foods, you will probably come across a few ingredients you do not know and most likely cannot pronounce. Processed foods can be a lot of bad news because these foods don’t add any value to your diet from a nutritional standpoint. Unfortunately, these processed foods contain items that can hurt the immune system rather than help it fight colds. Processed foods may contain food dyes, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredients that dilute the strength of your immune system.

4. Alcohol

If you’re about to reach for that alcoholic drink, you may want to reach for something else… like water, for instance. Alcohol is a bad idea when you’ve got a cold because it can adversely affect your immune system by causing dehydration [3]. There are discussions regarding how a little alcohol could help you fight a cold. However, the possibility of dehydration can be a serious consideration. This puts alcohol on the “worst list.” Remember..” it’s all about being able to fight the virus that is causing the cold. The more alcohol you consume, your body becomes susceptible to viruses and other pathogens because your immune system weakens. Hence, help yourself get better and don’t make colds worse by consuming alcohol.

5. Dairy Products

Sometimes, dairy products affect people differently. For some people, drinking milk may increase mucous production, congestion, and phlegm [4]. If the mucous membrane is overly stimulated, it can make you feel even sicker. The increased production of mucous could make the congestion worse. Remember, though; dairy may not have the same effect for every person. Still, it is important to note that you may get worse if you consume dairy products by reacting negatively to this particular food category. If this is the case, think about switching to other foods so that you can recover from the cold less stressfully. Drinking fluids while you have a cold is a good idea, but if dairy-like milk appears to be counter-productive, switch to fresh juice or water.

6. High-Fat Content Foods

It is a great idea to avoid foods with high-fat content in general, especially when you have a cold. There are pastries and other non-fried foods that have a high-fat content as well. The high fats in foods can drag the body down, especially in terms of the role that a strong immune system should play. Foods that are high in fats can create discomfort in the stomach. Imagine being taken over by a cold and trying your best to recover. Then you consume a food that is high in non-value added fats. This is not wise because your body needs to fuel up on nutrients that can help it boost its nutritional and energy levels. When you have a cold, stick with foods of the low-fat variety.

7. Acidic and Spicy Foods

When you have a cold, your stomach can become irritated as well. It can be a cycle of discomfort and symptoms that never end. You would not want to reinforce this discomfort by doing things to aggravate this condition. Yes, spicy food may make your nostrils perk up, and it may help provide some heat to clear your throat. However, it’s important to consider the impact of spicy foods on your stomach. This is also a similar issue with acidic foods. During a cold, mucous membranes may become sensitive, and the linings or walls of the stomach can react adversely to both acidic and spicy foods. This can over-burden the immune system, already trying to fight a cold. You may also want to avoid these foods when n you have a cold.


Once you get infected with the cold virus, it can take a few days before the symptoms manifest outwardly [5]. Unfortunately, there are ways to make the situation worse, like consuming foods that can deteriorate your condition. The seven worst foods listed here are a good way to start: Fried foods, sugary foods and drinks, processed foods, alcohol, dairy products, high-fat, and acidic or spicy foods. It is best to STAY AWAY from such foods when you have a cold. Instead, you should seek foods that are rich in immunity-building components. Such immunity-building foods help you fight the cold and recover more quickly.

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