3 Training Mistakes That Are Taking You Away From Your Back Training Results

3 Training Mistakes That Are Taking You Away From Your Back Training Results

Whether you are looking to build a lot of muscle, or just to tone up your back, it can be frustrating to put in the work in the gym and not see the results. The back is especially difficult to train, and many people find they are not able to isolate the muscles in their backs as well as they would like to. There are many common mistakes people make, but thankfully, there is a solution to them. In this video, I wanted to go through the 3 training mistakes that are taking you away from your back results.

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#1 – You are not setting your back

You are not setting the Back

Set your lats, glutes, and abdominal area to create a stable platform for you to work on your back. Once you have a stable platform to work from, you can focus on isolating the muscles in your back, leading to more strength gains. If the lats, glutes, and abdominal area are not set in place, then other areas of your body will pick up the weight, and you will not be focusing on building strength in your back. This means less back training results and more time wasted in the gym.

#2 – Utilizing momentum in order to do the lift

Utilizing momentum in order to do the lift

When you utilize momentum, you take the work away from the muscles of the back, meaning they are not being strengthened. When you have a stable platform in your back and hips, you are isolating your back so your back is working and getting all the results. Make sure not to use momentum when you want to focus on your back and build strength in your back. Using momentum also puts you at a greater risk for injury.

#3 – Not having a Neutral Spine

Not having a Neutral Spine

Losing that curve in your low back puts unnecessary stress on your lower back. It leads to energy leaks, meaning you are not able to lift as much. Losing that neutral spine leads to an increased risk of injury. A neutral spine means keeping your spine in its natural shape. This means there is a slight bend in your lower back. Keep your shoulders down from your ears, and your shoulder blades pulled together while you lift. Your core should be engaged and pulling in toward your spine to help keep your back in a neutral position.

There you go! Implement those three things when it comes to improving your back strengthening. Set your back for your back workout. Get rid of momentum, and also keep that back neutral and have the movement happen in your hips. It will help your back to achieve your desired results and help fend off any type of injury, specifically a back injury. Don’t waste any more time in the gym, and get the results you want faster and injury-free.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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