Killing Injury Through One Simple Strategy

Over the weekend, I was in San Diego. One of the trainers there was Jason Klein.

Below, Jason shares with you the good that came out of one of his injuries.


~ Rick Kaselj


Back when I was a sophomore in high school I suffered a complete tear of my ACL knee ligament while playing soccer.

Jason KleinIt. Sucked. Primarily because I was obsessed with the sport, and that is all I had really.

I was unable to play for the next six months.

Luckily I made a close to full recovery and played for four more seasons.

I suppose the point to make here is that I would have never ended up finding my passion for helping people as a health and fitness professional if I didn’t enter with a “traumatic” injury.

Ever since that time, it has been ritual-like behavior to personally implement kick-ass athletic muscle and fat loss workouts that are also beneficial in the respect of preventing, recovering, and yes, Killing Injuries.

I want to let you in on a little secret within the fitness world. There’s a NEW and revolutionized method out there that is helping other people pack on lean athletic muscle, and lose fat at a much faster rate than traditional cardio workouts.

A Done-For-You System. A blueprint to lean, athletic muscle.

Isn’t it easier when you have a map of where you are going?

This method is not for people who want a “magic bullet.” It is for those who love reaping true, long-term benefits from enjoyable challenges. Imagine getting some of the most effective workouts in 15 minutes or less without having to feel guilty about “not making time” to work out.
This method is called the 15 Minute Body™method, and it has already impacted hundreds of people.

This 15 Minute Body™ method uses a new form of training called Interval Cardio-Resistance Training™ (ICRT™).

ICRT™ combines a metabolically demanding form of strength training with cardio training sets, which in turn builds lean, athletic muscle and burns fat at a way faster rate than you’re used to.

I stumbled upon the 15 Minute Body™ method about two years ago, as I was personal training in college. I have spent the past year digging up the scientific evidence behind this new method called Interval Cardio-Resistance Training™. You see, this is not your AVERAGE type of training method!

Below is just one scientifically proven reason why people see big results with the 15 Minute Body™ method.

A 2012 study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology tested two groups of males: one group participating in long 45-90 minute cardio and one group participating in FAST, SPECIFIC resistance, and cardio intervals.

RESULTS: The group that participated in short, higher intensity cardio-resistance workouts achieved exponentially greater results, in far less time. (European Journal of Applied Physiology. Vol. 112 (5). MAY 2012. 1907-1915)

I don’t know about you but that seems pretty awesome to me!

The other awesome fact about this workout is that it stimulates fast lean muscle growth AND fat loss more effectively than most traditional (boring) 60-minute cardio workouts! Plus, did I mention that is 100% bodyweight? I didn’t spend a dime on useless equipment!

You see, the main goal here is fat loss through lean muscle growth. Now keep in mind, that these workouts don’t produce bulky muscle. It’s the lean, athletic physique that Jason’s 15 Minute Body™ method produces. Are you ready for this?

So if you are sick n’ tired of boring 60-minute workouts that leave you empty-handed, you probably want to give THIS FREE WORKOUT A SHOT!

Jason Klein, Certified Personal Trainer

Cardio for Those Who Hate Cardio