A Neck Pain Lesson from Texas

Neck pain is quite common. The neck is one of the most strained body parts when working or doing any activities requiring constant head movement, such as driving, looking up or down constantly, playing sports, and even sleeping in an awkward position. Working long hours staring at the computer screen, lifting heavy objects, and whiplash from car accidents are common causes of neck pain. Having neck pain can be uncomfortable, and it is not uncommon, but there is a neck pain lesson that you can apply.

If you are suffering from neck pain, there are many ways to deal with it. You need to identify why exactly you have this pain. If your pain comes from muscle strain, taking frequent breaks during work to relax your muscles and stretching before an activity can help relieve the tension in your neck muscles so they won’t get strained again easily. However, if it’s due to a structural problem like pinched nerves or herniated discs in your spine, more intensive treatment might be required, such as injections, surgery, or physical therapy.

Stretching Exercise for Neck Pain

This is a commonly recommended treatment for a stiff or sore neck. There are many different stretching exercises you can try. When performing these stretches, make sure you are not pushing too hard. If you feel any pain, you push too hard and should back off. When doing these exercises, make sure to take breaks often. Only do each stretch for a few seconds, and then take a break before doing another stretch. This will allow your muscles to relax and prevent them from getting too sore. You can do these neck stretches at your desk if you are at work. If you are driving, you can do these stretches in the seat without paying too much attention.

The last five days have been a whirlwind. Three days in San Diego and two days in Austin.

We discussed how we could improve our websites during Austin’s workshop on Saturday. The information was terrific, but the best lessons and discussions took place outside the meeting room. 

After our Saturday business meetings, we went to a local bar. I was informed that Austin, Texas is famous for its vodka. The most popular vodka in Austin is Tito, so I tried it. I cannot comment on the quality, as I am not a vodka expert, but I was glad I did. 


With a drink in hand, I started chatting with Rusty Moore, who runs a fitness Black Book site, and an old university friend, Alan Jenks, who runs a site called iHealthology.

Alan and I went to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada, in the 90s. He went to chiropractic school and is now a chiropractor in the Netherlands. (Ya, what a small world.)

Rusty, Alan, and I chatted about training, exercises, injuries, and pain.

Alan shared one story that I thought was fascinating.

Alan had a truck driver client who had neck pain for 15 years. As Alan was chatting with the client, he asked about his necklace.

His client had a heavy necklace that he had around his neck. He told Alan that he had worn his necklace for 15 years and had never taken it off.

Alan got him to take the necklace off for a few days, and his neck pain went away for fifteen years.

Alan’s client has started to wear the necklace again, but he takes it off at night and when possible. 

This story highlights a lot of things.

This is what stood out for me:

  1. Sometimes the fix is taking something away, compared to adding something.
  2. Sometimes we assess so we can find a problem. There is a good chance you will find a problem that you think needs to be fixed but won’t solve the problem.
  3. The best assessment is asking and listening to your client.

The night continued with great conversation, but before I finished the night off, I had to stop at one of the Taco Trucks in Austin and have a taco. Everyone that knew I was going to Austin said I had to try it out.

The taco was awesome, one of the best I had.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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Neck Pain Solved