2 Exercises for Shoulder Joint Pain Relief

2 Exercises for Shoulder Joint Pain Relief

In today’s video, I will go through shoulder joint pain relief exercises.

Shoulder Joint Pain Relief Exercises

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Vertical Hanging Exercise

Grab a door frame. With your arms straight overhead, bend your knees, and drop your hips down. You are stretching out the shoulders and targeting the shoulder joint. This exercise will help you improve your range of motion in the shoulder and help relieve shoulder joint pain. If you are not able to bring your arms overhead, just reach up to the point that you comfortably can then bend through the knees and hips.

Vertical Hanging Exercise

Vertical Hanging Exercise

Do one set, starting off with 3 repetitions and holding for 5 seconds. You can progress up to 5 repetitions for 10 seconds, and then up to 10 repetitions for 10 seconds. If you feel better, then continue on with the exercise. If it doesn’t feel right, make sure you are doing the technique correctly or discontinue the exercise.

#2 – No Money Exercise

No Money Exercise

No Money Exercise

Stand with a wider stance for stability. Place your elbows close to the body, bringing your hands out and then bringing them back in. We are really targeting the shoulder joint and working on the movement and mobility in the shoulder joint. Do one set of 3 repetitions each way, holding the end position for a second or two. You can progress up to 5 repetitions each way and then 10 repetitions each way.

So, there you go! Give those two exercises a go to help get rid of your shoulder pain.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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