90-Second Assessment for Hip Pain

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Things are heating up here in Kelowna as we approach 25ºC or 77ºF. It is nice to have gotten out of the 2 months of snow that that we had and enter into Spring/Summer weather. With the improvement in the weather, the flowers start appearing. Most of the people are also heading out and getting more active. One of the areas that people have an issue with is the hip. So I want to give you a quick 90-second hip pain assessment that you can do.

Enjoy the video assessment and the article below.

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In today’s video, I will go through a 90-second hip pain assessment.

90-Second Hip Pain Assessment

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I got Andrea to demonstrate.

#1 – Hip Flexion

Hip Flexion

Hip Flexion

Lie down and bring your knee towards your chest. We are looking at getting about 110 to 130 degrees of hip flexion.

#2 – Hip Extension

Hip Extension

Hip Extension

Lie on your stomach and keep your pelvis locked. Lift your leg and then lower back down. Aim for getting about 30 degrees of hip extension.

When going through the assessment, you want to be close to or ideally at 30 degrees of hip extension. If you are not, you need to work on the tension, flexibility and strength around the hip in order to reach the appropriate degree. Going through a little assessment like this gives insight on the different types of movements and exercises that you need to focus on if you have hip pain.

#3 – Rotation of the Hip

Rotation of the Hip

Rotation of the Hip

Raise your knee so your knee and thigh are in perfect alignment with your hip. Go through the rotation in both directions. External rotation happens when the thigh is rotating out at 45 degrees and the heel comes in. Internal rotation happens when the thigh is rotating in at 40 degrees and the heel comes out.

#4 – Abduction



Bring the leg out to the side. Ideally, we want 45 to 50 degrees of abduction.

#5 – Adduction



Your leg is in line with your hips. Bring your leg in. Look for 20 to 30 degrees of adduction.

Give this quick 90-second hip pain assessment a go!

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Rick Kaselj, MS