A Neck Pain Lesson from Texas

The last five days have been a whirlwind. Three days in San Diego and two days in Austin.

Saturday was Austin and for the day a group of us talked about what we do online when it comes to our websites and how we can improve them. The information during the meeting was great but the best conversation and lessons happened outside of the meeting room.

After Saturday’s meetings, we headed to the hotel bar. I had been told that Austin, Texas is very well known for its vodka. The most well-known Austin vodka is Tito. So I gave it a go. (I am not a vodka connoisseur so I could not tell the difference between it and big-name brands but I am glad I gave it a go.)


With a drink in hand, I started chatting with Rusty Moore, who runs a site called Fitness Black Book, and an old university friend, Alan Jenks, who runs a site called iHealthology.

Alan and I went to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada in the 90s. He went off to chiropractic school and is now a chiropractor in the Netherlands. (Ya, what a small world.)

Rusty, Alan, and I chatted about training, exercises, injuries, and pain.

Alan shared one story that I thought was fascinating.

Alan had a client that was a truck driver and had neck pain for 15 years. As Alan was chatting with the client he asked him about his necklace.

His client had a heavy necklace that he had around his neck. He let Alan know that he had been wearing his necklace for 15 years and had never taken it off.

Alan got him to take the necklace off for a few days and his fifteen years of neck pain went away.

Alan’s client has started to introduce the necklace back into his life but makes sure to take it off at night and when he can.

This story highlights a lot of things.

This is what stood out for me:

#1 – Sometimes the fix is taking something away, compared to adding something.

#2 – Sometimes we assess so we can find a problem. There is a good chance you will find a problem that you think needs to be fixed but won’t solve the problem.

#3 – The best assessment is asking and listening to your client.

The night continued with the great conversation but before I finished the night off, I had to stop off at one of the Taco Trucks in Austin and have a taco. Everyone that knew I was going to Austin said I had to try it out.

The taco was awesome, one of the best I had.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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